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Disneyland, Servant Class & ‘Rainbow Plague’

False Prophet

Dear TIA,

A false prophet Protestant was predicting a 10.0 earthquake by the end of summer. Check it here.

The last day of summer passed and nothing happened.

Now he disabled comments on his YouTube video: Damage control.



Disneyland & Occult


Is this linked to the occult?

Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea thinks so. He said on a DVD to get Disney material out of their house.

I tried to find the link on the Internet to share with my daughter as she has 4 children and has been twice.



TIA responds:


Your question is not very precise. Do you mean that Fr. Relyea said that Disneyland as a place is linked to occult or was it the whole line of Disney movies?

If the last case is what you meant, certainly there are many productions by Disney that are spreading occult practices – the presence of witches with their magic, preternatural powers conferred to super-heroes, etc. However, other Disney movies – especially the older ones – encourage the sense of the marvelous in children and open doors for the admiration of angels.

Without a more specific description of what you want from us, we cannot give an objective answer.


     TIA correspondence desk


Historical Procurators

TIA, (from YouTube)

Re: Video on Our Lady of Good Success: Part 1

This lecture demonstrates that the true historical procurators of the Devotion to "Our Lady of Good Success" are Dr. Horvat and Tradition in Action.



Greatest Connoisseur

TIA, (from YouTube)

Re: Video on Our Lady of Good Success: Part 1

This is wonderful. Undoubtedly, Dr. Horvat is the greatest connoisseur of Our Lady of Good Success. All the blessings for your dedicated work for spreading veneration to Our Lady of Good Success.



In All Corners of the World

TIA, (from YouTube)

Re: Video on Our Lady of Good Success: Part 1

The devotion to Our Lady of Good Success must be propagated in all four corners of the world -  absolutely a must for our pagan wicked world.



Amazon Synod: Counterfeit Church

TIA (from Facebook)

Re: Amazonia Synod, Atomic Bomb

The great early missionaries sacrificed their lives in an effort to properly catechize savage and uncivilized peoples. In their apostolic zeal to implant Christ's affirmation of "to make believers of all," many lost their lives. Often by torture. Thus obtaining the honorable crown of martyrdom!

Now we have a counterfeit Church headed by a succession of evil Popes who are only concerned about not "offending" the enemies of our Holy Church and encouraging tribal cultures to embrace their pagan ancestral practices!



Eradication of the Servant Class

TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: Divorce of the Cup & Saucer

A big contributor to the lack of good table settings is the eradication of the servant class.

When the wife has no help at all, time and work saving becomes the rule.



I Love Your Site

TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: Models of Lay Celibacy in History

Tradition in action, love your site!

Had no idea you had a Facebook page. Subscribing!



Good Medieval Feudalism

TIA, (from Facebook)

Re: The Interested Man and the Calvinist

Both Capitalism and Communism are bad.

I want whatever system they were practicing in Catholic Europe during the Middle Ages.



Poland Archbishop Condemns ‘Rainbow Plague’


Thought your readers would like to see that in Poland there is Catholic resistance to the LGBT agenda.

The homo response has been violent and hateful, as expected. No support from the Vatican, of course.


Krakow’s Archbishop Jędraszewski under fire
for remarks about “rainbow plague”

Filip Mazurczak

Throughout this summer, Poland has descended into a culture war over the organization of gay pride events. They have without exception met with strong protests from Catholics. Most, however, have not responded with violence but with prayer. For example, the image of a fifteen-year-old boy in Plock holding up a crucifix and rosary in front of LGBT activists has gone viral. In Bialystok, meanwhile, in addition to the young ruffians who attacked marchers, 1,000 to 3,000 locals participated in Eucharistic adoration in the cathedral to pray for moral renewal.

Poland has become most polarized, however, since August 1, when during a Mass commemorating the seventy-fifth anniversary of the outbreak of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising Archbishop Jędraszewski said in his homily: “The red [communist] plague no longer walks on our earth, but a new neo-Marxist one that wants to conquer our souls, hearts, and minds has appeared. It is not a red, but a rainbow plague.”

Those strong words divided Poland. Robert Biedroń, an LGBT activist who has tried to build a left-liberal political party with little success, called Jędraszewski “the devil personified” (an interesting statement given that, as an avowed atheist, Biedroń presumably does not believe the devil exists). Some in the Church, such as Father Paweł Gużyński, OP, have also criticized Jędraszewski, accusing him of stirring up violence against homosexuals (since then, however, Gużyński has been disciplined by his Dominican provincial for criticizing the archbishop). By contrast, Polish President Andrzej Duda, a devout Catholic, has defended Jędraszewski, claiming that he has great respect for all people. ...

Since the now-infamous homily, two protests have been held against Jędraszewski, one in front of the curia in Krakow and one at the Apostolic Nunciature in Warsaw. They attracted 100 and 200 participants, respectively. Last Saturday, however, 3,000 people – ten times the number that participated in both anti-Jędraszewski protests – attended a prayer vigil and rally in support of the archbishop.

Yet LGBT activists aren’t backing down, and Archbishop Jędraszewski in particular is a symbol of Poland’s culture wars. During a recent “Mr. Gay” event in Poznan, a drag queen simulated the murder of the archbishop, whose likeness was glued to a blowup doll.

Original here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 3, 2019

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