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Home-schooling, Botta, Good & Bad Dances

Gratitude from Home-schooling Mother

Dear TIA,

I just wanted to write to you to thank you for all you have done for our family with your wonderful website. I am a homeschooling mother of 10 children. I have been reading your website on a regular basis since it first appeared on the internet. Over the years, I have printed your articles into binders and used them as a resource to educate my children. My husband and I have also benefited immensely from your website, since we were raised quite liberal. It is one of my favorite home-school resources!

My grown children and my adolescents have a strong faith and understand what it is to be counter-revolutionary, thanks in very large part to your articles and books. I always recommend your site and books to families I meet. Right now my 16 year old son and I are reading through all of your articles related to not being a vulgar man. These articles have had such a profound effect on him.

This is a follow up to your book Courtesy Calls Again which I read with all my adolescents a few months ago. I also like to parallel your writings on history with what the children are reading in their books.

Really, I can't thank you enough. And I could write a book detailing the many ways your articles have been instrumental in rearing our children and not only that, but instrumental in having a happy Catholic home!

     In Mary Immaculate,



Mario Botta & Thanksgiving


Regarding “something evil this way comes” and “you reap what you sow”:

The architect Mario Botta has been honored by Francis before. I can’t remember for what. This church below - San Giovanni Battista in Mogno, Switzerland, is interesting and very odd. It reminds me of some of the modern church designs. It is indicative of a cave of corruption, with a deceptive geometric hypnotic entrance. The effect and sacrilege is horrific.

Looking at it, I had a vision of a black cave entrance in a gold rock wall in which souls were being sucked in at a geometrically increasing rate. Horrifying. There is definitely something evil in the Francis church. Covered up by the confusion of twisted deceptive doctrine and architecture.

The ugly face of Satan should repel us and move us towards the beautiful Face of the Crucified. But for the deception of shiny objects and our undeniable compulsion to cover evil in our hearts (and others in our world) with layers of respect and power.

Regarding a time of thanksgiving:

I need to take this time at Thanksgiving to thank you all at TIA for the invaluable and unique service to truth, for which you have dedicated a lifetime of service and abandoned wealth and false respect.

I humbly thank you. But for you, I would not know the Church I love, and how we got here.

     In His peace,


Mario Botta architecture


Good & Bad Dances

Dear TIA,

To dance is good. I was a dancer of Italian Tarantella. I have the Krakow folkloric attire and if I were in South Brazil, surely I would be dancing the Krakowiak, because these are counter-revolutionary dances.

However the tango is a sensual dance. So much so that Pope St. Pius X forbade Catholics to dance it. Even the Kaiser – the Prussian Emperor – forbade his soldiers to dance it. The Pope and the Emperor knew that sensuality and romanticism destroy the will of those who are called to fight.

      L.J.C., Brazil


The Meaning of ‘True’

Dear TIA,

In a comment in a recent 'Revolution in Photos' you wrote: 'True Catholics have the grave obligation to oppose and resist the Conciliar Church in order to save and restore the Catholic Church.'

A correct, strong, clear comment from this writer. Good intent. However; is 'grave obligation' in this sentence a subtle usurpation of the former, now long gone, True Catholic term Mortal Sin? Has this writer actually promoted a modernist, Vatican II-ist, subtle, cunning, powerful, usurpation of True Mortal Sin by saying 'grave obligation'?

"True" should precede all terms that have been usurped by the horors of the modernist Vat.II religions (plural):

'True Catholic.' 'True Mary,' 'True Saints,' 'True Mass,' 'True Sacraments,' 'True Priests,' 'True Marriage,' 'True Tradition,' etc. This is as close as one can come now to pointing to the True Catholic Past for souls in one clear, true term.

You will know the 'True'... and only! the 'True' will set you free. All else is chaos. All.

In closing, please enjoy a truly delicious oxymoron: True "pro-life"!

     Thank you,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 20, 2018

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