Consequences of Vatican II

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Homosexuality and the Clergy

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Fr. Francis Barboza, SVD, performs liturgical steps of a Hindu dance. With his feminine make-up and postures, he says that through this new form of inculturalization, he communicates directly with God and preaches Christ to the people.   Lumiere du Monde, November 1983

catholic The Monstrous ‘Gender Spectrum’ Theory
Acceptance of complete fluidity between the sexes

catholic Terms & Procedures in the Transgender Revolution
The mass possession of the youth

catholic Doctors Sue Biden over ‘Gender-Affirming’ Care Mandate
Increasing legal challenges to insane government overreach

catholic Famous German Doctor Attacks Ban to Heal Homosexuals
Homo Minister proposes to criminalize help to those seeking therapy

catholic Vatican Sex Abuse Summit Kicks the Can Down the Road
Bishops dawdle as anger mounts & the scandal festers

catholic Church in Montreal Supports LGBT
St. Peter the Apostle Church promotes 10 days of festivities

Mexican Bishop Says Mass for LGBT Group
Bishop Raul Vera encourages the San Elredo Community

Lesbian ‘Art’ Promoted in Vienna Cathedral
A photo exposition in its sacristy approved by Card. Schonborn

Jesuit University Promotes a ‘Gay Play’
A parody at the St. Joseph University in Philadelphia

catholic Hungary Stops Funding University Gender Studies
Orban affirms people are born either men or women - that's it!

Pope Francis Wears a Rainbow Pectoral Cross
At the Vatican Youth Synod

Erotic-lesbian Performance for the Pope
At a gathering preparing for the Youth Synod

catholic God’s Anger Is upon Us
Bombshells explode in a Church that ignores Our Lady's message

Arch. Vigano Asks Pope Francis to Resign
A strong public document of an ecclesiastic war

Sculpture of a Homo Kiss on an Altar in Italy
Although approved by the priest, the attendees of an art exhibit reacted

Card. McCarrick Fell from Grace
Because he was caught, he was punished...

Catholic University Advertises Lesbian ‘Wedding’
The River University's magazine reports it as normal

Italian Bishop Embraces ‘Married’ Homo Priest
Bishop of Verona shows compassion to priest who "married" a man

Italian Pro-homosexuality Vigil
At the Queen of Peace Church in Reggio Emilia

Sacrilegious Communion of a Transsexual in Argentina
During a street Mass 'Lizy' receives Communion & is filmed in a TV show

Homo Week at a Catholic University in Mexico
Obscene video promoted by students of Jesuit university

The Los Angeles RE Congress Promoted Homosexuality
Fr. James Martin helps the homo propaganda

Card. Dolan with Pro-Abortion Homosexual Irish PM
At St. Patrick's Parade the Cardinal lends support to a blatant homosexual

Male Prostitute Outs Homosexual Priests to Vatican in 1200-page Dossier
A shocking and broadening Italian clergy sex scandal

Francis Admires Male Body Contortions
A curious unfolding of the "theology of the body"

Transvestite Invited to Speak at Vienna Cathedral
Card. Schonborn invites Conchita Wurst to pray for victims of AIDS

Ivanka Trump – Backed by Pence – Promotes Gay, Transgender Rights
It looks like Trump will continue the Obama policy on this front

Francis Praises Nun’s Transgender ‘Ministry’
Carmelites who accept transgenders and admit one as a nun

Transgender Ideology Infiltrates Pediatrics & Produces Child Abuse
Doctor & researcher calls sex changes for children child abuse

A Vatican Appointment to Embolden LGBT Activists
Pro-homo Jesuit Fr. Martin is named communications consultant

‘Queer Communism’ Finds Its Voice
Pompeo tries to clean CIA of communists and homosexuals

Gender Ideology Harms Children
Encouraging confusion is child abuse, states American Pediatricians College

Tillerson, Homosexuality & Globalism
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson led the Boy Scouts to homosexuality

Media Myths of the Homosexual-Transgender Agenda - Part 1
'Born gay' and '10% of the population' are blatant untruths

Media Myths of the Homosexual-Transgender Agenda - Part 2
Abnormal lifestyles that harm adults & children

A Confusing Papal Statement on Gender Ideology
Francis' tacit approval of changing sexual identities

‘Transgender’ Is a Mental Illness and Should Be Treated as Such
The diagnosis of a former Johns Hopkins chief psychiatrist

The Fundamental Transformation of the Armed Forces
With open admittance of transgenders, transvestites, transexuals

Ridding the Church of Conservatives
Francis appoints Cupich 'bishop-maker' & puts out anti-homo Cardinal

catholicCard. Reinhard Marx vs. Cardinal (St.) Peter Damian
Do homosexual unions have ‘value’?

