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Assisted Suicide, Celtic Cross & Agreda

No Hell, No Heaven

Dear TIA,

I just recently read a statement in 2018 from my archdiocese, that of Denver, concerning physician assisted suicide. As far as the issue is concerned, the Church here has taught the Catholic point of view in a flawless way. However, there is no mention of Judgment or Hell in the one page handout.

Physician assisted suicide is "spiritually damaging" (whatever that means.) One should explain to a person considering assisted suicide the "Catholic beliefs about life, suffering and eternity."

The statement hints at the ultimate important realities: escaping Hell, saving one's soul, and attaining Heaven. Why not be clear, as Our Lord was: "Be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in Hell." Mt. 10:28.



Addressing Clergy


How can I get a printed copy of "How to address Clergy"?


TIA responds:


We suggest that you left-click with your mouse over the article, then choose the PRINT option. It will print out the article for you. Or just go to the media icons at the end of the article and click on the one that shows a printer.

If you have a friend who is skilled in Word documents, you can also copy the whole article, drop and paste it into a Word document and then format it as you wish. Unfortunately, we do not have a print copy to sell.


     TIA correspondence desk


Celtic Cross

Dear TIA,

I though your readers would be interested in this lovely scene from Ireland (below). It is wonderful to see that even a tree farmer of Ireland has done his best to glorify God in his work.

This picture is a beautiful reminder of what used to be the faith of the people of Ireland.

     In Jesu et Maria,


Celtic Cross in a forest


All Saints Day


Today is the Feast Day of All Saints. I grew up with this beautiful Latin chant and have never forgotten it.

So, as I close out this night on this Holy Day of Obligation in the Catholic Faith, I will pray it again for the intentions of my family and friends for their spiritual and physical protection!

     Gary Morella


Halloween in the Novus Ordo

TIA, (from Facebook)

For years, when I use to attend the annual Halloween Novus Ordo masses, I saw nothing wrong with the profanities incited throughout the irreverent service. Because I too was an avowed heretic. Modernist priests, fully unaware of the seriousness of the priestly vocation, would dress up as popular cult horror icons. Including Dracula, Frankenstein and even as ghosts!

Much to the amusement of the gravely catechized flock. Who would sit in the pews. Smiling and indulging in the embarrassing spectacle. Even the children, dressed in secular costumes would be invited to sit before the free standing altar. While the priest delighted in entertaining us on the so-called festive but ghoulish holiday!



Mystical City of God

Dr. Horvat,

I am glad you have discovered the "pearl of great price", the Life and History of the Blessed Virgin Mary, popularly known as The Mystical City of God by Ven. Maria de Agreda.

Having read this book daily since my medical school days in the early 1980s,I have found it to be of peerless value both for personal correction and instruction in virtue and as true recreation, indeed a foretaste of Heaven.

However, I began to notice certain typographical and translation errors in Rev. Blatter's translation, beginning with numerous erroneous Scripture citations. I looked up every single citation in the 4 volumes and found over 200 such errors.

Later I found passages which seemed to have translation errors, some of which involved Catholic doctrine. In 2007 I undertook a New English Edition, comparing Rev. Blatter's translation to a copy of the first Spanish edition of Most Rev. Samaniego, Ven. Mary's religious superior and biographer, published in 1670. I found that every single error I had spotted was due to an error of translation.

After 8 years of daily work in correcting and retranslating innumerable passages, I published The New English Edition of the Mystical City of God in 2015. The entire 4 volumes may be read on my website, neemcog.com. I invite you to read it. I have kept the price of the 4-volume set at $40 to keep it affordable. Nearly 300 sets have been sold, along with approx. 100 Kindle versions. (I charge just enough to break even financially so my work does not become a financial burden to my family.)

If you wish I could send you a set (perfect-bound) free of charge. (I am on my 3rd post-publication revision, and hope to publish a second edition next year.)

Finally, I have nothing but the deepest respect and gratitude for Rev. Blatter for his monumental accomplishment. After decades of research my final conclusion is he never had his manuscript proofread; he worked alone and had to hasten publication due to the order of his superiors to finish the work.

Hope to hear from you.


     Tim Duff


Deep State

Dear TIA,

I am writing to you regarding the article that you have posted: The Deep State Wants Trump Impeached over Syria

I have written to my friend (true soldier of Jesus Christ, fighting the good fight on all fronts, for decades, in season and out of season), regarding the so-called Deep State, here’s his brief response:

Most think it's the liberal-left democrats. That's what the real Deep State wants you to believe - and most do believe it, even some of the brightest conservatives, patriots and even traditional Catholics.

The Deep State encompasses BOTH left and right. Yes, very often they hate and fight each other. But its a massive deception and propaganda not to point out that the Deep State, as I have so often stated, has both a left and right wing...it is both democrats and republicans, both liberals and conservatives, no less than pro-Trump, pro-Bush, pro-Reagan, pro-Nixon, pro-Pat Buchanan traditional Catholics. In other words the majority of them.

So the Deep State is the Ruling elite in America. What used to be called the Eastern Banking/Corporate/Socialist Establishment. They are nothing less than the Elders of Zion/Synagogue of Satan at war against Christ the King.

The friction between ‘liberals and conservatives’ or ‘dems and republicans’ is mostly a giant diabolic fraud in order to divide us and more easily enslave us under the Reign of Satan and Antichrist. They are winning all the battles in this war primarily because of brainwashed and dumbed-down Catholics.

Catholics are supposed to love life, love truth, hate unjust wars, loathe traitors, etc. What Bl. Pius IX said of liberal Catholics is true of liberal trads - they destroy from within and are the very deadliest enemies because people believe they speak for the Church. THEY DO NOT!!!



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October  29, 2019

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