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Ur, Disgusting Priest & Kenosis

Traitor Dialogue


Re: Meeting in Ur

Meanwhile, Christians in Iraq are given the “option” to convert to Islam or die... So much for the traitor’s efforts to establish “inter religious dialogue”.

What’s next? Giving over the churches to radical feminists in Oaxaca, Mexico or any other country where liberation theology is prominent so that they can be burnt to the ground

     B. O. (Instagram)


Encouraging Lust

Re: Irish priest dancing with the stars - I  Graphic photos

  • These priests are addicting men to lust. Also, down with
    yoga pants!

         R.F.M. (Facebook)

  • Great example to show us how to lead a greater life in Christ.


  • A tribute to the Novus Ordo denomination.


He Should Be Defrocked

Re: Irish priest dancing with the stars - II  Graphic photos

  • More like dancing with the devil

          T.K. (Twitter)

  • In a just (non-clown world) he should be removed from office and sent to a monastery to do penance. Then sent to serve with a mission society, before returning to parish ministry, if ever.

         J.M.B. (Twitter)

  • What do we expect from Vatican2 "priest' but liberal, worldly activities and ideas.

         C.V. (Facebook)

  • Priests should be concerned about offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the honor and glory of God and the salvation of souls.

         P.K.S. (Facebook)

  • He should be excommunicated...

         D.P. (Instagram)

  • I'm sorry, I can't even like this. It's too wrong. But I agree with you.


  • Embarrassed for him. There is not a single good thing that comes from this.


  • So embarrassing. He should be defrocked for such an immodest display.


Kick Him Out

Re: Irish priest dancing with the stars - III  Graphic photos

  • Sickening.

         P.R.S. (Facebook)

  • We had one of these guys in the diocese where I reside. It's very disgusting and definitely beneath the dignity of the priesthood. Quite the scandal.

         S.F. (Facebook)

  • DISGUSTING! Are the people of this church that blind to understand between right and wrong and between good and EVIL. You may say what's wrong with that. But stand on the side of God and you will understand. May the wrath of God fall on you as destined. People if you don't throw these priests then God will surely hold you responsible and throw you out of his Kingdom... I guess He already has that's why you'll can't discern.

         J.F. (Facebook)

  • This is a sacrilege! Husbands would you let your daughter or wife dance with another MARRIED man? The Church is this priest's bride yet he runs around dancing like a floosy. It's as if priests are in a competition to see how gay they can make the church

         J.M.B. (Twitter)

  • Who exactly is this supposed to appeal to? Embarrassing!

         N.U.M. (Instagram)

  • He needs to be laicized. The immodesty he displays as a priest is appalling.

         G.A.C. (Instagram)

  • Kick him out

         C.P.C. (Instagram)

Jefferson Was a Freemason

Re: Jefferson’s Hatred for the Catholic Church

  • Thomas Jefferson is a freemason.

         T.N. (Facebook)

  • The Know Nothings were very evil and unscrupulous people.

         A.M. (Facebook)

  • Oops. Not far from the Know-Nothings that Americans know nothing about!

         T.H.E. (Facebook)

Ecuador History Confirms


Re: OLGS Video Part 1

From history of Ecuador: Exactly fulfills the prophecy of Our Lady of Good Success (Posted 26/2/21)

"The Rule of the Liberals, 1895-1925

“This final ecclesiastical struggle for control of Ecuador was in vain, however. By the end of the Liberals' rule in 1925, Roman Catholicism was no longer the constitutionally mandated state religion, official clerical censorship of reading material had been suppressed, many powerful foreign clergy had been expelled, education had been secularized, civil marriage as well as divorce had been instituted, the concordat with the Vatican had been broken, most of the church's rural properties had been seized by the state, and the republic was no longer dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

“The Roman Catholic Church in Ecuador would never again hold prerogatives as extensive as those it enjoyed during the late nineteenth century.”

     K.B. (YouTube)


Never Knew

Re: OLGS Video Part 1

  • I am Spanish, educated in a Catholic school run by nuns, and I never knew about this apparition until now!!!! Thank you.

         R.F. (YouTube)

  • I am hitting age 60 and a cradle Catholic but only last week head of Our Lady of Good Success. I blame no one, I should study to know about my faith. I am now trying to read about this Lady.


         D.G. (YouTube)

Catholics Must Reject Vatican II

Re: OLGS Video Part 2

  • When the reign of Mary arrives Protestants will have a collective heart attack.

         A.C. (YouTube)

  • We must do all we can and She will take it from there.

         J.R. (YouTube)

  • Wonderful talk. I stay with the faith of my ancestors. It was good enough for them it’s good enough for me. They must have gone through persecutions to hand the faith down to me. May God bless my ancestors.

         B.O.D. (YouTube)

  • Catholics must reject Vatican 2 and the Novus Ordo Sunday service. You have Facebook or social media account, spread information like this. Let’s all pray the Holy Rosary daily and do penance.

          R.M. (YouTube)

  • Watching this over a year later in 2021, after 2020... Doesn't feel like it couldn't get worse? And yet I'm sure it will. Lord show us Your Mercy!

         A.V. (YouTube)

Kenosis: The Root of the Destruction

Re: Video 4: Kenosis - The Doctrine Used to Destroy the Church

  • Very informative, sad state of affairs. Thank you for sharing this video.

         A.J.S. (YouTube)

  • Thank you for your latest presentation here. This is a great help for understanding the root of this destruction of the Church by men who relied on themselves rather than on Our Lord. God bless you.

         P.J. (YouTube)

  • Shocking, I didn't know the degree to which so many popes had been compromised by Satan's influence - Blessed Mary of Good Success help us!

         K.Y.O. (YouTube)


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 18, 2021

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