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Boycott Made-in-China Products

Silent Media in India

Dear Dr. Horvat,

I wish to thank you so very much for today's excellent article in your celebrated TIA website on India's successful handling of the Covid pandemic through the public consumption of the Ivermectin medication.

I must admit my ignorance in the awareness of the article's pivotal statistics that indicated a 97% drop in deaths in India pursuant to the employment of this effective medication. I do not recollect any mainstream Indian newspapers having stated this massive decline in Covid related deaths post the consumption of the Ivermectin medication.

I am also most grateful to note from today's article that some of the medications such as Remdesivir and Tocilizumab are positively dangerous and should therefore be avoided at all costs.

While in hospital in New Delhi last May for pneumonia and a possible attack of the Covid-19 virus, I was administered both medications - Ivermectin and Remdesivir. After having read today's TIA article on the efficacy of Ivermectin, I am rather worried that the Remdesivir medication may have had adverse effects on me. I am presently suffering from insomnia and was wondering as to whether or not this has anything to do with my consumption of the Remdesivir medication.

I am indeed very happy to know that two scientists had won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015 for their discovery of the Ivermectin medication. Needless to say, there is so much more information in the TIA article and I am ever so grateful to you, Dr. Horvat, for giving me this information. It is pretty obvious that if we in India need to know as to what is going on in our country, there is no better place to go than to turn to the world renowned Tradition in Action website. What a blessing!

God bless you and your amazing team, Dr. Horvat, and may HE continue to bless you all with HIS choicest graces.

     Most gratefully



Purchasing Products from China

Dear TIA,

I am planning on buying an electronic product used for artwork which its company is based in China. I am curious about the ethics behind doing this since I feel like purchasing superfluous things (or anything else for that matter) from a communist country is wrong.

I am asking if I could receive some orientation on this matter.

     Thank you and God bless,


TIA responds:

Dear R.T.,

Thank you for your consideration.

You are perfectly right. We should not buy products made in communist countries.

It is shameful that most of the owners of great Western companies do not care about firing their employees and transferring their line of production to China as well as other communist countries to take advantage of their slave labor force. Doing so, in order to have more profit for themselves, they ruin the competitive market of their own countries, make Communist China richer and accustom Western man to use communist products.

We should boycott as much as possible this dishonorable and complicit policy. Unless there is no other choice, avoid buying products made in communist countries.


     TIA correspondence desk


SSPX Complying with Vax

Dear TIA,

Happy Feast Day of Our Lady of Rosary! Ave Maria.

I want to bring to your Notice the following email.

I just received news of the following email being sent to the SSPX's publishing department, by a faithful who is about to lose his job:

To whom it may concern,

I am quite disappointed in your journalistic abilities when it comes to reporting on the vaccine. The worldwide agenda that governments are making mandates for vaccinations and people are losing their jobs, like myself, is in the news. You neglect research showing where people are opposing it and government police forces are beating protesters who are protesting peacefully.

I am appalled at your lack of enthusiastic concern for the well being of those fighting for their right to not be test rodents for an experimental drug. There is so much evidence of persecution and you show nothing. Then you come out with an article by Fr Selegny that is so ladeeda you end up wondering is there any journalistic ability on this site at all.

God Bless and may Our Lady give you the strength to open your eyes.

     [name withheld]

Indeed, where is the SSPX, supposed to be the salt of the earth, a light on top of a bushel?



Forum’s Hot Reaction on Trad Vax

Dear TIA,

Here is an interesting thread from a forum -- Neo SSPX Sparks Civil War over Vaccine Passports.

Comments like:

“The SSPX just showed their true colors.

They've artfully hidden their "sellout" since 2011. A lot of internal discussion must have gone into preparing this vax announcement.

Now we officially know they are on the side of the Destroyer Pope, Francis.”



SSPX Spokesman Says Vaccination Is Morally ‘Prudent’

Dear TIA,

My husband and I just read aloud the satanic dissertation regarding covid vaccines posted on the SSPX website.

I guarantee you this document came from the Vatican. In fact, at the bottom of the document it notes Courier of Rome.

Please share it with Atila as this document has the same tone, obscurity and confusion that is apparent in many of the words of the Cardinals during Vatican II, combined with the same sentiments of Pope Francis.

It is definitely designed to confuse the many young priests and parishioners and influence the consciences of the unvaccinated towards sin. Although it is evil, use it for the good. They even desecrate beautiful Saints.

THE TIMING OF THIS is even more diabolical coming out the day after the CDC urges pregnant women to get vaccinated even though studies show a large percentage of pregnant women who get the vax have suffered miscarriages.

I also believe they are preparing parishioners for the announcement that they have been accepted back into the Roman fold.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 7, 2021

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