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Nobel Prize, Democratic Synod & Fencing

Communist Covid Onslaught


Thank you for many beautiful, logical, common sense attacks on this communist onslaught of Covid.

You're beautiful people.



Nobel Prize: No Global Warming

Dear TIA,

Quite good that a Nobel Prize has the courage to go against the “scientific” narrative on CO2 and global warming.

Check this news report: Nobel winner in science Dr. John Clauser: There is no climate crisis threatening the planet.

     Keep up the good work



Synod Democratic Diagram

Dear TIA,

Salve Maria,

The picture below was taken from Instagram: The Synod.Va account (the official Vatican Synod Instagram account) published a diagram outlining the government of the Synod Assembly.

In it, Pope Francis is the "President" of the Synod assembly, and at the same time the diagram insinuates he is just another one of the "voting members" of the Synod, which not only includes bishops, but also includes "consecrated women" (do they mean nuns?) and lay faithful.

Participants include "fraternal delegates", which describes them as "members of other churches and ecclesial communities" (that is, non-Catholics).

Completely shocking, but probably this has been the "government" of the Synods since Paul VI. I thought I would pass it along for your consideration. Below is a snapshot I took from Instagram.

     In Jesu et Maria,


Synod Democratic Diagram


McCarrick out of the Hook


Massachusetts expert has found former Washington Archbishop and convicted pedophile Card. Theodore McCarrick incompetent to stand trial on abuse charges.

What is criminal is that McCarrick gets off scot free, so to speak. He was NOT too mentally incompetent to do all his very very atrocious crimes that call out to Heaven for vengeance. But he is incompetent to stand responsible for them and be punished accordingly. There is something wrong with the justice system.

He is out on house arrest having a good time, staying away from boys supposedly and now, not even going to be judged for his crimes.

No wonder the homo/pedo crimes by the clergy continue unabated....



Fencing & Self-Defense for Women

Good day,

I would be greatly indebted if I could get Dr. Horvat's opinion on two questions:

  1. Can women fence in any capacity?

  2. Can women be taught and trained in any form of self-defense?

Thank you kindly for your time.


Dr. Horvat responds:

Good afternoon,

It is my opinion that women should not engage in fencing in any capacity. The stances alone are antithetical to modesty, especially if ‘performed’ in the presence of men or a male instructor.

When it comes to self-defense, in our colonial past women on farms or in dangerous situations were familiar with firearms, which they would use - if their husbands or sons were not there - to shoot or scare away some prowling animal in the chicken-yard, or other such emergency.

In our present day very unnatural environment, it could still be prudent for a father to train his wife or daughters in the basic skills of using firearms that he deemed necessary for their situation.

Should a girl or women attend self-defense classes taught by others? I do not believe so, as it tends to foster a masculine attitude or spirit in girls and women, as well as a spirit of competition with men. If the class is mixed (men and women), it is an occasion of sin against modesty for both the men and women.

With all the female superheroes and super-fighters that the Revolution is relentlessly promoting today, I believe it is better to keep any fighting or killing skills for women to the minimum of what is necessary.

Nor should women or girls boast about their gun skills or post videos on social media of themselves in poses more fitting to men than ladies. They may have skills to use firearms as necessity demand, but should not wear them proudly as feathers in their cap or boast about their manly skills, as if in competition with men and boys.

The normal training for women is with their housekeeping or house-governing skills, along with spinning, embroidery, sewing and other feminine arts, which in the past always kept them quite occupied.

Today there is a mania for women to learn men’s sports and activities, especially in the arena of self-defense and arms. It would be better to counter this mania, and develop a feminine spirit and the women’s arts.

I hope this is of help to you.


     Dr. Marian T. Horvat


Desacralizing the Catholic Church


I’ve been saying this for several years now… The Protestant Reformation was essentially about ‘desacralizing’ the Christian Church. If one examines the primary ‘complaints’ of those who lead the Reformation, they dealt mainly with purgatory, indulgences, the supernatural nature of the sacraments, the special purpose of the priesthood, the primacy of the Pope, etc ….

All of these things have, as the basis of their purpose, the supernatural… Protestantism focused almost exclusively on the material / natural world at the expense of the supernatural… thus, deemphasizing and, ultimately, denying the supernatural order of things.

500+ years later, the logical conclusion of this is the desacralization of Roman Catholicism. It’s not an opinion, its fact… it’s happening right before our very eyes.

I must say, however, that this ‘formal’ desacralization of the Catholic Church presents a very real danger to ALL including those non-Catholics who, over the centuries, have unwittingly been the beneficiaries of the Church’s continued daily sacrifice(s) of the Eucharist which Christ commanded of us in remembrance of HIS sacrifice. However, this in no way means that it’s the end of the story. What’s first needed, however, is for EVERYONE to recognize and then acknowledge that it is occurring. …

The desacralization of the Roman Catholic Church effectively makes those who accept it Protestant. … BUT is does mean that the protection from Satan guaranteed by the supernatural powers of the Roman Catholic Church for over two millennia is likely to be greatly reduced AND increasingly difficult to find.

We need to ask ourselves what we think the world would be like if there hadn’t have been a Roman Catholic Church exercising its supernatural authority… How much more powerful would Satan have?

The power to bind Satan was given to the Vicar of Christ… you can scoff at that notion; but I for once would prefer not to have to go through the exercise to find out if I’m right.

This Pope appears to be deliberately (or foolishly) disarming the Church to make way for who knows what… or whom??

Posted August 10, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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