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Calvin, False Obedience & Excommunication

Kudos to Hate Mail

Dear TIA,

Your hate mail is great. It shows a difference is being made. Anger produces nothing, but forcing people to think is a great blessing of this site.

Liberals not only sin, they fail to think logically or even politely.

So, kudos on posting hate mail!!!



Calvin’s Statements

Dear TIA,

I discovered your article on Calvin.

I was glad to read the itemization of his crimes by Fr. Leonel Franca, S.J.

But I read somewhere else this list of crimes, but without a citation:

"He had the hand of a 12- year-old girl cut off because she crossed herself at her parents' grave. He had 39 innocent women burnt as witches because he said they were the cause of the bubonic plague that hit Geneva. He taught that Our Lord suffered in Hell (idiotic...all the Fathers taught the harrowing of Hades was a triumph). It is because of Calvin's monstrous distortion of Christianity that we have the Puritans in America who thought killing Indians was their duty. “

So my question is: Do you have a source to verify particularly what I highlighted in black?

Thank you.

     Kindest regards,


TIA responds:


Dear J.S.,

We are glad to know that you benefited from that article by Fr. Leonel Franca S.J.

No, we cannot either confirm or deny that the actions and statements you sent us were objectively taken and taught by Calvin. A cursory and quick search we ran on the Internet to help you (under the words Calvin + Witches) was not successful.

But we believe that if you have the time to spend reading all the material that appeared in that search, you may find something.

Or perhaps one of our readers will recognize the citation and send us the source, which we will forward to you.


     TIA correspondence desk


False Obedience, Root of Deviancy

TIA (from Facebook),

Re: Conniving Fr. Williamson & Fr. Galarreta Rewarded with Mitres

This subject has been difficult for me. I am grateful for the challenge because it has exposed a root problem which is needed if we are to grasp patterns of behavior so as to combat wrong thinking/behavior.

I’m seeing that an insidious and possibly heretical view of obedience is the pivotal catalyst of the entire travesty and gateway to the influx of modernism, deviancy, communism and all the church’s enemies.

Unless this is exposed we have no hope of defending Holy Mother Church. It is a subject that I believe most would refuse to report. Fr. Ripperger is correct when he warns we must become detached to all things, even matters pertaining to what we may erroneously consider as Tradition. This is not a direct quote, but only my opinion of what he meant in a certain video about our times.

This is not to say Archbishop Lefebvre was homosexual or that Bishop Williamson was homosexual. It is proving two errors. I have made the modern mistake of thinking if a bishop covers up something of this nature he must be committing or had committed sodomy, himself. This may be true in many cases but certainly not all cases.

False obedience committed by Bishop Williamson and the false notion that hiding such things is needed to keep peace within the flock is rampant.

A third false notion which has been exposed and debunked is that those who commit sodomy can be trusted to rehabilitate themselves, therefore seminarians and priests, instead of being laicized, ousted and exposed to legal authorities, have been kept within orders and dioceses.

I believe TIA will be virulently attacked and at the least, discounted with false descriptions, such as gossipers as already done in these comments, for publishing Randy Engels thorough and investigative work. She is amazing.

I would like to add the fact that Bishop Williamson was expelled or left the SSPX.

It is my understanding that he fell victim to the notion of false obedience within the SSPX on a different matter and rebelled. I don’t have enough information but do know he is not in the SSPX and is on his own.



Slaughter of the Innocents


I sent this message to the Church in Providence RI:

I want to commend Father Richard A. Bucci Pastor of Sacred Heart Church in West Warwick in the Diocese of Providence. RI. Father Bucci called abortion the slaughter of innocent children per the following report that came to my attention about Father Bucci from a Catholic Action League News Update 2/24/2020.

In January, a few days after the 47th anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade ruling by the U. S. Supreme Court, a pro-life priest in Rhode Island did something which was extraordinary, unprecedented, entirely warranted and long overdue. His action proceeded from the theological virtues of Faith and Charity, and exemplified the cardinal virtues of Justice and Fortitude.

He announced in his parish bulletin that all state legislators who voted for the 2019 Reproductive Privacy Act – which repealed fetal homicide laws and eliminated all remaining restrictions on abortion in the Ocean State – would not be allowed to receive Holy Communion in his church, and would no longer be permitted to serve as godparents, marriage witnesses or lectors in his parish.

Thank you, Father Bucci, for your tremendous witness of what it means to be a Catholic in more than name only. Thank you for caring about the eternity of the souls in your flock in being the best Shepherd possible!

May God bless and keep you always with prayers for your priesthood.


     Gary L. Morella
     Retired Catholic member of the Research Faculty, Penn State University


Are We Excommunicated?


I read this article you posted a long time ago about free masons.

I need some clarification because now I'm worried about my soul.

Many years ago, before I knew about free masons and what they really were or how bad it was to associate with them, we were friends with and had dinner a couple times with a co-worker of my husband who we found out was a free mason. We never discussed him being one or ever promoted it or anything like that. It was never a topic of conversation.

Like I said, at the time we didn't know much about free masons. But have we been excommunicated now because we associated with one, not knowing the gravity of it?? I could understand now, knowing what I know, that if we associated with a free mason again or did any of the things in this article that we could be in danger of that, but since we didn't know at the time, are we doomed??

My mother is going through the same thing and is now convinced that she's going straight to Hell. She's driving herself crazy over it. So, please give me some further insight on this topic.

     Thank you!


TIA responds:

Hello L.M.,

The automatic excommunication for those Catholics who entered Freemasonry was abolished by the Code of Canon Law of 1983 issued by John Paul II.

Indeed, the Canon 1374 reads:

“A person who joins an association that plots against the Church is to be punished with just penalty; however, a person who promotes or directs an associations of this kind is to be punished with an interdict.”

The equivalent canon 2335 of the Code of Canon Law of 1917 read:

“Those who give their names to the Masonic sect or other such organizations that conspire against the Church and the legitimate civil powers incur an automatic excommunication simply reserved to the Holy See.”

You can see that even the most rigorous canon of the 1917 Code did not consider those who enter a social relationship with a Freemason to be excommunicated. Therefore, the automatic excommunication does not apply to your case.

In your message you did not state clearly whether you knew beforehand that the person you met was a Freemason and then met with him anyway, or if you only learned of it afterwards. In the first case, you may have sinned from imprudence. You can check with a good confessor what penance you should receive. In the second case, we don’t believe you have sinned.

But in any circumstance you and your mother were not automatically excommunicated.

We hope these explanations appease your soul.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 27, 2020

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