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Dr. Joseph Shaara, Recreation & Feudalism


Dr. Joseph Shaara

Dr. Joseph Shaara

With sadness TIA communicates to our readers that our good friend and supporter Dr. Joseph Walter Shaara passed away yesterday morning, September 13, at age 84.

He was a very good Catholic and zealous Third Order Franciscan, always seeking out those in need to help them spiritually and financially. He had a masters degree in music education and a doctorate in Psychology. He was a great devotee of Our Lady and the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

He shared the same ideas that TIA defends: He believed the Holy Church had been taken over by Progressivism and that the Revolution is destroying Christendom. From his home in Imperial Beach, California, he has kept a close friendship with us for the last 25 years by means of telephone and correspondence. Frequently he visited TIA in its Montebello headquarters, bringing with him numerous of his countless friends. He often wrote comments and opinions for this What People Are Commenting page.

His health was declining in the last two years. Ten days ago he was found unconscious in his apartment. A friend brought him to a local hospital where he was diagnosed with kidney failure, pneumonia and covid. He was breathing on a ventilator. Family members from New York came to supervise his care. Although visits were forbidden, a traditional priest was able to enter and administer the Last Rites. Over the weekend he left the hospital and was transferred to hospice. Yesterday, Wednesday, he died.

His Funeral Mass will be on September 18, at 10:00 a.m. at St. Anne’s Church, 2337 Irving Ave., San Diego, CA. The burial will follow at Holy Cross Cemetery, 4470 Hilltop Dr., San Diego, CA.

A single layman, he leaves behind a large circle of mourning friends whom he conquered with his disinterested friendship and tireless charity.

We recommend his Catholic soul to the prayers of our readers.

Requiem aeternam dona ei Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei;
Requiesca in pace. Amen

     Tradition in Action


From the Mystical City of God Ladies Group in San Diego

Dear Ladies,

Please pray for the soul of Joseph Shaara

Mr. Joseph Shaara died this morning, September 13th. He was 84 years old. He was a Third Order Franciscan and a lifelong Traditional Catholic. He has many dear friends in our Mystical City of God reading group, and many more at St. Anne's, St. John Bosco's, and in his town of Imperial Beach where he was known to the homeless for his years of friendship and generosity.

There is an unknown number of Faithful who have been blessed to have Rosaries, Scapulars, Missals, Holy Books, etc. rebound, repaired, or fixed in some fashion by his skilled, patient and prayerful efforts. He is also known for rescuing old Traditional Missals and Prayer Books of various sorts and finding them a new Faithful Home by gifting them out to others - including me. And he was well known to share a good (if not quirky) story or joke with a friend, new or old.

His Funeral will be a Low Mass at St. Anne's this coming Monday, September 18th. I will ask at the office if there is a Reception planned by the few local relatives or any parishioners. If there is a need for help with a simple Reception after the burial at Holy Cross Cemetery, then I may send out a separate note in case any ladies are available and would like to help.

Eternal Rest Grant unto Joseph Shaara, O Lord, and let Perpetual Light Shine upon him. May he, through the Mercy of God, Rest in Peace. Amen.

Pax tecum Joseph...



A Surprising Lafayette


Re: 'Rivers of Blood Must Yet Flow': Washington, Jefferson & the French Revolution

I have been to West Virginia (born in that state as was my brother during the Depression …). We returned about 25 years ago and went to the courthouse to see our birth registrations: unfortunately on that day that section of the courthouse was closed!

However on the way out the front (we had entered a side door) I noticed a large statue: there were at least 29 stairs to go down and I was interested to know who was being honored? To say I was much surprised was an understatement! It was General Lafayette?!

I later researched as I was bewildered…. Of course he came to help in the American Revolution!

I thought your article interesting as I am a history buff.

Of course Jefferson influenced many other Americans!



Recreation for Catholics


Re: What Is Wholesome Recreation for Exhausted Catholics?

What a fantastic thread.
Job well done!

I would add to your list: checkers, chess, some military board games [never D&D and other so-called magical games], monopoly. Cooking would never float my boat -- but for some people it is perfect.

Listening to CDs [I would say radio but there is not way you can count on clean entertainment on the radio]... singing: that is how many barbershop quartets formed in the old days.

I pray other people will chime in with more ideas.

     God bless,

     Fr. T.J.H.

     Laudetur Iesus Christus; Semper Laudetur


Feudalism & Social Classes

Dear TIA

Ave Maria Purissima !

I was interested in the desire of your correspondent MW to learn more about feudalism. I am interested in that subject also, as it seems to have been a laudable system and organization of society. In particular the class system. I believe a system of social classes is one of the bedrocks of a stable and happy society. Everyone is in their place and everyone knows their place.

In my childhood days we were taught to respect our elders and our betters. In these egalitarian times we never hear talk of one’s betters. I lived in a hierarchical system of social classes in my younger days.

We were small farmers, just over subsistence level but at least we owned the small piece of land we had. Beneath us were the tenant farmers, farm labourers and unskilled workers. Equal to us were skilled tradesmen and small shopkeepers. Above us were large shopkeepers and clerical workers in certain professions. The next class comprised large farmers and the professions, solicitors, doctors, accountants. Above them again were the large landowners and certain business owners and finally, the noble classes and the clergy.

We would never marry outside our class and we even had a place in church where we were expected to give a certain value of contribution each week. In terms of schools, the Religious orders such as the Sisters of Charity, the Sisters of Mercy, the Holy Faith Sisters and the Presentation Sisters catered for the lower social classes primarily, while Sisters, such as the Ursulines, Sacred Heart Sisters, Notre Dame and Loreto Sisters among others, catered for the upper social classes.

We never resented those above us. We were charitable to those below us and were happy to receive charity ourselves. It was never an issue because we remained within our own social grouping. I think this type of society is more stable and grounded than the type of fluidity we see today.

Certainly, in terms of marriage, a difference in social class is very often the cause of marriage breakdown and parents should be aware of this in advising their older children.

God bless all at TIA.

     Yours faithfully

     C.P., Ireland


Francis & Clinton


Francis can’t give traditionalists a moment from the time of his day, but he jumps right in to join Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York. Of course, he will talk about climate change, the welfare of children etc.

Sad that the pope is more comfortable with the freemasons than he is with the Catholic faithful.


Posted September 14, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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