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Christmas Wishes, Marijuana & Satan Statue

May the Lord Bless You

TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: Christmas greetings

May the good Lord bless you for all the work you do to defend our beloved faith! Have a blessed and joyous Christmas!


Christmas Wishes from Poland

Dear Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.

Praise be to Jesus Christ and a Holy Mary!

For the upcoming Christmas, I would like to send you my best wishes of God's blessing and the protection of Holy Mary, Mother of God. In this holy time with angelic singing, Peace descends from Heaven.

The earth opens for the acceptance of God's mercy, and the simple hearts of the shepherds open themselves to the voices of the miraculous news:

"Today in the City of David a Savior has been born to you. He is Christ the Lord!"

May God bless you with precious gifts so much needed to fulfill God's will every day. May the light of God's grace be constantly illuminated by the sacrificial work that brings the imminent triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Holy Mary!

     With kind regards and priestly greetings!

     Ks. M.C., Poland


Gaudete Gaudete Christus Est Natus


A very Merry Christmas to you all as my wife and I are getting ready to leave for Our Lady Queen of Peace Roman Catholic Church in the higher elevations of Central PA in Patton near Prinz Gallitzin State Park for the 7:00 PM Solemn Tridentine High Mass on Christmas Eve.

Here and here are two of my favorite carols to celebrate the Birth of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on this Christmas 2018 A.D.

May God bless and keep you and yours always, and cloak you with His Spiritual and Physical Protection!

     Gary Morella



Manger Scene


Merry Christmas!


Manger Scene


True Christmas

Dear TIA,

Merry, Valid, Licit & True Christmas to all at TIA.

Thank you for your work,




From the Engel Household


Love across the miles from Pittsburgh.

Randy Engel

Infant Jesus


Spiritual Use of Marijuana

TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: Flamboyant priest initiates children in Rastafarian cult

This music, Reggae, was released by the singer Bob Marley, who was a great supporter of the cannabis plant, used by him in the sense of communion. On the cover of Catch a Fire, he is seen smoking a "ganza", and the spiritual use of marijuana, characteristic of the Rastafarian movement, is mentioned in many of his songs.

In the Rastafarian movement, dreadlocks represent spiritual strength.

The priest there promotes a cultural revolution, the next step is to implant Jamaican dreadlocks and smoke marijuana.



Satanic Sculpture in Illinois

TIA, (from Instagram)

Re: Satanic Temple Statue among Christmas Displays at Illinois Capitol

Thank you for posting this. This confirms what I’ve been thinking – that the government of my state of Illinois needs an exorcism.



Great Imitator

TIA, (from Instagram)

Re: Satanic Temple Statue among Christmas Displays at Illinois Capitol

This is pathetic… Satan the great imitator!



Our Lady of Bethlehem

Dear TIA,

I’m so glad we could visit Our Lady of Bethlehem on our trip to Monterey. Her image is still in my mind.

Dr. Horvat was planning a pilgrimage to Our Lady. I will check on her progress next month when I visit TIA.

See this recent article on Tradition in Action.



Francis Praises Jesus Christ Super Star Musical

Dear TIA,

Read below about this blasphemous 1973 show.

In Maria,

J.S., Ph.D.

Pope Francis fan-girls over ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ showing

Ian Mohr

Page Six - December 24, 2018 - Pope Francis was spotted this month at a performance of “Jesus Christ Superstar” in Rome, sources told Page Six, at the Teatro Sistina.

A musical historian told us of the significance of the papal visit to the storied 1970s Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice musical: “Dating back to its very first public performance, a small but vocal contingent have slammed ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ as blasphemous … the show was even briefly banned by BBC as ‘sacrilegious’ in Webber’s native England.”

Earlier this year, NBC staged a widely praised live version of the show with John Legend playing Christ.

But a source said nevertheless, “It seems that nothing short of a papal blessing would quiet the naysayers!”

We hear that the pope “loved the show so much, he stuck around afterward to give a proper blessing to star Ted Neely and the entire cast.”

Neely starred in the 1973 film version of the musical.

He tweeted earlier this month: “#JesusChristSuperstar meets the Pope! I’m forever grateful for this blessed experience!”

Original here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 27, 2018

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