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Jewish Race, Catacomb & Zelenko Report

From the Netherlands: Thank You

Dear Tradition in Action,

I want to thank you for the books and cd's i received. They are wonderful and much needed information. The shipping was very fast. It took about a week to ship to the Netherlands. I want to also thank you for the prayer cards and the piece of cloth from Our Lady of Good Success. What a blessing to receive this!

I pray for you and may Our Lord and Our Lady bring you many blessings to you and your readers to reach your heavenly destination!

     Very warm regards,



Jewish Race, Jewish Religion


I am reading The Biblical Commission on the Jews. I have great respect for all the books and pamphlets produced by TIA. But I have a question regarding this publication.

I do not see in Scripture or historical accounts (such as Josephus) the Jews ever calling themselves a race. They always refer to themselves as a nation. I do not think there is any such thing as a Jewish Race. Would a Caucasian or Negroid who converted to Judaism suddenly change his race?

If Christians or citizens accept the Jews' own writings, we would rightly understand them not as a race, which assimilates in a population, but as a nation, which considers its own autonomy.

I welcome correction to my opinion.



TIA responds:


Thank you for your positive appraisal of our works.

It seems that there is some confusion in your message between the Jewish race and the Jewish religion.

The Jewish race is the one that originated first from Shem, the son of Noah, then from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or Israel. The latter had 12 sons who gave origin to the 12 tribes of Israel. These 12 tribes are what compose the Israelite race or Jewish race. To this day the Jews keep their division of tribes. The normal name for this great branch of the Semite race is Jewish race. It has physical characteristics that experts specify.

Our Lord, Our Lady and the Apostles belonged to the Jewish race. Many great Catholics in History belonged to the Jewish race.

The Jewish Religion in the Old Testament was the True Religion; in the New Testament the Jews rejected and killed Our Lord Jesus Christ, the true Messiah, and persecuted the Catholic Church founded by Him. The Catholic Church came to be the True Religion and heir of the promise of the Old Testament. From then on the religion professed by the Jews became known as Judaism.

Normally speaking a member of Judaism belongs to the Jewish race, but this is not necessarily so. Members of other races can adhere to Judaism as well.

Although the Scriptures may use different words to refer to the descendants of Jacob, this does not mean that they do not constitute a race.

We hope this explanation answers your objection.


     TIA correspondence desk


Shooting from the Catacomb

Dear TIA,

Thanks for all the interesting information. It seems as if those people who are “in charge” are vindictive little children; who demand that all of us lower ourselves to their subterranean level. “Oh Brave New World, that has such people in it” - Huxley.

The World is insulted by Catholicism, which continues to remind everyone of Sin and Truth.

All lovers of Jesus are not welcome in this new Sodom. Remember, Francis said that Jesus is not God, only the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are God. What a betrayal of what should be an exalted position.

It is enraging to live with this Newspeak, this utter abandonment of at the least the Natural Law.

I pray that Our Blessed Mother will release her Son’s arm soon.

     In Maria, from my catacomb to yours.

     J.S., Ph.D.


The Sorensen-Zelenko Report

Dear TIA,

I recommend to you and your reader the attached Sorensen-Zelenko Report. It is the most encompassing document I know analyzing the Covid-Vaccine onslaught we are witnessing.

It is very scientific in its research and very courageous in its conclusions: We are being manipulated by a criminal elite in order to be entirely mind-controlled by a high-tech-medical intrusion into our bodies.

I believe that is this is an eye-opening report that all should read.




Archbishop Chaplain Pro-Exemption

Dear TIA,

Great! At least someone came out speaking good sense. The General Chaplain of the military says that troops can reject the mandatory vaccine.


Military Archbishop:
OK for Catholic Troops to Refuse COVID Vaccines

Charlie McCarthy

October 13, 2021 - The archbishop of the U.S. military on Tuesday said Roman Catholic troops could refuse the required COVID-19 vaccine on religious grounds.

Timothy Broglio, archbishop for the military services, said in a statement that, "no one should be forced to receive a COVID-19 vaccine if it would violate the sanctity of his or her conscience."

Some service members have requested religious exemptions through the Religious Freedom Restoration Act after Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin issued a military-wide vaccine mandate this summer.

While explaining that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith had determined that being vaccinated was "not sinful," Broglio said the church valued its teachings on the "sanctity of conscience."

"This circumstance raises the question of whether the vaccine's moral permissibility precludes an individual from forming a sincerely held religious belief that receiving the vaccine would violate his conscience," Broglio wrote. "It does not."

Broglio also cited church teaching that says: "Conscience is the most secret core and sanctuary of a man. There he is alone with God, Whose voice echoes in his depths."

The archbishop previously expressed support for President Joe Biden's vaccine mandate for the military. At the time, he cited guidance from Pope Francis, the Holy See, and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops that the COVID-19 shots are morally acceptable.

Broglio on Tuesday said the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were preferred because of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine's link to human cells derived from abortions.

"The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was developed, tested, and is produced, with abortion-derived cell lines. That vaccine is, therefore, more problematic," he said in the statement.

"If it were the only vaccine available, it would be morally permissible, but the faithful Catholic is to make known his or her preference for a more morally acceptable treatment."

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 14, 2021

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