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Kids, Syro-Malabar & Tide of Madness

Not Kids but Children


I just finished the article, "Please Say Children, Not Kids," by Marian T. Horvat. Bravo! I realized the importance of this tradition a couple of years ago; and, though I sometimes revert to my old ways, I try to consciously use the word children.

Another important reason to use "children" is this: The Bible states that in the end, God will separate the sheep from the goats. Kids are baby goats. Does anyone want their children to go with the goats? I think not. Maybe we can start a trend to call our children lambs!

By the way, when I was about seven, I called the boys across the street "kids." My mother reacted like I had just said a bad four-letter word! They're not animals, they're humans! LOL

Oh, yeah - why do we call the people who take care of our children Nannies (female goats), and the rods policemen wear on their belts Billy (male goats) sticks?



Intentional Confusion on Indian Catholics

Dear Mr. Guimaraes,

Re: The Syro-Malabar Resistance

A Catholic News Agency article reports that the holdout group from the Syro-Malabar Uniform Mass wants to keep celebrating the whole Mass facing the people. Your article suggests the opposite. Who is right?



The Editor responds:

Dear Mr. J.F.,

I placed two links on the text – when this topic is addressed – proving what I affirmed.

CNA and Crux are spreading the same error.

Qui bono? The confusion is in detriment of the resistant Indian Catholics: it prevents the public to support them and gives more time to the Vatican to smash them.


     Atila S. Guimarães


Increasing Tide of Madness

Good day TIA,

Thanks for your article "Who Is the Madman - A Parable."

It made me think.

Although, is it a madness, or is it a natural reaction of certain types of self serving, self indulgent, self righteous, needy, manipulative, narcissistic, ungrateful, jealous people that the world today seems to be brim full of?

The more their needs are met, the more they want. They are never satisfied. They never use the free resources they are given to make better lives for themselves or their family. The money is usually squandered on the most immoral uses. These are not Christian people with Christian morals. There is no humility in them.

They do not yet have the realization that once they have removed all of their benefactors, their situation will only deteriorate.

These people are communism's ammunition.

Until communism and it's worldwide megaphone is done away with, these people cannot be healed because they are too easily manipulated. (Manipulated by untruths, - by subjective reality)

Are they however mad?

Maybe in some sense, and to conservative Christians because they seem to lack any sense of reality and truth. That would be in the strictest sense madness.

Madness becomes destructive first to the mad and then eventually to society as a whole as it becomes a sort of cancer.

The problem is there are now so many of them in the world that in many places they make up the majority and that is very dangerous.

Then the madness becomes the norm. Then what becomes of those that are not mad, but are the minority?

This is where I often think of St. Anthony the Great's words with trepidation:

“A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, 'You are mad; you are not like us.” – St. Antony the Great

I think that time is upon us.

The rest of my reply may seem controversial to some, but it is still important that it is said because many people have no idea of this reality and are swayed by decades of worldwide propaganda.

I was raised in Southern Africa and the communist manipulation, communist money and communist propaganda (stirring up the hatred) along with the same sort of reaction in the populace was rife. It has only become worse since the end of apartheid, not better for anyone.

Whilst there were some real issues with the apartheid government and some people in it, for the most part the government gave much to the indigenous population and they had the typical reaction mentioned in your article.

Those indigenous old enough to remember and those who are honest will admit that life was better before 1994.

The old government, although protestant were merely working on biblical principles although the end result was badly implemented. It was also undermined and sabotaged by traitors within and internationally.

The bottom line is God did not design "rainbow nations of mismatched antagonistic peoples", which naturally only brings perpetual distrust and strife. God designed people to live amongst their own culturally, morally and spiritually.

And then those living well and in positions to be able to help, should raise up and aid their neighbors, not to allow their neighbors to destroy them and their own from within! (Because of hatred, jealousy and evil)

The people being helped need to use the aid to help themselves, not continuously try to bring down those trying to help them.

Destructive people need to be put somewhere away from society where they can no longer be destructive.

If they wish to continue being destructive, then they must learn the hard way - by their own destructiveness destroying their own lives - harsh as that may sound. For some there is no other way to learn.

This is also biblical. If God did not believe this to be true, He would never have created hell, the ultimate punishment.

Hell is real and eternal for those full of vice and evil towards others that still have not learned the lessons that needed to be learned whilst on earth.

The number of biblical verses especially in the Old Testament where God advises the Israelites not to mix with other tribes is vast. God knows what works best.

Some may say "Oh that is only because they would have become corrupted by the other tribes before they were able to convert the other tribes". True, but then how much more so today?

Others would say, "Oh but that was in the Old Testament."

Jesus said regarding the Old Testament: "For I tell you truly, until heaven and earth pass away, not a single jot, not a stroke of a pen, will disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. …"

The French, Russian and many other worldwide revolutions were very similar. The poor and uneducated and downtrodden (in some real or imagined way) were used as canon fodder by the communists and masons to remove the Christian monarchy or government to replace with the most unchristian and morally corrupt governments that are then easily controlled and manipulated.

This was the way of implementing a Satanic globalist One-World-Order which they control from the shadows currently and are nearing their end goal. (Thankfully I believe Our Lady's words in that she shall triumph at the last moment and they will not!)

The world has many problems today, but this problem mentioned in your article is one of the most obvious and destructive to the well informed, and also the least recognized to the manipulated uninformed majority.

Every problem today stems from a lack of following Biblical principles.



Posted September 5, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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