catholicBoycott Target over Transgender Bathrooms
Mass Resistance voices outrage in front of Target headquarters

catholic Obama, Academia Celebrate Latest Perversions
'Queer Beyond Repair' lecture series promotes every moral atrocity

catholic The Sad Demise of a Once-Catholic University
Georgetown promotes a ‘Lavender Graduation’ & Plannned Parenthood

catholic Michael Voris Out of the Closet
Voris confesses past homosexuality, acting as judge & defendant

catholic'Gay’ Couple Brings Offertory Gifts at Arch. Gomez' Mass
A de facto officialization of homo ‘marriages’ & adoptions

catholicPro 'Gay' Finnish Lutheran Bishop Received by Francis
Pope promotes homosexuality, feminism & ecumenism

catholicFrancis’ Scandalous Support for Homosexual Unions
He hugs and kisses a homosexual ‘couple’ on his US visit

catholicNo Saint Ever Said Homosexuals Died on Christmas - Your Quote Is Fake
TIA publishes the full sermon of St. Bonaventure that includes this quote

catholic ‘The Sodomite Will Suffer Eternal Condemnation’
Strong words of St. Peter Damian on the vice against nature

catholicThe Purge Has Begun
Chaplain punished for calling homosexuality a sin

catholic‘This Vice Causes Death of Bodies & Destruction of Souls’
St. Peter Damian instructs on the terrible effects of the sin of sodomy

catholicVices against Nature Are against the Creator
St. Thomas: sodomy degrades man lower than animals

catholic‘This Is the Worst Sin that Exists’
St. Bernardine of Siena lists consequences of the sin of sodomy

catholicAll Sodomites Died When Our Lord Was Born
St. Bonaventure describes the prodigy Heaven made at Christ's birth

catholicCouncil of Ancyra Condemns Sodomy & Bestiality
The early Church prescribes penances for these sins

catholicIdentical Twin Studies Prove Homosexuality Is Not Genetic
No one is born homo, study results demonstrate

catholic But the Worst of All Passions Is the Lust between Men
St. John Chrysostom: Acts of sodomy are unpardonable offenses

catholicFor the Good of City & State, Homosexuals Must Be Punished
Emperor Justinian issues severe laws punishing sodomites

catholicOverthrow the Judicial Dictatorship
Supreme Court's decision is a threat to America's democracy

catholicNations Are Accountable to God for the Sin of Sodomy
St. Augustine condemns the sin against nature

catholic On the Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Approval
Indignation grows among TIA readers

catholicSodom & Gomorrah
Advances of homosexuality in the world with papal encouragement

catholicThe Snakes Had Returned to Ireland
Reasons why 'gay marriage' was approved

catholic‘Gay Marriage’ - Lessons from Canada
After same-sex ‘marriage’ was mandated, freedom of religion & speech vanished

catholicFirst Amendment Rights at Stake in ‘Gay Marriage’ Case
Kudos to a brief defending traditional marriage before the Supreme Court

catholicArchbishop Cordileone Plays Both Ends on Homosexuality
A toothless handbook and contradictory actions supporting homos

catholicHow Frank Marshall Davis Transformed America
Obama's mentor formed his sexual mores & communist politics

catholicFour States React against ‘Gay Marriages’
Judges and Representatives counter-attack rulings by Federal Courts

catholicPope Kisses Foot of Transsexual
Francis encourages anti-natural operations & homosexuality

catholicQueer Peers & the Family Synod
Catholic DePaul University welcomes & supports homos

catholicCard. O’Malley: Don’t Fire LGBT Employees
New guidelines in Boston to follow Francis' tolerance

catholicFrancis Honored by Dutch ‘Gay’ TV
Nominated to be the Personality of the Year in competition with a homo Star

catholicCard. Dolan Will March with ‘Gays’ next St. Patrick's Day
He approved homosexuals to take part in St. Patrick's march

catholic Braziliann Church Commission Defends Homos
Official approval of the Bishops for the "gay pride parades"

catholicGay Rights Hit Roadblocks Around the World
A strong resistance emerges to the 'gay rights' agenda

catholicThe Francis Effect at ‘Gay Pride Parades’
The advantage homosexuals are taking from the 'who I am to judge'

catholicFrancis Holds Hands with Pro-homo Priest
Under the pretext of attacking the Mafia, an effective support to homosexuality

catholicCard. Bagnasco Gives Communion to Transgenders
A transgender invited to speak at Mass and to receive Communion

catholicLesbianism Promoted by L'Osservatore Romano
Organ of the Holy See publishes pictures of women kissing each other

catholicPope Bergoglio Kisses the Hand of Pro-homo Priest
He said the Mass with the Pope and was invited to a private audience

