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Guaidó, Dolan & Burke

Who Is Mr. Guaidó?

Dear TIA,

As the situation of Venezuela gets more unstable by the hour and general sympathy is going to the President of the House of Representatives, Mr. Juan Guaidó, who proclaimed himself President of Venezuela ad interim, it is normal to ask: Who is this man, who until these last days was unknown to the public?

I received from a friend two photos of Mr. Guaidó. In one of them he appears with the apparel of a Freemason and in the other he has a raised fist as the Socialist do. The person who sent me these photos affirms that he declared a partisan of International Socialism, but this has not been substantiated in any publication.

I pass these photos on to you with the hope you may disseminate them to show that, unfortunately for Venezuela, even if Maduro goes – and we all want this to happen as soon as possible – the next politician to come is not what Catholics should expect of a good ruler.

Keep up the good work,



Juan Guaidó, serving as President of Venezuela since January 5, 2019


Dolan on Communion to Abortionists


Tell your readers about Cardinal Dolan making stuff up and making excuses for not refusing Communion to New York Catholic Gov. Cuomo.

See him on Fox News - Cardinal Dolan sounds off on New York's 'hideous' abortion law

I just watched Cardinal Dolan talk about NOT denying Communion to Cuomo. He says it is up to the discretion of the bishop and if the bishop thinks the media will respond in a way that makes the Church look bad, then the bishop should do nothing.

Below, find Cardinal Raymond Burke on denial of Communion to those in obstinate perseverance of grave manifest sin. There is no subjective judgment on behalf of the Bishop to deny Communion based on how the media will play out the denial. The reason to deny is to prevent scandal and to respect our Lord.

1 Burke, Raymond. “Canon 915: The Discipline Regarding the Denial of Holy Communion to Those Obstinately Persevering in Manifest Grave Sin.” Periodica De Re Canonica. vol. 96 (2007) pp. 3-58,

      Bai Macfarlane
      Mary’s Advocates


Note from TIA’s Editor:

Although Card. Burke has habitually taken a good position on this issue, he is not exempt from criticism. Indeed, some time ago, when he was the Archbishop of St. Louis, he also tripped and fell into the same well he now denounces as wrong.

At that time, TIA published the news report and comment on this matter, which can be read here. Later on, Card. Raymond Burke contacted the author of that article asking that the posting be deleted, but TIA did not do so.

     The Editor


What to Do On Sunday


I have emailed you in the past. Today, I am looking at my beloved Church and its institutions and the bad shepherds running them and it is making me ill. It is getting to the point that I am beginning to wonder what to do on Sunday when it is no longer possible to locate a bona-fide traditional Latin Mass on occasions. There is nothing presently within 100 miles and my wife and I are planning on moving from Central Pa. to southern Delaware later this year and there is nothing there as well.

So, we are not going to stop being devout Roman Catholics. Could you put together a set of procedures that you believe would be adequate in lieu of a Mass on Sunday?

For example, biblical readings (how many, what types), prayers and Rosaries and Devotions, prayers for the papacy, good shepherds, the living and the dead and perhaps a prayer for "Spiritual Communion" since we would not be receiving the Holy Eucharist.

Perhaps there is a Latin Traditional Mass on the web you could recommend. I realize this may appear a list to you, yet we are looking to organize this and perhaps vary the number of items from week to week.

I do think there are other readers of your web site, like me, that would appreciate this advice.

Thanks for your time and consideration in this matter.

      Yours in Christ,


PS: Perhaps it would be useful for someone or some web site to act as a clearinghouse to unite people like my wife and me with others "locally" to get together in such matters on Sunday; since we do not have a place to go to Mass. Gee, it seems we are heading to an underground/Catacomb community and rather sooner than later.


TIA responds:

Hello N.F.,

We are in a very sad situation, indeed. The perspective of not having the possibility to attend Sunday Mass is no longer theoretical; it has happened already many times in cases like the one you envision.

The suggestion you give of praying the Rosary to replace the Mass when you cannot attend seems the best to us. This is what our members do when they are traveling and cannot attend Mass. They go to a Catholic Church were the New Mass is not being said at that moment and pray the Rosary. We know others who pray it at home when there is no Mass available. The prayer of the 15 decades normally takes 45 minutes, which is about the same time as a Mass.

We do not have a handbook with guidelines for these emergencies.

Regarding the intentions, it is up to each one to pray for whatever he desires or needs.

We hope this is of some help to you and your wife.


     TIA correspondence desk

Posted January 31, 2019

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