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Sheen, Euthanasia & Fruits of the Council

Sheen, a Fan of Teilhard

Dear TIA,

A comment I just made on the Church Militant website:

Archbishop Sheen, very admirable man, nevertheless gave an enthusiastic endorsement of Teilhard de Chardin in one chapter of his book "Footprints in a Darkened Forest" (1967.) Are there any standards for canonization other than popularity or political usefulness?

There is a lot of good to say about Sheen, but my comment should stir the pot a little.


Catholic Church Promotes Euthanasia


The PAV and the Secretary of State launched the PAL-Life Project last year.

The purpose of this project is to increase the presence of palliative medicine globally. Palliative medicine in America was built by funding from Soros’ Project on Death in America led by a cadre of academic medical professionals designed to make the hastening of death legal. The head of this project was Dr Kathy Foley. She is a new member of the PAV.

My purpose of writing you is to reach out for help. For 20 years LifeTree has been warning people about the Third Path Movement or the moderate wing of the euthanasia movement. Their vehicle is to use the new field of palliative medicine to “flip” patient treatment from traditional medical care to comfort care only. Very few Catholic clergy and lay people want to listen. Now the successes of the Third Path are so numerous that they are nearing the “tipping point” of no return.

If you can help in any way please contact me. Thank you.

     Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD,
     Executive Director, LifeTree
     PO Box 17301
     Raleigh, NC, 17619


Brazilian Royalty with Indians

Dear TIA,

As part of the tribalist propaganda, members of royal families around the world are posing with Brazilian Indians. In the photo below, we see Prince João de Orleans e Bragança, a member of the Brazilian Imperial Family, posing half-naked with two Indians as if he were a part of the Xingu tribe.

There is no doubt that this paves the way for the Synod of Amazon, which is expected to be an earthquake in Catholic institutions by shaking priestly celibacy and introducing woman priests.

     L.J.C., Brazil

natives braganca


San Felipe de Jesus


In the Cathedral of Mexico City, I read his story some time ago. Recently I found an old hard copy called Felipe by Helene Margaret, published in 1962 by The Bruce Publishing Co. in Milwaukee, and it reminded me how good for our Faithful it would be if you would make a post about his Martyrdom in far-away Japan (far from his home in Mexico).

I know you would do this if you would have the data. He was a martyr of justice and to hear his story would edify the Faithful, young or old.

May God reward you




Pope Names Women to Synod Secretariat

Dear TIA,

The Francis Revolution continues…

Read below. Now, we have women named to control the Synod of Bishops. Tomorrow, he will make women cardinals.



Pope Francis leads the opening of the Italian Episcopal Conference
at the Vatican, May 20, 2019.

Philip Pullella

Vatican City (Reuters) - Pope Francis appointed women on Friday to a key Vatican department for the first time since it was founded more than 50 years ago, a move welcomed by Catholic women's groups as a significant advance.

Three nuns and one lay woman were appointed counselors in the office of synods, which prepares major meetings of world bishops held every few years on a different topic.

Pope Paul VI founded the Synod of Bishops in 1965 as a body to advise popes. A Vatican spokesman said they were the first women members in its history.

Two of the four are Italian - Sister Alessandra Smerilli, an economics professor, and Cecilia Costa, a sociology professor. The others are Sister Maria Luisa Berzosa Gonzalez of Spain and Sister Nathalie Becquart of France.

"It is great news because until now there were no structures for women to have an influence on synods while they are being prepared," said Zuzanna Fliosowska, general manager of Voices of Faith, an international advocacy group that promotes a greater role for women in the Church.

Original here.


Devastating Fruits of Vatican II


In a book by Taylor Marshall "The plot to destroy the Church" the following statistics below are shocking.

Figures do not lie!

When Coca Cola had a disaster with New Coke, it took their leadership only 78 days to admit the mistake. The Catholic hierarchy is still telling us that Vatican II was a success 50 plus years later in spite of the actual numbers.

The author states that the 2015 numbers are even worse.

The book is indeed shocking reading.. Failure is the trademark of the hierarchy!

Statistics: 1965 and 2002

Sunday Mass attendance
1958 74%
2000 25%

Infant Baptisms
1965 1.3 million
2002 1.0 despite increased population

Adult Baptisms
1965 126,000
2002 80,000

Catholic marriages
1965 352,000
2002 256,000

1965 338
2002 50,000 plus

1965 58,000
2002 45,000

1965 1,575
2002 450

Priestless parishes
1965 1%
2002 15% 2928 no priest

1965 49,000
2002 4700

1965 180,000
2002 75,000

1965 12,000
2002 5700

1965 5277 USA and 3559 seminarians
2002 3172 and 38 seminarians

1965 2534 priests and 2251 seminarians
2002 1492 priests and 60 seminarians

Christian Brothers
1965 2434 and 912 seminarians
2000 959 and 7 seminarians

1965 1148 priests and 1128 seminarians
2000 349 priests and 24 seminarians

Catholic High Schools
1965 1566
2002 786

Parochial schools
1965 10,503
2002 6623

1965 4.5 million
2002 1.9 million


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 30, 2019

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