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Cover-up, Silverware & Paglia’s Sex Ed

Lesson from Bergoglio's Cover-up


Reaction to your report on Bergoglio's cover up of the sexual abuse case of Gabriel Ferrini.

In my opinion the basic and fatal error committed by the victims in dealing with these things is always the same, and it is that they report these crimes to the ecclesial superiors of the offender.

This was the course of action taken by the mother of the victim Gabriel Ferrini, as stated in your article: "Soon after in that same May 2013, the Spanish blog Publico highlighted the case of a 15-year-old Argentinian – Gabriel Ferrini – who had been abused by Fr. Ruben Pardo in 2002. Immediately after being sexually violated, the youth reported the crime to his mother, Beatriz. She went to the Bishop of Quilmes, Luis Teodorico Stöckler."

One big lesson to be learned in these things is never to report sexual crimes of the clergy to their hierarchical superiors. For these superiors are often involved in similar crimes themselves and will always finds ways to protect the offender. I am always amazed why such a silly thing is even done.

The only effective way of dealing with this filth is to report the crime to the civil authorities without even informing the church hierarchs at all. For if the hierarchy gets knowledge of the accusation, they'll try everything to pressure and intimidate the civil authorities from following through on the prosecution of the offender.

     Respectfully submitted,



Gratitude to Dr. Horvat

Dr. Horvat,

Thank you very much for such a detailed answer to my inquiry.

Now, I know the answer to my question. And even more than that: I am so grateful that you took the time to write such an informative reply. Again, thank you for the work that you did in promoting this wonderful devotion and history. I made a list of all the founding "mothers" and often invoke all of them singly. Especially Sister Mariana de Blanca Rosa, though not a founder, her story is astounding, a "daughter of predilection," whose story warms the heart.

     In the Immaculate Heart of Mary,


Dr. Horvat responds:

Mr. B.K.,

I appreciate your expression of gratitude. I am also pleased you mentioned Sister Mariana de Blanca Rosa. For a long time I have planned to write a resume of her story for our site, and your comment has inspired me to begin. I hope we will be posting it soon!


     Marian T. Horvat


Fine China & Silverware

Greetings TIA,

In years past, as well as recently, I have become acquainted with a few women who have shown a certain level of distaste for crystal dishes, fine china and the family silverware, whether it be plated or sterling silver. They expressed their relief at having “gotten rid of that stuff” with a sense of satisfaction and/or the position that it was “too much work,” impractical, etc.

As a child my parents used the fine china and family silverware for Sunday brunch after church, with the elderly of the family invited to share the meal and afternoon with us. I appreciated the formality of the meal and the joy of spending the time in relaxed conversation with our elderly relatives.

Today, however, it seems the custom of using the fine china and silver has almost disappeared. I will be honest in saying that I have not used my wedding china much for Sunday brunch, given we do not have “company” for our meal, but wonder if I should begin this practice before my children become much older — they are all teenagers.

I have not used the china & silver mainly because I often end up being the one to wash the dishes by hand, and this takes time to be more careful, etc., as I don’t want to put the dishes & silverware into the dishwasher due to the stains & scratches that come with continued mechanical dish washing. In addition, I sometimes need some time on Sundays to prepare for work, and the day passes very quickly, when additional meal preparations and cleaning up is also part of the day.

I realize it may seem a trivial thing, but I think you would agree (?) that I should use the china & silver to help teach our family how to use the pieces with care and good manners, despite the extra time and effort required. Please clarify my thinking on this matter.

     Trust in our continued prayers for TIA and its readers,

     E.S., Ph.D.


TIA responds:

Greetings Dr. E.S.,

Thank you for the consideration you show us by asking our opinion on this matter.

Your description of the general tendency to reject everything that is aristocratic is very objective. The Revolution always uses practical reasons to induce American ladies to set aside items like the ones you described.

