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Mad Men, Men in Skirts & Antidote to WYD

A Lot of Mad Men


Re: Who Is the Madman? A Parable

I believe there's more than one madman:
  • The rich man, instead of placating the mad brother, should have spent the money on guards to protect him and his property;

  • The brother for believing he had the right to seize the property of another;

  • The psychiatrist for a demented, perverse worldview (however accurate);

  • The "sane" brother for believing the psychiatrist would help him apprehend his brother - ultimately it would do no good anyway because that wouldn't eradicate the thinking that caused the behavior.
The only plausible conclusion: We are definitely living in a world full of madmen!



Still Some Decent People


Re: Who Is the Madman? A Parable

Many good Catholics recognize and fight communists and their ilk, progressives and liberals. But also, many non Catholics are recognizing and denouncing their wicked methods and false arguments. Americans have some common sense decent people. Some.

Our Lady will crush this heresy (if it could be put in such a designation).



Men in Dresses – Women in Pants

Dear Tradition in Action,

This July, a popular linen dress shop called Son de Flor posted an Instagram reel of a man trying on their dresses.

Man in dresses

The reel was the source of significant controversy, and rightly so. Over a thousand people unfollowed Son de Flor, and many commented that they would never shop from the store again. Some asked whether the video was a “parody.”

The consensus was clear: men in dresses are mocking femininity. Not only are they robbing women of something belonging to them, they are robbing themselves of their God-given masculinity.

I am glad the post received this backlash, but I only wish that society would hold the same opinion of “women’s” pants. If we are so bothered by men in dresses, why do women in pants not cause us to react with similar indignation?

     May the Reign of Mary come soon!



Antidote to WYD

Dear TIA,

Ave Maria Purissima!

I am sending this photo as an antidote to those truly dreadful photographs from WYD.

Young ladies in Philadelpia

Catholic girlhood as it used to be: Obedient, disciplined and modest.

This photograph shows the opening of a new school and convent in 1961, at Saint Katherine of Siena Parish Church in Philadelphia.

God bless TIA.

     Yours sincerely,

     C.P., Ireland


Don Quixote de la Mancha

Good evening,

Greetings in the Sacred Hearts!

I would like to ask a question: Can one read the book Don Quixote de la Mancha de Miguel Cervantes?

I thank you beforehand.


TIA responds:

Greetings in the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary!

Regarding official condemnations of the Church, as far as we could verify in a quick search, the following seems to be in force:

“Under penalty of confiscation and death, no bookseller could sell or keep any work condemned by the Inquisition. There were frequent searches of bookshops, libraries and in-coming ships for any offensive literature. Cervantes's "Don Quixote" was an immediate bestseller on publication in 1605. In 1640, it was placed in the Spanish "Index" for one sentence, which supposedly reflected Lutheran beliefs: 'Works of charity performed negligently have neither merit nor value.' A reprinted edition with the sentence removed was published and sales continued.” (original here)

According to this report there is no other condemnation from the Church.

However, the fame of Cervantes' novel came from it being a caustic satire of Chivalry. That is, it presented the elevated ideals of Chivalry to the public as ridiculous.

In this regard it had a very destructive effect in a profound gamut of public opinion. All the more so as in Spain the spirit of medieval Chivalry had continued much longer than in the rest of Europe. Due to the presence of the Moors, the Iberian Peninsula had been preserved from the pagan winds of the Renaissance that were devastating Europe.

So, if you are able to not be influenced by this revolutionary spirit, you may read it. If you believe you may be influenced, avoid reading it.


     TIA correspondence desk


Francis Slams US Conservative Catholics

Dear TIA,

Here [below] we once again have Francis attacking conservatives, this time American anti-abortion anti-homosexual conservatives.

Asked what he thought of those who criticized him for not speaking enough against abortion and favoring homosexuality, he came with a new reasoning that it is worth remembering:

If you are against abortion and homosexuality you are “disconnected from the roots of the Church" and “losing the sap of Revelation.”

I believe these are pearls that we should guard carefully.

Until now I imagined that the Church has always condemned the crime of abortion to the point that the Code of Canon Law (1917) had an automatic excommunication for those who commited this crime. So, how it can be that to be against abortion makes one “disconnected from the roots of the Church”?

Also, homosexuality was always considered by the Church a sin against nature that cried out to Heaven for vengeance. The Scriptures condemned it many times. So, how can being against homosexuality make a Catholic “lose the sap of Revelation”?

What Pope Francis says is the opposite of Catholic doctrine.

Is he a Vicar of Christ or of the Antichrist?


Pope Francis Slams US Catholic Leaders
For Not Embracing Change in the Church

Lisbon, Portugal - Pope Francis lamented the "strong reactionary attitude" of some Catholics in the US who refuse to embrace change in the Church, in comments published Monday (August 25, 2023).

During World Youth Day on August 5, the 86-year-old pontiff made some comments causing a stir, only recently made public by Civilta Cattolica magazine, while speaking to Jesuits.

One Jesuit asked about criticism of the pope's leadership by some senior American Catholics, many of whom complain Francis is not outspoken enough on abortion, and too compassionate towards homosexuals and divorced adults.

"You have seen that in the United States the situation is not easy: there is a very strong reactionary attitude," Francis replied.

"I would like to remind those people that 'indietrismo' [which means to be backward-looking] is useless, and we need to understand that there is an appropriate evolution in the understanding of matters of faith and morals," he explained.

Citing slavery as an example, he said "some pontiffs before me tolerated it, but things are different today."

"When you go backward, you form something closed, disconnected from the roots of the Church and you lose the sap of revelation," he continued, adding that "you can lose the true tradition, and turn to ideologies for support."

"It takes a lot of sensitivity and creativity to accompany people spiritually," he added. "But everyone, everyone, everyone is called to live in the Church. Never forget that."

Original here

Posted August 31, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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