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St. Ignatius in the Canon & Transgender Girls

Progressivism Must Be Destroyed

Dear TIA, (from YouTube)

Re: Video 3 – Progressivism Explained

I thank Mr. Atila and the other members and supporters of Tradition in Action for this enlightening video.

May Our Lady further heighten our desire to see Catholic Progressivism and Modernism destroyed and annihilated.



Share It Far & Wide

To the Youtube viewers (from YouTube)

Re: Video 3 – Progressivism Explained

Please people, share this video far and wide. Can there be any doubt souls are perishing forever thanks to the false progressivist theology?

TIA has the analysis and answers to how we got into this mud of their lies and deceptions.



Satanic Inspired Theory

TIA, (from YouTube)

Re: Video 3 – Progressivism Explained

This is the most Satanic inspired theory ever propagated. No wonder the Counterfeit Church leaders are so dramatically evil if this demon influenced them at all, which obviously, he has.



Novena of Our Lady of Good Success

Hello TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: Novena of Our Lady of Good Success by TIA Social Media Team

This gets me confused - another website said the novena started on Jan. 25th, not the 24th.

Please verify…

     Thank you.


TIA responds:

Hello G.G.,

It has been a long tradition of the Church that a novena ends on the eve of the feast day; the feast day being the 10th day after the start of the novena.

However, what counts is the intention of the person to honor the Saint as he asks for a grace. With this in mind, it does not seem that Our Lady or any Saint would reject the praise and petition of the faithful because the feast day falls on the 9th day of prayers.


     TIA correspondence desk


Religion of the Antichrist

TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: Priest enters Church riding a bull

The brazen bull, bronze bull, or Sicilian bull, was allegedly a torture and execution device designed in ancient Greece. It all points to Novus Ordo becoming the New World Order religion of the antichrist.

Do not fear - Mary's triumph is just around the corner.

Pray the rosary, wear the brown scapular, and become the property of Her, Jesus was in Her care.



Priest Star

TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: Priest enters Church riding a bull

That's the aim of the Novus Ordo Mass. Deter attention away from CHRIST and draw all eyes upon the camera-mugging "priest!"



St. Joseph in the Canon

TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: Adding St. Joseph into the Canon

Personally, I believe the addition of St Joseph did not damage the Mass itself but set up a precedent for all the other changes.


In response to J.P. (another Facebook reader)

The implication behind adding St. Joseph to the Canon is that the early Church was ignorant, or did not have sufficient devotion to St. Joseph in the first place. Both are wrong.

The Roman Canon is not meant to be a list of our favorite saints. If that were the case, there would be no reason not to add St. Thomas Aquinas or Pope Pius X. The Roman Canon is not fluid; it is permanent just like the rest of the Mass. If it were even possible to change the Canon legally, that possibility ended with the signing of Quo Primum.

     That is my belief.



St. Ignatius in the Canon

TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: Adding St. Joseph into the Canon

At a very sad Novus Ordo funeral Mass I attended by obligation this past week, St Ignatius of Loyola was added ad hoc to the Canon as well. This prompted private prayer for the Jesuit priest and his order.

As Atila has shown in the 11-book series, they hunger for innovation and change at all times.



Stay-at-Home Fathers

TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: Husbands sharing wives’ responsibilities and carrying babies

Television Commercials are inundating us with all of this emasculated propaganda. Including the fallacy of "gay marriage."

Major corporations now are promoting this shameless endorsement in perpetuating the unnatural "nurturing" tendencies of "stay-at-home" fathers. It's absolutely revolting!



Grabois: Pope Is More Leftist than I Am

Dear TIA,

The recent declarations of the Argentine communist Juan Grabois [picture below] regarding Pope Francis are very interesting. He affirmed to La Nación, which is one of the most important newspapers of Buenos Aires, that Francis is much more leftist than he is.

While Grabois wants to end Capitalism through reforms, Francis wants to bring it down through a revolution. This is what the close friend of the Argentine Pope has to say to the public.

I believe he is correct.

Original news report in Spanish here.


Juan Grabois

Communist Juan Grabois being warmly received by Francis


Parents’ Nightmare


Included in the Newsletter Restore American Liberty I received this article below, which I believe is worthy to be published on your website for the information of your readers.

     Keep up the good work.


Daughters Come Home from College Identifying as Men

Health plans at 86 colleges around the country
cover cross-sex hormones and surgery

Marcia Segelstein

Jan. 23, 2019 – In a recent piece for The Wall Street Journal called “When Your Daughter Defies Biology,” author Abigail Shrier described the plight of mothers whose daughters have come home from college with newly-grown mustaches and recently removed breasts.

Shrier had been contacted by a mother whose daughter had some anxiety issues during her first semester at college. Along with some friends, her daughter “decided their angst had a fashionable cause: ‘gender dysphoria.’” Over the course of a year, she began a course of testosterone, shaved her head, and began to wear boys’ clothes.

Shrier went on to interview 18 parents in the same situation, desperate to save their daughters, but unable to find allies. “Nearly every force in society is aligned against these parents: Churches scramble to rewrite their liturgies for greater ‘inclusiveness.’ Therapists and psychiatrists undermine parental authority with immediate affirmation of teens’ self-diagnoses,” Shrier writes. “Campus counselors happily refer students to clinics that dispense hormones on the first visit.”

In fact, health plans at 86 colleges around the country, including most of the Ivy League schools, cover cross-sex hormones and surgery.

Original here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 29, 2019

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