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Covid Swab Tests Recalled as Ineffective

Innova Recalls Kits for Covid Tests

Note from the Editor:

Readers sent TIA this news article dated July 25, 2021, reporting that Innova Medical Group has recalled the Covid-19 tests that were being used everywhere in the U.S. The reason for the recall: The tests were not reliable and there is a serious risk of false positive results.

Since most government policies were based on the results of those tests, the whole problem of who is or who is not contaminated with Covid enters into a limbo, where there is no longer an objective base for any coercive measures to be applied to the population.

Given the importance of this recall, today we are posting a screen-shot of the page where the news and comments appeared for the perusal of our readers.

A link to the original interactive page is here.



Covid Swab tests recalled

For a larger copy click here; for the original interactive page click here

Posted August 12, 2021

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