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Eco-Terrorist, Hindu & Atheistic Outrage

A Murderous Eco-Terrorist

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I saw your denigration of the life of an animal … your "belief" that an animal has no soul or no feelings is against God.

I swear to the Lord Jesus Christ I would kill anyone who abuses or hurts an animal, and would beg God not to forgive me for I would not be sorry for killing the scumbag, for executing one of your leaders.

I am a True Roman Catholic, you are part of the problem and against the Lord Jesus Christ. He is returning soon, and you are His enemy.

     Anthony J. Stevens, Bronx, N.Y. (CarpenterAnt608@aol.com)

[Bad verb] you and [bad verb] the jew$. No one can stop me. Watch out you arrogant [bad word].

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Note from the Editor:

Since death threats are becoming more frequent in the TIA mail, for security reasons we decided to give the full name of the senders as they appear in such e-mails, followed by the electronic addresses from which they came.

In other cases, only the initials of our accusers will appears at the end of their messages, as is our custom.

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Catholic Missionaries Are Nazi

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Oh wow! Here we go again. What makes Hindu deities false? Huh? What makes the Bible so right? There was a 150 year reformation on the Bible and the Catholic Church, not the Gita or the hindu mandir (temple). Martin Luther wrote 99 things wrong about the Bible.

Christians have no miracles they can look to but they have "faith".

Our sacred idols drank milk all over the world back in 1995. You have no right calling our religion false or pagan. Follow your religion, but don't criticize ours.

Missionaries have no right going to India destroying Hindu temples, slaughtering cows (which is a sacred animal) and forcing their religion on POOR people. Missionaries are no different from nazis. India is HINDUSTAN not CHRISTIANSTAN.

You people worship 3 gods: the father, the son and the holy ghost. That's three gods which means your religion is pagan. Judas kissed Jesus which makes him a bit gay. There is no question that Jesus wasn't divine but I don't believe he is only way to heaven. Not everyone wants the easiest religion on earth in their lives.

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The Church Is Nazi

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To Whomever It May Concern,

Your view on how the Catholic Church should not apologize [for the Inquisition] couldn't be more correct. I mean, the torturing of Jews, Protestants, heretics, homosexuals, and of course Native Americans.

Yes, this must be considered as a continuation of the Inquisition since it was performed with the same intention – didn't really happen. After all there's no need to apologize for something that continued until the 19th Century and resumed under Nazi Germany (the Reich) between 1933 and 1945... Oh wait, my mistake, that didn't happen either.

Maybe you should do some research on how the Vatican supported Mussolini, or the Catholic Church sold apotheotic positions to wealthy land owners until the 16th Century; maybe you do some searching for a more substantial religion.

Don't apologize for the Inquisition? Ya, let's all forget about Holocaust as well.

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Your Moralistic-Oppressive Views

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Your moralistic/oppressive right wing/anti-union views (would have to be!) quite irritated me.

As a lapsed Catholic I cannot believe you purport to represent the Church.

Your views are too extreme! How about a nice inquisition to get the ball rolling? Or maybe a spell in the Iron Maiden for non-believers?

This stuff starts wars.

Faith is a personal thing.

Pack it in. There is enough sorrow in the world.

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Your Satanic Work

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Why do you find the need to post horrible lies about homosexual persons? Is there no Christian charity in you that you must indulge in posting pseudo-statistics about homosexuals that do nothing but smear them more than society already has smeared them by calling them alcoholics, pedophiles, and all kinds of horrible things?

I will pray for your souls and it is my hope that God may inspire Christian charity in you to cease continuing in your Satanic works against humankind.


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Let the Homosexuals Be

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Again, another anti-gay website. What is this world leading to? You would think that religion should try to make the world a better place, but sometimes it seems to do the exact opposite. Of course you people wouldn't agree there, since you are part of the problem. What's wrong with accepting people and leaving them alone?

Is that too much for you to handle? Why do you show homosexuals in such a horrible way? That is why there is so much discrimination against them. Do you know that in my high school a gay student had to move because he was bullied so bad?

I'm a Christian, and I think websites like yours are appalling. Luckily not all Christians are like you... or else I don't know what would become of this world.

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The War Is a Mortal Sin

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I find it astonishing that you could support the mortally sinful slaughter of ordinary people in Lebanon and Iraq.

Why to you support the Christ-hating Judaics who run/ruin America rather than those who try to oppose them?

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The Pope Should Be Quartered and Burnt

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(About an article on the Inquisition)

As all philosophies at the end of the day are [bad word], all religion are [bad word] too.

The comment below on your web page shows what nonsense is there in your brain. "Recent data show that the Spanish Inquisition was both fair in its methods and just in its punishments"

Any torture, whatsoever is totally unacceptable.

The pope should be drawn, quartered and burnt!

Please, close your website cos it espouses total backwardness.

     Jack Jill (kompukage@hotmail.com)

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Indignant Schismatic

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Having just read some stuff on your website about The Holy Orthodox Church confirms to me that Orthodoxy is right!

As a former Anglican that was looking for the true Church, it came down between the Roman Papist Church and the Holy Orthodox Church, and Orthodoxy won hands down.

The early Church always met in Council, Bishops having no authority in other jurisdictions, even the one who was First Amongst Equals (Pope of Rome). Rome was once the greatest of defender of this system!

But by inventing the Filioque and "Papal Primacy of Jurisdiction" Rome broke from Orthodoxy (not the other way round). Remember 5 Patriarchs split 1 - 4 in favor of Orthodoxy!


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 10, 2008

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