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Chaput, Idolater Franciscans & Confirmation

A Lesson from Chaput’s Resignation

Hello TIA,

Just read here that Francis has accepted the resignation of so-called conservative Archbishop Charles Joseph Chaput of Philadelphia at age 75 and simultaneously named another pro-immigration progressivist, Bishop Nelson Perez of Cleveland, to head the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

So that's what Francis and his cronies do - get rid of any taint of conservativism.

My question: Why don't these supposed "doctrinal hardliners and culture warriors" (as Chaput has been described) really earn those titles and resist the bad doctrine and morals that have been the fruit of Vatican II.

By towing the line - saying the Novus Ordo and accepting the Council without criticism - they receive neither glory here on Earth (among the present day Vatican and post-conciliar Church) or in Heaven (since they refuse to resist the bad doctrine).





Re: Franciscans send blasphemous Christmas card

Below is a copy of the letter I sent to the Franciscans International


Dear People,

The reason why Pachamama is not like the donkey beside the Christ Child is because Isaiah never mentions her; the Israelites suffered two Exiles and the apostasy of Solomon for moving towards nature religions which included, "earth mother";

Judaism and Catholicism both have a consistent long history of condemning any association with nature worship whatsoever, and the donkey served to carry Christ Jesus, whereas Pachamama wants all the attention on "her".

It is a corruption of the Natural Order to have Catholic Prelates submit to being led in "feel the vibes" rituals by a Pachamama indigenous practitioner.

That ought to be enough reasons and truths for you to renounce your position regarding Pachamama.



Should anyone wish to protest their promotion of Pachamama, the contact for Franciscans International is: geneva@fiop.org


Live Rosary at Lourdes

Dear TIA,

I have just this past week been viewing an 'on stream' showing directly from the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes in France and have been praying the daily Rosary along with the people present at the Grotto, daily, at 6 PM France time which is 12 Noon East Coast Time and 9 AM Pacific Time. I think the time differs on the weekend.

It is live so it has been a real thrill to do this and I just finished today's Rosary with them. Please convey this info to others if you can.

The YouTube address is here.

I do believe this streams 24/7 so you can 'be' at the Grotto right now !



Preparing for the Restoration


I have just recently become a subscriber and donor to TIA.

I like the counter revolutionary ideals being promoted by a sound understanding of the enemy we face and how The LIE has engages both church and culture.

The revolution started in The Garden and has advanced its agenda to where we find ourselves today.

Our Lady warned us but we have not listened.

I see the vortex of evil ensnaring both The Church and culture today.

I hold little hope that everybody will just wake up and do what is right.

As Dr. Horvat stated in one prophecy from OUR LADY OF GOOD SUCCESS, “there would be complete restoration.”

I believe there will only be a remnant left to restore The Church and Culture under Our Lady’s IMMACULATE HEART.

As such we must be prepared for such an event.

Your foresight and educational expertise are invaluable tools in preparation.

I am a member of The Ordinariate where the liturgical worship is in line with The Latin Rite.

I share my vision for what I hope our small group could embrace as a preparation.

We would certainly need to access your valuable experiences and knowledge to help us should we be able to start such a mission.

     God bless,



Confirmation in San Diego

Dear TIA,

I go to church at St. Anne’s in San Diego. One of the reasons I go there is to shelter myself and my kids from the modernist bishops in this diocese. In fact, we left our previous parish after hearing a heretical sermon by Fr. Dolan, shortly before he became bishop, about needing to welcome all who “fly the rainbow flag.”

Fr. Lyons, the pastor at St. Anne, requested that Bishop Cordileone be allowed to come for Confirmation. This request was denied without explanation. For the past ten years such a request has never been denied.

My daughter, who is to receive the sacrament, and I have prayed a Rosary of reparation outside an “LGBT” Mass with the bishops present. Bishop McElroy once called me a hater when I called to ask if my parish was designated “gay friendly.”

Additionally, Bishop McElroy and then Fr. Dolan caused pain to our family by assigning a manipulative priest to our parish at the time who, unbeknownst to us, was under investigation for sexual misconduct. I do not believe these bishops care about faithful Catholic laity. It seems they want to change the faith to fit their agenda.

Fr. Lyons knows that I do not want either Bishop to be near me or my daughter but there is nothing he can do about it. He recommends looking past the man and realizing that he is acting as an agent of Christ. As an alternative, Fr. Lyons offered to ask a priest in LA if my daughter could join their parish for Confirmation.

I have had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Guimaraes and Dr. Horvat when they visited San Diego at the Ecclesia Militans meeting. I appreciate their knowledge about Church matters which is why I am seeking advice from TIA.

I will appreciate any advice you can give.



TIA responds:

Dear R.B.,

We compliment you for your good position regarding homosexuality and its correlated sins known today as LGBT.

Regarding the Sacrament of Confirmation, we believe that, as a rule, the Bishops consecrated by the Conciliar Church have valid powers to confer it. This is true even when many of these Bishops have a bad orientation.

So, the lay faithful must make a distinction: When he asks for the Sacrament of Confirmation, he is not necessarily compromising with the possible errors of that Bishop. He is just benefiting from the Sacrament, which, independent of the Bishop's virtue or vice, is conferred by Christ.

If this distinction is clear to you and you feel that neither you nor your daughter are in danger of assuming any progressivist errors in the preparatory program, then you may ask for the Sacrament of Confirmation from one of your local Bishops. If you do not feel secure, look for a Bishop whom you trust and travel to where he is in order to have your daughter confirmed there.

Thank you for the kind words about Mr. Guimarães and Dr. Horvat.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 23, 2020

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