You could also add medical reasons as an excuse to do away with fine tableware: Now there is a new scare claiming that drinking from lead crystal produces cancer. Curiously, the same people who are very sensitive to this argument for abolishing crystal glasses at the table are completely indifferent about the danger of going to beaches and sports events, exposing their skin directly to the sun and thus running the serious risk of getting skin cancer. They also pay no attention to the risk of brain cancer from speaking too much on their cell phones, or the danger of going deaf from listening to music at a high volume.

We see that these health threats only make an impression when they are used to abolish something refined or elegant that follows the good customs and traditions of Catholic Civilization. When it comes to advancing revolutionary customs, morals or technology, almost everyone ignores the risks and dangers in order to be in vogue.

Thus, we wonder whether these health arguments are true or are just more lies spread to accelerate abandoning the use of refined items.

Returning to your question, we confirm the answer you have already foreseen: We certainly advise you to have an occasional solemn meal with your family to keep your children aware of how to behave at a formal table and how to correctly use the nice china, glassware, silverware, napkins etc. This will help them to become familiar with the criteria of a Catholic society and also to acquire a taste for them.

As they grow to appreciate these formal gatherings, as you did when you were young, they will also be more inclined to help with the clean-up. Since they are already teenagers, they should be encouraged not only to know how to use the fine tableware, but also how to care for it and treasure it as a family heirloom.

Thank you for your prayers and be assured of ours,


     TIA correspondence desk


What about Paglia’s Sex Ed for Schools?


Do you know what’s happened with Archbishop Paglia’s pornographic Vatican sex ed for Catholic schools. There was a huge hullabaloo and now nothing a year later. Hope all is well with you and TIA.



TIA responds:


We asked Mr. Phillip Mericle, the author of The Vatican's Depraved Sex-Ed Program for Youth, to look into the present status of the program.

His response is below.


     TIA correspondence desk


Dear TIA,

I did a cursory comparison of the current presentation with what it looked like around the time TIA published my article, and there is practically no change in the content. On the main page a few minor alterations have been implemented, such as the index pages featuring a first-person view of setting up tents instead of a group of people, but the content of the PDF articles, particularly the egregious choice of images in sections 2 and 5, remains unchanged. Anyone can make a comparison for himself at the Internet Archives and see the PDF guides at the bottom of the page.

The fact that the main page claims the articles are "evolving" and invites feedback is baffling considering your mentioned complaints. Why is there no continued agitation or demand to change the site? I believe it is because people, at least in our day and age, do not possess the attention span necessary to implement effective change in the world around them. Even in the face of such outstandingly bad content we, as a society, complain briefly before moving back to our entertainments, distractions or the next piece of outstandingly bad content.

A bit of speculation: The fact that many of my generation are resigned to the sense of "you can never actually change anything" is a symptomatic response to such an obdurate world as well as our own powerlessness in the face of overwhelming desolation. Consider: with smart phones at our fingertips capable of delivering a world of information we are now so inundated with an over abundance of abysmally pessimistic happenings that we are, at least as far as my generation is concerned, jaded to the point that it has largely lost its effect.

Our access to unprecedented amounts of information has led us to be desensitized. We are more informed than any prior generation and have more technology to do something about it yet the world only spirals more rapidly into the nightmarish abyss that is the future. With such broad access to knowledge of the world's horrors, and first-hand knowledge of how efforts do nothing to improve it, it should come as little surprise that many succumb to apathy.

There are plenty of "millennials" who are motivated and work hard, but their impact does nothing to change the world for the better. In fact, what little change they accomplish only makes the world worse, and they are psychologically incapable of making the connection between the horror of modern society and their 'progressive' ideals. Thus, being over-saturated with suffering combines with the sense that it is out of our control. The result is all too often a desensitized apathy that characterizes many of today's youth. The fact that modern technology tends to gear us towards shorter attention spans likely exacerbates the problem. Again this is just my speculation.

Hopefully I will be proven wrong



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 3, 2018

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