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The Blind Hatred of
AngelQueen’s Moderator

Dear TIA,

I occasionally follow what's being discussed on an Internet public forum called Angelqueen - supposedly a traditionalist website that promotes SSPX. I thought you would be interested in reading the hatred brewing against you because of your works, especially your recent articles against the Motu Proprio and the 1962 Missal.

It is well-known that the moderator of that forum is John Grasmeier, who signs Servitium. He is the one who wrote in that forum the following [two texts].

Keep up the good work.

    In Jesus and Mary,

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Dragged into the Street and Beaten

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Putting aside the various arguments over which missal is best, TIA and other separatists groups (Daily Catholic, Novus Ordo Watch, Traditio) can never accept that anything good is happening in Holy Mother Church without them.

Now the latest tact is to cast doubt on the very missal of what's being used for the TLM [Traditional Latin Mass], by every priest of the SSPX and all other traditional groups.

Has anyone ever heard any of these "tools" happy about any positive development in Holy Mother Church? According to them, can or does anyone from the Holy Father on down ever do anything good, commendable or edifying? Do they ever spread anything besides delusional paranoia, scorn, ridicule or doubt?

In my opinion these free-thinking enlightened webmasters should be dragged out into the street and beaten.

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Their Faith Is Not Mine

I don't think anyone opposes reasoned, linear discussion on the merits, or lack thereof, of the various missals. It's discussed here often. For what it's worth, I personally happen to believe that the '62 [Missal] actually is lacking in some aspects.

What I'm truly sick and tired of (to the point of being literally PHYSICALLY sick and tired) are these joyless, hopeless, cynical, paranoid cranks of little faith.

The MP [Motu Proprio] is a "Trojan Horse." The Missal the SSPX and all the Church uses is "corrupt." Sister Lucy was kidnapped and replaced with a double, and according to some, so was Paul VI. Etc., etc, etc., blah blah blah.

With them, there's always a time to rant, but never a time to rejoice. Always a condemnation, but never a kind word for Peter. Always a time to despair, but never a reason for hope. We can always throw stones and mope, but never can we rejoice in this incredible, beautiful faith of ours.

Although we have many problems in the Church, we will restore her, despite these insufferabe, dead-weight, do-nothings.

I'm sick of listening to them and I'm tired of reading their dreck. Their Catholicism is not my Catholicism. Their faith is not mine. What does this relentless cynicism contribute to anything? Do they believe that continuously articulating morbidity is some type of Catholic virtue or talent?

Although I truly hate the world, I love this life that God gave me and all of the blessings He granted along with it. Although the MP is imperfect, it's an incredible gift for traditionalists and an answer to millions upon millions of prayers.

Although Benedict steps in it often, he's a goodly pope, with a big Catholic heart, a good head on his shoulders and not a single drop of malice in his entire body. Although the '62 [Missal] certainly can be properly digested and looked at, it is certainly NOT "corrupt."

     (John Grasmeier)
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Tradition Doesn't Save

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I'm curious.

Whoever wrote the critique of Cardinal Ratzinger is not even a Christian. PLEASE just look up - if you even have a Bible - Ephesians 2:5 and 8 and just READ it out loud!

Talk about 'tradition' ?? PAUL WAS the TRADITION when it comes to Grace which saves - THROUGH our faith.

Got that dummy; get it and maybe quit being such a 1500s dupe.

Okay? Okay!

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You Are Protestants

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I'd never thought I'd have to say this to a Catholic. I mean, you have to say it to a Protestant, but never a Catholic. Anyway, your hurumph about this “familiarity” with John Paul II and women??? Seriously, you guys should ... [obscenity]; you're are as sexually repressed as a Protestant!

You're really just Protestants at heart....silly heretics....

     Cheerfully Yours!


PS - Do us a favor and never associate yourself with the SSPX, otherwise the only credible Traditionalist outpost will soon loose all credibility after shacking up with you guys. Thanks a bunch!

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Pharisees !

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I am horrified at your slanted reporting of JP II's various audiences with scantily clad performers. Granted, their taste is questionable and very unsuitable, but to claim that all, including JP, are intrinsically morally reprehensible is simply sinful. I suppose your group would have been horrified at the pornographic "David" and other works of art of Michelangelo.

God made the human form beautiful and admirable. Please do not equate beauty, grace, and art with sin.

What a disgrace that Jesus hung out with a hooker! The Pharisees must have been almost as shocked as your lot!

No wonder the world sometimes quakes at the thought of you so-called God fearing Christians running the world.

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Hypocrites !

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[On the bare-breasted women greeted by JPII] You people need to return to the True Roman Catholic Church.

You are such Hippocrates [sic; we assume he means hypocrites]. Is the Pope to sit in his apartments praying the rosary all day and never see and celebrate the glory of God's creation? Is the only true expression of our Catholic Faith European? If we are truly true to our roots we should be Near Eastern and Semitic.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 27, 2007

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