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What is different in Portugal?

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One thing I have never been able to understand is the quote that in Portugal the dogma of the Faith will be preserved. I have never heard that anything is different in Portugal than anywhere else as regards the Faith.



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TIA responds:

Mr. R.K.

1. In Portugal the little people have the Faith as something obvious. They do not need a demonstration that the Catholic Faith is true, they just know it as evident. Other peoples discuss whether the Catholic Faith is true to be more secure about it. The simple Portuguese people consider such discussions superfluous. They will admit such discussions may be necessary for others, but not for them. It is obvious to them that the Catholic Faith is true.

This innate evidence of the Faith has been a gift of God to the Portuguese people from the very beginning of the nation. For example, when Our Lord appeared to the founder of the Kingdom of Portugal, Dom Afonso Henriques, before the Battle of Ourique (1139), the Prince exclaimed:
“Why dost Thou appear to me? Per chance Thou dost desire to give more faith to one who already has so much? It would be better for the enemies to see Thee than I, who since my Baptism have recognized Thee as the true God, Son of the Virgin and the Eternal Father, as I here acknowledge.”
This evidence of the Faith continues to be present today largely in the simple people, and more rarely in the elites and middle class because of their loss of innocence and adhesion to the Revolution.

2. The Portuguese people also believe in Our Lady because they have a daily contact with her in their prayers. She is as close and intimate to them as the other members of their families.

3. Different from the populations in most other countries, the common man in Portugal does not identify the Catholic Faith with the priest, Bishop, Cardinal or Pope.

In most countries when the religious authority says that a certain thing is true, even though it is not, the people follow him, become confused about what is right or wrong, and are led to lose their faith.

In Portugal they comment: “Poor little priest, he is going astray. Let us pray for him.” The same happens with Bishops and Popes. Because of their faith they have a certainty of what is wrong, and do not swallow it.

This is a powerful factor that may explain why the Conciliar Revolution has more difficulty in influencing this people than others. Hence, it also explains what is different in Portugal and why Our Lady said that it will remain faithful to the dogma of the Faith.

This is our opinion. We hope it is of some assistance.


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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