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Fireworks, CathInfo & No Bribes

Magnificent Fireworks

Dear TIA,

I want to share with you and your readers this magnificent display of fireworks that took place in New York City during the last 4th July.

It shows that no matter how our American people may be corrupted by Liberalism and Hedonism [search for pleasures] there is still a fiber of our soul that is turned to the marvelous. It is strong enough for us to disregard the enormous amount of money spent in this feast in order to celebrate patriotism and enjoy the momentary beauty of the fireworks.

May God lead our country to abandon the modern Paganism in which it is immersed and find its way to Him by means of the only Ark of Salvation, the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

The show takes more than one hour, but it is worthy every minute.


Washington Firework Show


Watch the Full Show: Fireworks at 4th of July Celebration in Washington, DC 2019 on YouTube

Available here.

     Gary Morella


Slander & Gossip


Re: I Tried To Investigate Lefebvre and Was Banned

"Cathinfo" publishes some of the most disgusting slander, gossip, innuendo out there...

And it seems no one has recourse as regards correcting it because if a correction is offered, presuming that goodness and honesty will prevail and a correction or deletion of the slanderous information... but no...

It only seems to keep threads of gossip and slander alive and continued ad infinitum.

What a scandal it is, especially for the young Catholic or even non-Catholic who comes across that page.

     Fr. B.R.


$3.4 Million & 17 Employees…


Re: I Tried To Investigate Lefebvre and Was Banned

Interesting article on “What People Are Commenting.”

Cathinfo, according to Zoom, has revenue of $3.4M for 17 employees. Mathew may be nervous only due to the license comes up for renewal on July 13, 2020.

Writer seems educated, disciplined in preserving objectivity and composure. " Roman Catholic" is a headlight to the eyes of Catholics in the Roman Rite, East Syracuse, New York, is address for company, as well -- strike two!

Just two warning signs, and I don't wish to elaborate more time in a "short & casual look over" of this Cathinfo.

The writer should just equate this site as a video game, The Death Star, and research other familiar video game tactics' found on other websites.

     Happy Fourth! Remember American veterans, too!



CathInfo Red Flag

TIA Hello,

Re: I Tried To Investigate Lefebvre and Was Banned

Please forward this to Mark J. Williams.

Matthew [from CathInfo] is not innocent. I am a convert who spent time at CathInfo probably more than a year ago. I started several appreciated threads. They were appreciated because they were nearly always about very old books and I extensively quoted Our Lord from them (imprimatured books) - for example, Sister Mary of St. Peter, in connection with the Monastery at Tours, France.

I am not complaining about banning; I don't think I recall knowing that it was even happening... Matthew never banned me.

A red flag though, a prominent one, is this: CathInfo is colored by his policy, and his insistence on it in the face of distaste by leaving it alone, of leaving in place - something that many have complained of: encouragement in form of an easily done click on any post, next to any poster's name, to critique in the form of I think I recall, thumbs down? Not the post, the person who posted it.

The record is kept, and is always present next to the poster's name... it is in effect a tally of popularity. Whether or not one can handle it is not at issue; the issue is, why it is done at all: it is entirely because of Matthew's attitude.

Perhaps Markus may see it in a different light now with his own experience.



Book about Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

Dear TIA,

I have just finished reading the excellent biography of Plinio Correa de Oliveira written by Roberto de Mattei, entitled The Crusader of the 20th Century.

This book clearly demonstrates why he was a crusader for Christ. He opposed the false progressivist ideas that were infiltrating the Church already in the decades before Vatican II. The book is well-documented with footnotes and references to a plethora of Catholic sources, and also contains abundant quotations and excepts from the works of Dr. Plinio himself.

For those interested in the story of the erosion of true Catholicism in the past century, and the fight against it, this is a fascinating resource.

The book also details Plinio's special lay apostolate, the founding of the TFP (Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property). Its concluding chapter emphasizes his devotion and confidence in the Blessed Virgin, especially through the Marian consecration set forth by St. Louis de Monfort.

One wonders why there has been little initiative to begin the Cause to beatify Plinio Correa de Oliveira.

     Frank Rega


No Bribes…

Dear TIA,

Kudos to the directors of the University of Alabama! They sent back the money from a donor who was pressuring his abortion agenda.

Principles are worth more than money: Perfect!

Read below, please.


University Of Alabama Returns $21.5 Million Due To His Support Of Abortion

Walid Shoebat

The University of Alabama returned a $21.5 million dollar gift from Hugh Culverhouse, Jr., the school’s largest donor in her history, due to his insistence on supporting abortion. They also removed at his request his name from the University’s law school:

The University of Alabama’s board of trustees has voted to return a $21.5 million gift from Hugh Culverhouse Jr. — the school’s biggest donor — and take his name off its law school. The move comes after Culverhouse urged businesses and prospective students to boycott the university and the state over Alabama’s new abortion law.

The school says the transaction to return the funds was processed Friday morning and that it will also return any accrued interest. Last fall, Culverhouse pledged to donate a total of $26.5 million over four years.

“The action taken by the Board today was a direct result of Mr. Culverhouse’s ongoing attempts to interfere in the operations of the Law School,” the university’s vice chancellor for communication, Kellee Reinhart, said Friday. “That was the only reason the Board voted to remove his name and return his money.”

Culverhouse issued a statement Friday in which he renewed his call for students “to protest and reconsider their educational options in Alabama.” “I expected this response from UA,” he said. “I will not allow my family’s name to be associated with an educational system that advocates a state law which discriminates against women, disregards established Federal law and violates our Constitution.

Read more here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 9, 2019

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