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Pickpocket-Nuns & Handling End-of-Life

Nuns Stole $500k: Adaptation to the Modern World


Novus Ordo sisters and gamblers, below, just having a little normal fun.... The report claims the archdiocese and the Church are not pursuing criminal charges after the nuns said they’re sorry.

Read more here.


Pickpocket Nuns

Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper & Sister Lana Lang, embezzling funds from St. James Catholic School in Torrence for at least a decade


Kavanaugh Voted pro Planned Parenthood


I received the following tweet today, December 12. I couldn't agree more with the comment.

Justice Kavanaugh voted in favoring evil PP today.

He failed his God miserably. He is a Jesuit trained Catholic, which means he is Catholic in name only. He failed his first easy test. A bum.

This is a big deal: Several States that defunded PP are being forced by lower courts to give millions in Medicaid $$ to PP. Gorsuch, Thomas & Alito dissented, saying SCOTUS should hear case. Kavanaugh Voted for PP. Thomas asks if the refusal to hear it is due to special treatment for Planned Parenthood

     Gary Morella


Card. Pell Found Guilty of Sex Abuse


Breaking news! Card. Pell the Vatican Secretary for Economy was found guilty of sex abusing boys by a court of law in Australia.

Putrefaction continues to be revealed in the present day Hierarchy and in the Vatican.

Read more here.



Putin, a STASI Agent

Dear TIA,

I am sending you this link to a Polish news report of a new finding: The register of Putin as an agent of the STASI (photo below), the secret police of Eastern Germany, when it was under the Communist Regime.

It is an indirect confirmation that Putin was/is an agent of the KGB.

I suggest that you click in the Google automatic translator to read the news in English.

     L.J.C., Brazil

Putin agent of STASI


Deep Gratitude

Dear TIA,

I have read many articles from your website over the past few months, and finally must send an email of immense gratitude -- thank-you, thank-you for using your time and talents to articulate, with clear logic and precision, the many topics you courageously tackle. I am filled with deep admiration and affection (perhaps not the right word, but it feels like it) for Dr. Horvat and Prof. Correa de Oliveira.

The article that sparked this spontaneous outpouring of thanksgiving today is "Egalitarianism and Vulgarity." I know the Truth in what you write because I am a convert from loving the vulgar, and inherently loathing the elevated, good, true and beautiful... even though I was raised with a mother who tried to offer me all of the finest things. I rejected them as a wayward youth. I now see the error of my ways and, thanks to Prof. Correa de Oliveira, understand better the 'why.'

This article helped me understand the rejection and derision I faced from other children, as I was in public schools, that I think led to an ultimate self-rejection and rejection of the life my mother wanted so badly to give me.

Pardon me if all of this seems like an oversharing or rambling; I wanted to convey how much insight and hope your articles give to readers like me who crave deeper understanding and want something better for our own children.

They also lead to better confessions and interpersonal healing -- forgiveness and compassion for those still enslaved by these mindsets who cause us suffering by their cruelty, rejection and scorn.

TIA instills perseverance as a member of the Church Militant, to continue doing battle, and it instills faith as an encouragement to know that we are on a right path when self-doubt begins to creep in.

If there is anything I can do to help support TIA, please do tell me. I am a willing apprentice and have been looking for a sound tutor to learn from.

I am now a homemaker with two sons under the age of two, but I have a background in public speaking, and was most recently the keynote speaker for an "Advent by Candlelight" event at a local parish. It is my hope that, with refinement through learning more from our Holy Church and resources like TIA, I can bring glory to God through my witness.
 I still lack quite a lot of refinement but I have faith that God will continue to repair my ways.

Many blessings to you all this Advent; thank-you for receiving my message,



How to Handle Our Own End-of-Life?


I really enjoy your website! I am trying to do things as much pre-Vatican II as I can, and your excellent articles and CDs greatly help.

I am confused about what are the (real) Catholic teachings on end-of-life and, particularly, extraordinary means. For instance, if a person is gravely ill and refusing food and water, should the person assigned to make decisions give the hospital give IV sustenance — or not? If we are conscious, should we ask for IV nourishment or a feeding tube or can we refuse? What is and isn’t extraordinary means? What should and shouldn’t we do in these circumstances?

Any and all information about end-of-life teachings for ourselves (and those who have health care power over us) would be appreciated.

     Thank you,


TIA responds:

Hello S.T.,

Thank you for your kind words on our work.

Regarding extraordinary means to keep a person alive at his final stage of life, what follows is the Catholic doctrine, as far as we could understand the mind of the Church before Vatican II. We must distinguish two objective situations:
  1. When the ill person has the hope to recover his health and continue to live.

  2. When there is no longer hope for him to live.
In case 1, the extraordinary means – an IV to provide food and water, drugs to normalize organic deficiencies, respiratory help through machines, artificial heart massages etc – are not only permitted, but recommended.

In case 2, we must further distinguish:
  1. When the person is conscious, that is, he has the use of his mental faculties;

  2. When the person is unconscious or in a stage of lethargy where he cannot make decisions for himself.
In case 2A, the person should prepare himself to die well and save his soul. This means that he should ask for a priest to listen to his confession, and then, receive communion and the last rites of the Catholic Church. His relatives and friends have the obligation to help the person to do so. Until this happens, the extraordinary means of keeping a person alive should be used.

After that, it is up to the person to continue to use them or not. Today, having an IV is so common that some consider it not to be an extraordinary means. However, since by definition it is still an extraordinary means, if the ill person voluntarily chooses not to use it, we do not believe that this could be considered an assisted suicide.

In case 2B, that is, in the case the person cannot respond consciously for himself, first, those relatives or friends legally responsible for him should be concerned mainly with the eternal destiny of the person's soul. They should provide him with the last spiritual assistance of the Catholic Church – Extreme Unction. The extraordinary means should be kept in place until the last rites are administrated to the ill person.

Second, those relatives and friends responsible for that unconscious person should wait until all the members of the family who so desire can come to pay him their last respects. Once this is done, the persons responsible for him should order the extraordinary means to be cut, and wait in prayer for the death of the sick person to come naturally.

This is the process we have seen applied several times on these issues by very pious and learned persons who follow the Catholic morals previous to Vatican II.

We hope this answers your question.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 13, 2018

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