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You Can't Say that Mother Teresa
Was Praying to Gandhi

Glass of Lemonade

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I hold no brief for Mother Teresa. Many of her actions appeared quite scandalous. Nevertheless, you add to the scandal by stating that she was praying to Gandhi (as perhaps possibly praying for him or maybe just sitting there thinking about a glass of lemonade or who knows what – unlike Judas there are no definitive biblical statements or Church tradition regarding the whereabouts of Gandhi and as devout Catholics we are not at liberty to assume he is in hell regardless of appearances that would certainly seem to indicate that is exactly where he is) unless you back it up with substantial proof since it is quite a substantial charge.

In the same way you say under the caption of a different photo that she is worshiping Buddha. Once again, where is your proof? How do you know that she was not praying for the conversion of Buddhists, however doubtful that may seem based on other appearances in her life.

Do not let the devil turn what hopefully is holy righteousness on your part into unholy self-righteousness. You have way too many talents to offer for the good of souls, not least of which is your own, to let them go up (or should I say down) in smoke.

As an influential Catholic in the public domain you are subject to a very high standard. May our Good Lord Jesus Christ through the intercession of His Most Blessed Mother aid you in maintaining it.

     In Jesus Christ crucified,


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TIA responds:

Mr. J.B.P.,

Thank you for your appraisal regarding our talents and activity. It was kind of you to recognize something not completely negative about us.

Regarding your argument, you essentially stated that the external behavior of a person does not reflect his will or thinking, even when he is assisting at a religious ceremony or in an attitude of prayer. This is the basis for your attack against us and your defense of Mother Teresa.

Unfortunately, it does not seem that this position coincides with Catholic teaching and practices.
  • Indeed, how would you explain that almost all the martyrs of the ten Roman persecutions were murdered precisely because they refused to make a simple external act – to burn incense to the idols? If external acts did not reflect the interior will and thinking of the man, that ritual homage to Jupiter, Juno, Apollo, Diana, etc would have no importance. Then, the martyrs who died because they refused to make such acts would be nothing more than an ensemble of obtuse persons. However, these consequences frontally conflict with the judgment of the Church, which presents them as models for all Catholics.

  • If your presupposition would be true, those Catholics who actually burned incense to the idols could have been thinking of something like a glass of lemonade when they took part in that ceremony. Their external acts would not have any serious consequences and therefore, such persons would not deserve the vile name of apostate which the Church assigned to them. Again, your supposition leads to another direct clash with the historical judgment of the Church

  • Finally, why should a priest make all those external acts – called Catholic Liturgy – to worship God, when he could be thinking exactly the opposite? So, in its full extension your assumption would lead you to deny the role of the Catholic liturgy as well.
We are sorry to say but this blatantly relativist position regarding the meaning of external acts seems hardly in accordance with the teaching and practices of the Catholic Church.

We sincerely hope you will reconsider your position, and acquire a little more Catholic sense.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Catholicism Subservient to Hinduism

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Dear Sir,

Gandhi said that he liked Jesus Christ but not Christians. He obviously overlooked all those Christian organizations doing great works of mercy in the India of his time, completely disproportionate to the percentage of the Christian population in India, in comparison with the Hindus.

As an Indian Catholic by domicile, Mother Teresa's prayer to Gandhi symbolizes the abject subservience of Catholicism in India today, to Hinduism.

As a European by extraction, her prayer to Gandhi may also be taken to symbolize the surrender of European (Christian) civilization to the Hindus. Is it not a fact that Hindus have invaded all the halls of learning in Europe? Do they not gain entry to all of Europe's prestigious educational institutions by producing entry marksheets with percentages well in the nineties?

About two decades ago some European professors protested the injustice done to European students by this criteria of marks alone, stating that the cultural make-up of European students included a background of both leisure/sports activities and studies, whereas that of the Asians (read Hindus ) was based on studies alone. These intellectuals were soon silenced by cries of ' Racists ! '.

The medical profession is a shining example of how one of the most wonderful of Christian professions has fallen into the hands of non-believers, who in reality do not have the spirit or ethos for it. Remember, that in pre-colonial India there were virtually no medical schools, hospitals, almshouses or hospices.

Returning to Gandhi, are you aware that it was members of his own Gujerathi community in Portugal that held their prayer meeting at the Chapel of Apparitions in Fatima. They may not like Christ, nor Christians, but are opportunistic enough to have their worship at any location.

     In Christ & Maria


Blason de Charlemagne
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