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Stop Calling Heretics Progressivists;
Are These Photos for Real?

Progressivists or Heretics?
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Dear TIA,

Thank you for your work.

I think, however, that you long ago reached the point where you can and should confidently substitute the words “heretical” and/or “apostate” for “progressivist” throughout much if not all of your site. These men were “progressivists” perhaps the first or second time they said or did something in public contrary to the Faith. After that, they fell into formal heresy and/or apostasy, and then ipso facto out of the Church. Most Novus Ordo churchmen were educated in the Catholic Faith and are presumed to know when their actions are heretical. They are also presumed to know the consequences of such actions.

To continue to label these outrageous destroyers of the Holy Faith as mere “progressivists” affords them undeserved latitude. One also denigrates the Church by suggesting that those who obstinately engage in heresy and apostasy are still members of Her. Such a position contradicts Catholic theology and Canon Law.

While your efforts are admirable, widely-read traditionalist organizations such as yours need to stop giving false respect to these heretics and start denouncing the Novus Ordo for what it is – a wretched and highly deceptive heretical sect abhorrent to God and opposed to His Church.

     In Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

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TIA responds,

Dear G.B.,

Thank you for your support and good intention in presenting a supposed mistake with the aim of correcting us. Your action reveals a Catholic zeal and desire to help.

However, there is a difference of perspectives between your approach to Progressivism and ours.

For you, progressivist is synonymous with progressive or liberal, as used normally in American English. For us, progressivist is a partisan of Progressivism which is a bolder heresy than Modernism.

St. Pius X qualified Modernism as the synthesis of all heresies. We agree with him. To call someone a Modernist is to qualify him as a pernicious heretic.

Progressivism is even worse than Modernism, as we explained, since it took Modernism to further consequences than were possible at the beginning of the 20th century. Therefore, the problem you raised can be reduced to a question of misinterpretation of words.

We are not using the common language, which qualify the liberal or the leftist as progressive. We use Progressivism, progressivist to refer to a particular school of thought inside the Catholic Church, which follows the same errors of Modernism surpassing this heresy in its broader and deeper consequences.

So, we are on the same path when calling someone either a progressivist or a heretic.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to clarify this once again.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Are these photos for real?
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Dear Brethren,

I am looking at the photos of Previews of the New Papacy. Are these all true and not propaganda!!!!????

If not, this is truly frightening. I have been in spiritual distress for years trying "as a good Catholic" to adjust to the "New Church Mass." Now at age 63, seeing over and over the abuses at the "New Mass"/seminaries/Catholic institutions of learning, etc., I have realized and can no longer deny what I see. With my own eyes and heart only to guide me, I realize something is terribly wrong - I am going to start attending a Traditional Catholic church.

But, what are we to do about this frightening crisis in the Church? No one where I was going to church seems aware (as I am) of any problem with the Papacy, Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI, the continuing evolving changes in the Mass, etc.

Please give me your thoughts on this.

God Bless you and Keep You and Yours,


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TIA responds:

Dear Mr. C.C.,

When you used the expression “propaganda photos,” one assumes that you meant photos that had been altered to present a person in a bad way. If this is so, the photos reproduced in Previews of the New Papacy are not “propaganda photos.” They pictured real events that happened on the dates given in the captions. We also credited on the side of each photo its source, so that you can refer to the original photo or picture and see that no changes were made.

Yes, this crisis represents a very sad and distressing situation for our Holy Mother Church. But we should not despair. Instead we must trust that Our Lord will intervene when the measure of His Justice is reached. To strengthen our confidence, Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Good Success left their messages speaking of a future victory.

May Our Lady help you to see the situation more clearly every day and become more faithful in these difficult times.


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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