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Red Eggs, Blessing Charles & AI Chatbots

Don’t Forget Us

Re: Discipline & Suffering in the Life of Little Nellie

Good afternoon,

I ask you please to not forget to send us your Daily Mail. We have not received it for some days...

Every day my husband and I we benefit largely from the postings you send us.

May God bless you and the Virgin protect you.



Have a Joyful Day!

Dear Dr Marian Horvat and Miss Elizabeth Lozowski,

Have a Joyful day! What a morning treat to read the featured story of Saint Mary Magdalene and the RED Easter egg!

Today is your BIG EVENT! I am with you in spirit!

Red egg
Red egg
Red egg

     Greetings and all the best,

     In Our Risen Christ,



Ecumenical Bold Step for Coronation

Dear TIA,

Cardinal Vincent Nichols on Saturday is to become the first Catholic bishop to play a formal role in the coronation of a British monarch since the Reformation, when he will bless King Charles III during the ceremony in Westminster Abbey.

The papal delegation will be led by Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Holy See’s Secretary of State and heretic in chief as right hand man of Francis.

Cardinal Nichols declares that the coronation is a “remarkable moment” for ecumenical relations. Bernard Griffin, the Archbishop of Westminster in 1953, did not attend the last coronation, or even hover outside. The cardinal says that as a young boy in 1953 he “would never have dreamt of stepping inside” a non-Catholic church. This Saturday, he will not only be inside the Abbey but will impart a blessing on the King at what he points out is a “pretty central moment” - straight after the crown has been placed on his head.

It seems that the last time a Cardinal was involved in a coronation was in 1543 when Cardinal David Beaton presided at the crowning of the infant Mary Queen of Scots. That was legitimate. This is not.



Great Documentary


Please, watch and review these series titled Covidism, which seems to be a great documentary.



Could You Identify These Theologians?

Good Day to you,

First, THANK YOU for your work!

Second, could you please identify for me by name, indicating their placement in the photo, the “theologians” in this photo in one of your videos?

I would really appreciate knowing who each one is.

Thank you very much.


Progressivist theologians


TIA responds:

Thank you for your support.

From left to right: Fr. Hans Urs von Balthasar, chosen to be Cardinal, but died before receiving the hat; Fr. Henri de Lubac, S.J., later a Cardinal; Fr. Marie-Dominique Chenu, O.P., Fr. Yves Congar, O.P., later a Cardinal; Fr. Teilhard de Chardin, S.J, Fr. Romano Guardini, offered a Cardinal's hat but he refused; Fr. Karl Rahner, S.J., Fr. Hans Küng.


     TIA correspondence desk


AI Chatbots


Salve Maria!

I read the article about AI chatbots which you republished. Obviously, these creations are quite dastardly things.

It seems that the powers that be want to inundate us with these chatbots. There is ChatGPT, of course; Elon Musk, famed transhumanist, wants to create TruthGPT, which will somehow be "truth-seeking." Google now has its own chatbot, Bard. The online chat application, Discord, also recently unveiled an integrated chatbot. There are many more chatbots I could name. It is rather curious that so many have recently "come out."

There is something more odious about these bots than can be immediately surmised. It is beyond my power to deeply conceive the true reasons for the AI flood, but I can provide some food for thought:
  1. Subtle increase in devotion to the transhumanist cause. I know some people who are quite amazed at the capabilities of these chatbots. Frankly, I am less than impressed with the technical achievements of the bots, since they are given to lying so much of the time to me. And when they are not, the answers I am given are all samey and formulaic. There is no spark of creativity, no uniqueness in their writings that a human's would have. As the saying goes: outputs are only as good as inputs.

    So, these chatbots are merely imitating the human writings they have been fed during development. The most immersive of these chatbots is no more than an echo of what has been previously written. But as the technology is further developed, no doubt these bots will appear more lifelike. People may begin to think that sentience can be created by man rather than by God. Some may even be convinced that their consciousness can be "uploaded" into the cloud, and will opt to kill themselves and be replaced by what is basically a chatbot.

  2. Somehow different from the evil gearheads at Microsoft, Musk wants to produce his own chatbot that "tries to understand the nature of the universe." His creation would differ in being a "path to safety" which will not annihilate the human race. If AI is so dangerous, why promote the idea that "humanity must embrace the merging of man and machine"? Even though Musk's reputation has clearly been manufactured by the media, many conservatives think he is some anti-technocrat.

  3. Preparing us for a more digital world. The coming technate will seek to replace many organic aspects of life with technology. Some of these are already come: digital money, digital possessions used only in virtual reality, digital pets, digital Mass attendance, and now digital intelligences. In a way, each of these newfangled artifices prepares us for more replacements. Why not accept the CBDC? You already pay for everything with a credit card.

  4. Better detection of -isms. Speak any truth to one of these chatbots, and your words will be labeled racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. We have moved beyond the mere detection of offensive keywords by software. Now, chatbots can understand precisely what you mean (even if you beat around the bush by not using specific words), and can alert you of your misguided beliefs -- or alert an authority of them. You don't even have to write directly to these chatbots; the technology could be used purely for automated surveillance. Our phones already listen to us.

There are many more reasons which I have likely failed to see. An investigation is more deserving of the length of an article.

     In Maria,

     Dylan Catlett

Posted May 9, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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