catholicChild of Lesbians Baptized at Cordoba Cathedral, Argentina
With the permission of the Archbishop a show of lesbianism inside the Cathedral

catholic Kudos to Uganda’s Anti-Homosexual Law
The Church's shameful reaction to a good moral stand

catholic The Price Paid for Permissiveness
How homosexuals are targeting our teens

catholicThe Homosexuals' Pope
The homo magazine The Advocate elects Francis the Person of the Year

catholicVatican Hires Pro-Homosexual Firms - Part 1
Ernst & Young heads a vast homosexual network

catholicVatican Hires Pro-Homosexual Firms - Part 2
‘Gay’ friendly companies are good friends of the Vatican...

catholicThe Senate's Trojan Horse
All should oppose the Employment Non-Discrimination Act

Statistics on Homosexuality

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Syphilis Epidemic Grows among Homosexuals  
        Drastic rise in STD's among homosexual males

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Statistics Show Homo Lifestyle Is Unsafe for Youth  
        94% of HIV cases among male youth tied to homosexual acts

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Study Shows Children of Same-Sex Parents Fare Poorly  
        Fresh ammunition for those protecting traditional marriage & children

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   2012 Study - University of Texas, Prof. Mark Regnerus  
        Children adopted by homo couples suffer more than in natural marriages

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Syphilis Rates Soar among Homosexuals  
        The U.S. Center for Disease Control’s November 2011 report

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   2009 Report Confirms 125 Years of Observation on Homosexuality   
        Report by NARTH confirms traditional views on homosexuality

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Studies Confirm Homosexuality’s Dangers   
        Data up to 2010 show many diseases scientifically verified

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Homo Statistics from 2006 to 2009   
        AIDS is 50 times more prevalent among homosexuals

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Stats on Homosexuality from 2002 to 2005   
        Sexual transmissible diseases much higher among homosexuals

blank.gif - 807 Bytescatholic   Everyone Should Know these Statistics - 1978 - 1994    
        Reliable statistics on homosexuals to help parents raise their children well

catholicFrancis Receives ‘Gay’ Homage
In a homosexual parade in Brazil Francis receives homages

catholic Waving the White Flag on ‘Gay Marriage’
A disturbing silence from the Vatican on homosexual issues

catholicCatholic Scouts of St. George: A Brilliant Idea
Catholic parents should flee the Boy Scouts now

catholicCrowds Break up 'Gay Rights' Rally in Georgia
Inhabitants of Tbilisi put homosexuals activists to flight

catholicCard. Dolan Welcomes Homosexuals
He accepts civil unions of ‘gays’ but not their ‘marriages’

catholicItaly's ‘Miss Gay’ Chosen in a Catholic Parish
In the city of Padua at San Bellino Church in the neighborhood of Arcella

catholicLevada: ‘Homosexuality Is Different from Pedophilia’ - Refutation
Exposing two lies in Card. Levada's remarks on male homosexuality

catholicWhen Cardinals Are Outed for their Homosexuality
After years of denial, Scottish Card. Keith O'Brien admits his guilt

catholicSt. Francis Parish in Sacramento Promoting Homosexuals
Homo parties advertised in its bulletin; Lesbian is chair of its parish council

catholicWhy Are Sodomites Attracted to the Priesthood?
Accessibiity & personal benefits make it an appealing career 

catholicHomosexual Ceremony in a Basilica of Buenos Aires
A transgender baptizes "her" children at the Most Holy Sacrament Basilica

catholicTransvertite Reads Epistole in London
At the Our Lady of the Assumption Church, with the approval of the Archbishop

catholicWhen Trumpets Give an Uncertain Sound
Review of Setting the Table: Preparing Parishes to Welcome Homosexuals

catholic‘Gay Ministries’ Serve the Homosexual Revolution
Bishop Vera Lopez openly promotes homosexuality in Mexico

catholicCroatia’s Healthy Reaction to a ‘Gay Parade’
Thousands of people protest at the homosexual public event in Split

catholicThe Vatican Circus - Part 1
The Pellegrini Scandal - from Barcelona Gay Circus to Paul VI Hall

catholicThe Vatican Circus - Part 2
Who's to Blame for the Pellegrini Scandal?

