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Coccopalmerio, Ultramontanes & Bernardin

McCarrick on Bergoglio

Dear TIA,

Regarding what Arch. Vigano wrote on the support Pope Francis gave to Card. McCarrick, I found a video that gives some indirect evidence to it. In the video, McCarrick praises then Card. Bergoglio and encourages his audience to support him because in five years he can change completely the Church and "get the Church on target again."

It is not a proof that Francis supported McCarrick, but it is a proof that both were in the same boat.

Vigano gave a big blow to prevent Francis from changing Catholic Morals on homosexuality.

Watch the video here.

     Fr. P.A.


Card. Coccopalmerio Favors Divorce

For Immediate Release

In Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s statement, he also implicated Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, former President of the Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Text:

As far as the Roman Curia is concerned, for the moment I will stop here, even if the names of other prelates in the Vatican are well known, even some very close to Pope Francis, such as Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio and Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, who belong to the homosexual current in favor of subverting Catholic doctrine on homosexuality... (page 5, Vigano’s 11-page letter)

However, Mary’s Advocates’ knows that Card. Coccopalmerio is doing more than subverting Catholic doctrine on homosexuality. He’s subverting the Catholic Doctrine on separation of spouses and divorce. With the non-profit organization Mary’s Advocates, I work to reduce unilateral no-fault divorce. I’ve found proof going back to the Council of Trent in 1563 that the Catholic Church was never supposed to relegate to the government forum the authority to judge the obligations of spouses toward each other and their children in cases of separation of spouses, civil divorce or annulment.

I found that in the entire world, those with Catholic marriage are required to get the bishop’s permission before filing in the civil forum for legal separation, civil divorce or any court orders resulting in separation. The requirement is only waived if one’s territory’s bishop waived it with approved particular Church legislation.

In the United States, particular law was enacted in the late 1800’s (that is still in effect) that further states that if a spouse files in the civil forum without the bishop’s permission, that person incurs grave guilt and is to be punished by the judgment of the bishop (see Art. 126 of the Third Plenary Council of Baltimore). These particular penal laws put into effect by the US Bishops’ Conference were not abrogated by the 1917 Code of Canon Law or the 1983 one. Those codes abrogated old penal laws applicable to the whole world, but not those applicable to a particular territory.

Cardinal Coccopalmerio turned that doctrine upside down in a personal opinion he mailed to a bishop sent on the letterhead of the Pontifical Council. He posted his opinion on the Pontifical Council’s website too.

He says in the entire world everyone is free to file in the civil forum for divorce or legal separation without the bishop’s permission unless one’s territory’s bishop enacted particular Church legislation creating requirement, or the bishops have a treaty with the civil government in which the government agrees to require the bishop’s permission first (i.e. concordat).

I wrote the Cardinal myself shortly after learning of his unauthorized overhaul of Canon Law (see article here).

Presently Mary’s Advocate has a case pending at the Signatura about the confusion caused by Card. Coccopalmerio on this issue (see article here). A 9-page summary of my research findings is available here that has 100 pages of exhibits of original sources.

     Bai Macfarlane

     Mary’s Advocates


Ultramontanes Presented as Revolutionaries

Dear TIA,

This article - "I'm not ashamed to be called a 'new ultramontanist" - attempts to disparage the ultramontanes as revolutionaries in the Catholic Church. At best, this is another misguided yet uninformed soul who is trying to make sense of the current events in the Church. At worst, this is an attempt to slander the ultramontanes in order to prevent a modern yet uninformed Catholic today from following the example of the ultramontanes' fidelity and militancy during the various heresies of their time.

It is yet another device by revolutionaries to control the reaction against the Revolution in the Church. How devious - to call ultramontanes revolutionaries!

     In Maria et Jesu,



Blasphemy in Lourdes


It is sad to watch another blasphemy, this time at the Lourdes Sanctuary. A woman appears nude in front of the grotto with a blue cover on her head. It was during a Novus Ordo Mass. One of the devotees close-by covered the scandalous woman as a sanctuary guard came to carry her away and delivered her to the police. The Devil does not stop.

Be aware that there is a nude scene. The link is here. To watch the video you should scroll down the page and click on it.

We should offer reparation to Our Lady of Lourdes
for this offense.



Casa Jesus: Gay Seminarian Pipeline Set Up by Card. Bernardin


Cardinal Bernardin was a recruiter for evil

Card. Bernardin, as revealed here, was first in the nation in homosexual and child molester recruitment to the priesthood. Not only did he do as little as possible to rid the Chicago archdiocese and other areas under his influence of active homosexuals and child abusers, but he acted as a recruiting agent for such sick and perverted men, spreading them in the parishes. One must assume he did it with special delight, with the children in his clutches.

How did such a man become one of the nation's most powerful churchmen? Obviously he had many allies in high places of a similar bent cheering him on.

Only a Church with unique supernatural connections could survive this kind of internal treachery. As Chesterton said, "The Church dies and rises again from her grave throughout her history." She alone has the power of resurrection.

     Richard Freeman


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 11, 2018

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