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Biden Sued, Globalists & Babies’ Sales
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Biden Sued, Globalists & Baby Parts Sales

Biden Sued by 21 States

Hello TIA,

Interestingly enough Biden has been sued by 21 States led by Texas for cancelling the Keystone pipeline.

Not a comfortable situation for Biden who signed this executive order on his first day in his ambitious plan to move the country toward a clean energy economy…

Check the news report below.


21 states sue Biden over Keystone XL cancellation

Ipolitics – March 18, 2021 – Texas, Alabama, and 19 other Republican-led states are suing U.S. President Joe Biden in federal court over his decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline. The lawsuit states that Biden exceeded his authority when he revoked the pipeline’s permit on his first day in office. Ken Paxton, Texas’s attorney general, argued that because the Keystone pipeline would cross multiple states, Congress should have the final say in whether it’s built.

“The Executive’s unilateral decision to revoke the Keystone XL permit is contrary to the constitutional structure to which the states agreed at the time of ratification,” reads the lawsuit filed in Texas’s federal district court on Wednesday. “The Executive’s decision also encroaches upon the states’ abilities to steward and control the lands within their borders.”

Georgia, South Carolina, and other states participating in the suit would not be in the proposed path of Keystone XL, which would carry oil from the oil sands in Alberta to refineries along the Texas Gulf Coast. However, these states argue that allowing Biden to kill the pipeline would “have a ripple effect that adversely impacts the economy and environment in non-pipeline states.”

BBiden cancelled the Keystone XL permit, citing concerns that burning oils ands crude would worsen climate change.

Read more here.


Globalist Elite Spring Meeting

Dear TIA,

Some insights into a future event for your consideration: here and here.

In May 2021 a group of European and North American Elite Globalists, including Bill Gates, will attend this year's "invitation-only" closed meeting of the Bilderberg Group where these people will ostensibly plan the next phase of their strategy for implementing the World Government, the global digital currency and the next bio-weapon, among other things.

Rumor has it that Mike Pompeo was invited.

All research shows he was groomed by the Pilgrim Society and its SES -- Senior Executive Services.

This is an old audio from Oct. 2020; but gives good insights into what we are up against.

Be ever watchful.

     Pax Christi,



Sale of Babies Industry


A famous Polish film producer has made a documentary exposing the sale of babies for sex and organ harvesting.

You can watch the full length documentary here, if you can handle it.

No graphic scenes. It’s the verbal descriptions of what democrats do and their implications that is disturbing.

‘It is never too late to turn to Jesus and Mary.’ – Jesus to Sr. Lúcia dos Santos



UFOs & Tortured Children


With all the many articles and so-called revelations of UFO's, the former head of DNI (Dept. Nat. Intelligence) John Radcliff says that in June the government is going to "reveal" to the American people the existence of "alien UFO's". This coming revelation of sorts will be used in some way to drive fear and compliance to ????.

However, let's put UFOs in their proper place.

Blessed Sister Catherine Emmerich, the German Mystic and Stigmatic, while only five years old, during Christmas, went out into the cold and snow, looked up to Heaven and in the innocence of so young a child, invited Our Lord to her house for 'His Birthday'.

To this little girl, Our Lord opened up the archives of history and its future. She was shown in her vision all that happened from the battle in Heaven between the angels to the end of the world: wars, heresies, major events, etc. Although very young, she was also given the grace to understand and remember what had been revealed to her from Heaven and Our Lord. Her explanation of "alien UFOs": - Life of Bl. Emmerich by Rev. Father Carl E. Schmoger, C.SS.R. Vol I - 1885 edition - Tan Books 1976.

During the battle in Heaven, between the good angels led by St. Michael and the bad angels led by Lucifer, there were some angels who "sat on the wayside - neutral - waiting to see who would win."

The battle was so fierce, violent and horrible to watch, that Bl. Emmerich said that there are no words in the language of men to describe the level of violence and how fierce this battle was, dwarfing anything man could imagine. But, these 'neutral' angels, when the battle was over, were condemned to Hell with Lucifer, for neutrality is tantamount to taking the side of the enemy.

These angels were not immediately sent to Hell, but were allowed to 'roam' God's earthly creation, but always under the direction and commands of Lucifer, until the end of the world, at which time they would then be sent to Hell.

However, Bl. Emmerich states that these angels still, as the demons do, retain all the knowledge they had of the world and its physical properties, Engineering, Physics, Math, Science, Medicine, whatever. Much of this was retained by both the neutral and angels in Hell, but they were forbidden to physically transport men in the world, thus these 'angels,' now demons proper, began revealing to men mysteries of creation and science, teaching them and their evil satanic adepts how to 'build advanced transportation,6, among other things. This is what are called "UFOs," says Bl. Emmerich.

Many of you have heard of the DUMBS - which are Deep (up to 4000 ft deep) Underground Military Bases. Over the years Bush and others had many auxiliary tunnels built underground and even under the White House and Government Bldgs. - where many children were raped, tortured for Adrenochrome, body parts removed, and even 'eaten.'

Recently, reports have been outed that say Navy Seal, Marine and Special Forces units have been blowing these underground bases and 'auxiliary' tunnels and removing all the children and body parts. But most interesting is the many reports of people witnessing or seeing "reptilians" in these tunnels. Some explain that in the deeper tunnels, where much of the torture, dismembering, raping, and murdering of these young children is done, they either saw or heard of these 'reptilians - i.e. demons' - working and associating with men.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 25, 2021

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