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Social-Economic System of the Future

Queen of Mercy


In my humble opinion, there are things that are not exposed that can really help the Fatima message spread very well. Perhaps TIA can teach that:

"Humanity will never find peace if it does not return to my Immaculate Heart as Mother of Mercy and Mediatrix of men, and to the Heart of my Son Jesus!" (Words of Our Lady to Elena Aiello)

The title Mother of Mercy or Queen of Mercy is very rarely taught in such depth, so I'm sure if it is taught in depth, it can spread the message of Fatima very well.

We must remember that in the Latter Times, Mary must shine forth more than ever in mercy, to bring back and welcome lovingly the poor sinners and wanderers who are to be converted and return to the Catholic Church.

Our Lord once said: If the Wisest Man in the world could count up how many souls fall into hell each day, they would outnumber the sands of the sea. This is a matter of Justice, because these souls have separated themselves from their Lord and God (mortal sinners).

That's why we need Our Mother Queen of Mercy.



Holy Face Devotion

Dear TIA,

You may watch this video to know the nine promises for those who practice the Holy Face devotion.



Catholic Social-Economic Systems

Dear TIA,

Thank you for all you do on your website. I am grateful for the historical perspectives you give. I have used a lot of your information to help “re-educate” my family and dismiss a lot of the nonsense they get in school (unfortunately even the Catholic schools, if you want to call them that). I have two unrelated questions I was hoping you could either shed some light on or point me in the right direction.
  1. In reading some of your articles I noticed that you have some criticisms of Distributism. And while I can see the merit in your arguments, it leaves me wondering if there is an economic system that the Church advocates for? Capitalism tends to be profit at someone else’s expense (at least as practiced currently) and we all know the satanic dangers of socialism/communism.

  2. I have gotten into a number of debates about the history of Catholic education in North America. I maintain that the stories of constant abuse and the bodies being found in Canada are nothing but myths told to damage the Faith. And now TV shows like 1923 only help spread the ignorance. Is there a source that will help give me a true perspective?
     Thank you again for all your efforts.


TIA responds:

Dear B.K.,

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. We are glad to hear that your family has benefitted from our articles on history, a topic which has certainly been distorted in these evil days.
  1. In answer to your first question, regarding social-economic systems, the Church has condemned Socialism as intrinsically bad. She has also condemned the abuses of Capitalism, although she has affirmed that the latter per se is not against Natural Law. Many papal encyclicals trying to correct this system show that it can be accepted if those counsels are applied.

    In the past, Feudalism was a system that installed itself naturally in Christendom with great success. It was an organic regime born from a mixture of the German customs of the converted barbarians with some inherited elements of the Roman law and customs. It generated original forms of human relationships, governments and economies. Feudalism was born under the influence of the Catholic Church and with her blessings. It lasted for many centuries and gave splendid fruits that are appreciated even today – think only of the enormous numbers of tourists who are attracted by the European medieval cities, castles and churches.

    You may read a comparison of the three regimes: Feudalism, Capitalism or Social-Economic Liberalism and Socialism here.

    The social-political-economic regime of the future Reign of Mary is still to be organically developed. We do not believe that this system should be defined a priori and applied based on a previous plan. It should be left to the originality and fidelity of the peoples who will live at that time. Certainly it should be inspired by Catholic principles and watched closely by the Church to prevent it from falling into past errors or new ones. But its form and progress should be left to the good sense and the sensus catolicum of those who will live then.

    As far as general principles are concerned, we propose that Catholics should study the Middle Ages to understand how a Catholic society naturally develops, without a system being forced on the people. You can find these principle by reading the articles in our Organic Society section , as well as our free e-book The Society of Souls in our online Library. The principles outlined there can help to form the basis of an organic system.

  2. In answer to your second question, we do not know of any specific sources that we can recommend that discuss Catholic Education in North America. Perhaps, you would find some helpful information on the early Catholic schools by studying the lives of the holy Catholics who first came to the New World to convert and teach the natives. Marie of the Incarnation, Philippine Duchesne, Elizabeth Ann Seton and John Neumann are a few who are associated with Catholic education.

    Regarding the supposed mass grave of children found in the cemetery of Kamloops Residential Indian School run by the Order of Mary Immaculate from 1893 to 1969, we have reported here that this is a bogus accusation, as no excavations were made and no corpses found to prove the allegations.

    The Revolution – assisted unfortunately by Church authorities – is doing its best to discredit the worthy missionary work and schools established among the natives of the Americas in order to promote their program of class struggle and tribal inculturation, which encourages the natives to return to their pagan sects, customs and dress.
We hope this will be of some help to you.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 16, 2023

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