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Drugs, Guardini & Muslim Shoes

The USA Drug Epidemic


Your recent article on the drug problem in the U.S. was right on.

Two books illustrate what was in the article:
  • Red Cocaine by J.D. Douglass (r.i.p.) was an exposé of Russia's plan initiated in the middle 1950s to drug the U.S. The cover of the book has a picture of Lenin a sickle and instead of the hammer a hypodermic needle.

  • Another book the Politics of Heroin, printed twice, depicts the C.I.A. and their involvement in international heroine traffic in order to pay for their worldwide activities starting in the late 1940s.
     Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.



Newman’s Homo Tendencies

TIA (from the Daily Mail),

Thank you for this article "It's not unreasonable to think Newman might have been homosexual."

I did not know any of this.

Thank you!



Clearing the Path

TIA (from Facebook),

Re: Newman as Homo

So, if I've understood you correctly here, you almost seem to be agreeing with Fr Martin's diagnosis - even if you don't agree with his approval of it.



Communion in Argentina

TIA (from Facebook),

Re: Fernandez Receives Communion

Here in Argentina, it has been years since Bergoglio permitted people in sin to receive Communion.



American Jews & Christmas

Dear TIA (from the Dayly Mail),

Re: How American Jews Secularized Christmas

Thank you for this another Excellent and apropos article on who the true enemies of the Church and governments have been for centuries!

God bless you and the wonderful TIA staff!

     Gratefully yours, in Jesus and Mary,



Suit & Tie

TIA (from Facebook),

Re: Do wear a suit & tie often

The ongoing dumping down and emasculation of American manhood continues on. As we watch the errors of progressivism recurring year after year.

With the outbreak of 1960 feminism & the homosexual movement, once popular cultural customs including modest attire literally flew out the window.

Now we have nearly five generations of men and women wearing casual attire even for Sunday services. The anti-Catholic progressivist attitude which frowns upon order and proper customs.

Wearing a suit and tie was once the common practice for industrious businessmen, as well everyday activities. Today, we watch as high profile leftist public figures engage in the unshaven look, while downplaying exceptionalism and dressing like commoners.

Millionaires Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Moore and the late Steve Jobs all elect to avoid suit and ties even when engaging in business affairs. Instead these men choose degrade their wealth and achievements by trying to blend in the average man.

The slovenly look sadly has now become the norm among the wealthy.



Benedict, Francis & Circus


Re: Pope watches highly immoral circus performance

In 2012, Benedict XVI hosted circus performers from 14 countries and they performed in Paul VI Hall for an audience of 4,000. They even install a temporary circus tent and carrousel in St. Peter’s Square. [other examples here and here]

The reporter in this video news report notes, “[Vatican] officials wanted to make street artists feel like they belong to the Catholic Church.” You can see it was all pretty immodest, just like the modern world that Vatican II opened the church to...

Before Benedict the same thing happened under John Paul II [see examples here, here, here and here].

We can see that this progressivist “tradition” has a long history in the Vatican.

When we complain about Francis and his scandals, we should not blame only him as if he were the only one. He is just carrying out what the others also did. We should blame the entire current of thoughts - Progressivism - that took over the Church in Vatican II.



Questioning Guardini

Dear TIA

I just completed reading Marian Horvat's article "Renouncing the Papacy Benedict XVI Quotes Guardini."

I was so disappointed to read this. But grateful at the same time My family was given The Lord by Guardini at Christmas time. Has anyone in Tradition critiqued this book? It is so beautifully written but now I am compelled to question it.

     Thank you


TIA responds:

Dear K.K.,

Yes, sometimes it is hard to seet aside beautiful things we admired in the past.

We do not know of a good review of The Lord, but in case we find one we will post it on our website.

Indeed, some of these progressivist theologians have beautiful theses and books on pious topics. But was not the fruit offered to Adam in Paradise also beautiful? The beauty actually makes Progressivism even more dangerous.


     TIA correspondece desk


A Query on the Bible

Dear TIA,

Warmest Greetings in Christ!

I just received my Douay-Rheims Bible days ago and I am quite overjoyed about it. But, I do not know where to start, in all honesty. Should I start with the Gospels? the Psalms? Or maybe Genesis?

And if I know where to start, how am I supposed to read? What should be my approach?

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question.

     God Bless!


TIA responds:


If you are a scholar and want to read the entire Bible, you may start at the first book, Genesis, and go until the last, the Apocalypse.

If you are a common Catholic, then you should go to the Bible for inspiration in your spiritual life or historical knowledge on topics or themes that attract your attention.

In any circumstance, you should read it carefully, being vigilant against being influenced by the Protestant free-examination-mindset so deeply embedded In our country. This is a real danger given the frequency the Bible enters the picture in discussions.

A good Catholic always follows the interpretation of the Church in the passages of Scriptures that are difficult to comprehend.

We hope these words give you the guidelines you expected.


     TIA correspondent desk


Muslim Hatred for the Cross

Dear TIA,

It came to my attention the news report below, which shows Muslims selling shoes with a Cross on the sole. This is done to make its wearers step on the symbol of the Cross at each new step.

It is an initiative that reveals quite well the millennial hatred the Muslims have for the true Cross.

How idiotic are the progressivists who believe that with their ecumenism they will stop such a deep detestation!…

     Keep up the good work.


Iraqi Muslims Caught Selling Shoes Made to ‘Trample the Cross’

Thomas Williams, Ph.D.

Shops in a Kurdish region of northern Iraq have been selling shoes with a Christian cross embossed on the sole, allowing wearers to “trample the cross,” according to the Assyrian International News Agency (AINA).

Muslim shies profane the Cross
Drawing on a story recently published on the Polish website Szlomo, AINA reports that Kurdish authorities have allowed the “anti-Christian shoes” to be sold in north Iraq, including a shopping center in Erbil called Mega Mall where the footwear was on display in store windows prior to Christmas.

The footwear is reportedly produced by a Turkish company called FLO, located in Gaziantep, in southeastern Turkey.

The article suggests that the footwear is intentionally provocative toward Christians, since in Muslim culture, shoes are generally perceived as “despised garments” and in Islam, one of the most offensive slurs is to call someone a “shoe.”

When Muslims enter the room, they ordinarily remove their shoes, the article states, and if a shoe is accidentally turned over, the person will spit on the sole of the shoe and place it back face-up. Having a cross embossed into the sole means that in such a situation, the cross will be spat upon.

The local Assyrian Christian population has protested the sale of the shoes, and in response the Kurdish authorities “demonstratively” withdrew the shoes from one store “in front of cameras of foreign correspondents,” while allowing them to be sold in others where westerners do not shop, AINA reports.

Original here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 20, 2020

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