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Pope Beats Tradition & Morality at Home

Francis' Latest Attacks on Tradition

Dear TIA,

Yesterday (August 2,2023), in his homily delivered at vespers at the Jeronimos Monastery in Portugal, Francis encouraged Eucharistic Adoration, all the while taking shots at traditionalist Catholics:
  • “I would like to ask a question here, but each one should answer it interiorly. How do I pray? Like a parrot – blah blah blah blah blah?” Clearly a reference to prayers like the Rosary and old devotions.

  • He said we must fight “the spiritual worldliness that gets into us and which engenders clericalism not only in priests; clericalized laymen are worse than priests.”

  • Francis went on to stress that clericalism is “one of the most serious evils that can happen to the Church” and, consequently, “ruin it.”

  • He also explained the need “to overcome ideologies,” which for him means that Catholics should not the oriented by principles.

  • And finally, conversion is bad: “One of the signs of some ecclesial movements that are going wrong is proselytism. When an ecclesial movement or a diocese or a bishop or a priest or a nun or a layperson proselytizes, that’s not Christian. Christian is inviting, welcoming, helping, but without proselytizing.”
So, we have a Eucharistic devotion without prayer (just silence), an egalitarian Church structure with the prelates and priests equal to the people, a doctrine ruled by feelings not by principles, and finally a missionary action without the aim of converting anyone to the Catholic Faith.

Francis never loses an opportunity to try to change and destroy the Church. It is a shame he is doing this in Fatima, and I hope Our Lady will step in to stop it.



Woman’s Role in Society

Dear TIA,

Ave Maria Purissima!

The question from R.T. about the suitability of women for higher Biblical studies is a very interesting one. I agree very much with the answer from Dr. Horvat. If a woman wishes to pursue such studies for her own edification and education and if she has the required aptitude, I see no reason why she should not. She should ensure she is tutored and guided by a man and she certainly should not then teach.

We should accept that girls and women are different from boys and men in intellectual ability. That is not to say that some women are not well capable of higher learning but in general, we are not.

We were fashioned by Almighty God not for higher learning but for the humbler tasks in life, which are those of the domestic sphere. This is not to denigrate those tasks as the feminists have very successfully done. They are vital tasks: Child rearing, cooking, sewing, running a home on a budget. All are vital for a stable and wholesome society.

When a man comes home from work, he should expect a haven of peace and tranquility with a tidy and well ordered home, disciplined and quiet children and a wife who is ready to attend to his needs. The mother also has a vital role in teaching her children their prayers and ensuring they attend to their religious duties. A good mother will gather her family around her while her husband leads them in the family Rosary.

This is truly where the woman finds fulfillment. When we do what God has ordained for us we can be totally satisfied with our life. When we struggle to be what we are not designed to be, can we be truly happy? I think not.

     Yours faithfully,

     C.P., Ireland


Immodest Future Spouse


Greetings in Christ,

I have a question: how important is modesty in clothing when looking for a future wife?

And how dangerous could immodesty be for children?

Please help me.


TIA responds:

Greetings in Christ E.V.L.,

If you choose a young lady that has the habit of dressing immodestly, you will run serious marriage risks.

Indeed, a young woman who shows parts of her body in public is implicitly offering it not only to be looked at but also to be conquered, when duly approached. Now, if she continues with the same behavior after marriage, which most likely is what will happen, other men can approach her – or at least can be tempted to do so – and make improper advances or even propose immoral affairs to her. In other words, you run the risk of having problems of infidelity on her side.

For the children it is scandalous to see their mother showing her body in public. Children have an innate sense of innocence that is easily scandalized or broken when they see their mother dressing immorally. This will also encourage the daughters to dress immorally, making it difficult for you to make opposition since their mother dresses in that manner.

To dress children immorally is a sin even when they are not yet sexually attracted to the opposite sex. It breaks their sense of innocence, as said before, and accustoms them to present themselves inappropriately, which will be an invitation for sin when they reach adolescence. Instead of preparing children to win the battle of purity, the parents would be exposing them to capitulate to impurity because they destroyed the barriers their children naturally would have if they would have been dressed decently.


     TIA correspondence desk


Pictures & Repentance


Is there a way to scroll thru Revolution in Pictures? Instead of going back, and clicking on next picture?

I'm so horrified, enraged.

Psychologically, I have not done well. I weep a lot.

Someone sent me a kind letter from your group. But I feel like I utterly fail in practice by not raising my children Catholic.

I tried. I didn't realize how bad it was.

I put on the Brown Scapular, and then She got me on internet and I saw it. Too late.

I feel She will in magnificent way make up for my utter despicable failure and help my poor children.


TIA responds:


We are sorry about your failure to give a Catholic formation to your children and we are sorry also for them. But, yes, if you have a sincere repentance and have recourse to Our Lady, she will not abandon you. It is never too late. Do not despair.

One way you can try to remedy the situation is to put more order in your own life, and also in your home, as you can read here. Making even some small efforts and changes will help to keep you from falling into despair over your situation.

Unfortunately, our website in the section Revolution in Pictures does not allow a reader to go through all the photos by just clicking an arrow to see the following.


     TIA correspondence desk
Posted August 3, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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