catholicHow Did We Reach This Point?
Teen television programs present homosexuals as normal and nice

catholicDestroying Our Military Effectiveness
Homosexuality ruins the mannish character of our troops

catholicMore Symptoms of Newman's Homosexuality
On the eve of his beatification new data surface

catholicThe Increasing Gay Tyranny
Intolerance of ‘tolerant’ laws in the US & UK

catholicPope Appoints Gay-Friendly Bishop to San Francisco
Msgr. McElroy brings a past filled with compromises and accommodation

catholicCarrying a Gay Banner?
Colombian priest launches explosive book on homosexuality in the clergy

catholicThe Horror! The Horror!
Canadian priest 'marries' his partner in Toronto

catholicAnti-Natural Law Approved in Catholic Portugal
The Cardinal's omission causes ‘gay marriage’ to be approved

catholicHail to Caesar
New Bishops' report claims homosexuality did not factor into priest abuse

catholicNew UN President Opposes Homosexual Rights
Homosexuals call for Abdussalam's removal

catholicPope and Vatican Newspaper Praise Homosexual Persons
Benedict XVI honors Juliusz Paetz, L'Osservatore Romano praises Oscar Wilde

catholicThe Pregnant Man and the Bokanovsky Process
When the anti-natural is considered normal...

catholicHomosexual ‘Marriage’ and Democracy
Analysis of the scheme to undo Proposition 8 in California

catholicOvert Indoctrination of Children for Homosexual ‘Marriage’
A kindergarten class required to attend the lesbian "wedding" of its teacher

catholicReligious Beliefs against Homosexuality Must Be Respected
An English example on how to fight for our religious rights

catholicCard. Newman Recognized as a Homosexual
NCR confirms his longtime partnership with another man

catholicWas Card. Newman 'Gay'?
Ecumenical News International reports that he was

catholicSame-Sex Marriage and the California Bishops
Their weak reaction to the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage

catholicThe Absence of Rage
Bishops show no indignation over even the most atrocious sexual abuses

catholicGood Reactions against Priestly Homosexuality
Indignation in Texas ends in resignation of former St. Sebastian Angel priest

catholicPlease Act on Evidence that Card. McCarrick Is a Homosexual
Open Letter of author Richard Sipe to Benedict XVI

catholicNiederauer Silent on Parody of the Passion
In San Francisco, 2007, homosexuals mock Holy Week

catholicChurch Welcomes British 'Gay Parade'
St. James Catholic Church in London sends a placard saluting the event

catholicBlasphemous Cage-Dancing Christ in San Francisco
Randy Engels asks Archbishop Niederauer to respond to this offense

catholicOpen Letter to Archbishop Niederauer
The St. Joseph’s Men Society asks for reparatory action

catholicNiederauer’s Apology for Giving Communion to 'Sisters of Indulgence'
Archbishop's apology covers for sodomites at Most Holy Redeemer parish

catholicArchbishop Niederauer Desecration of the Holy Eucharist
Photo gallery and comments on the Mass at Most Holy Redeemer parish

catholicHow Catholic Bishops Accepted Sodomy
New interpretations of Scriptures set aside condemnations of homosexuality

catholicAn Ecclesiastical Fiasco in London
Card. O'Connor approves special Masses for homosexuals in his Archdiocese

catholicBertone's Theatrical Indignation
Three Prelates proved guilty of homosesuality; six convicted of pedophilia

catholicComposer of Theme Song for the WYD-08 Supports Homosexuality
Rock singer Guy Sebastian attacks Catholic Morals

catholicHomosexuals Brainwashing Our Children - Must-See Video!
Homosexual activists teaching in elementary schools tolerance of their sin

catholicAnother Compromise in San Francisco
Archbishop Niederauer is happy about homosexuals adopting children

catholicLife and Death in a “Gay” Parish
Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at Most Holy Redeemer, San Francisco

catholicGuidelines Support so-called Rights of Homosexuals
Ask Bishops now to vote down proposals for 'Gay' Ministry Guidelines

catholicHomosexuals Cause Nausea to Our Lord and Are Despised by the Devil
Words of Our Lord to St. Catherine of Siena

catholicHomosexual Priests Must Be Deprived of Their Dignity and Put to Death
Apostolic Constitutionn Horrendum illud scelus by St. Pius V

catholicCard. McCarrick’s Acceptance of Homosexual Civil Unions
His denial only confirms his statement

catholicWhy the Priesthood Will Continue To Be a 'Gay' Profession
Analysis of the latest Vatican document on homosexuality

catholicPaul VI's Homosexuality: Rumor or Reality?
The Italian press revisits Paul VI's alleged homosexuality

catholicUS Bishops Wanted Delay on Vatican Document on Homosexuality
Fear of disturbing the sensibilties of homosexual seminarians

catholic"Chaste" Homosexual Priests Are Assets to the Church? - 7th sophism
Sophisms about the homosexual crisis in the Catholic Church

catholicEveryone Should Know these Statistics on Homosexuals
Reliable statistics on homosexuals to help parents raise their children well

catholicAbout the Gay Priest Imposture
Revelations of an anonymous "gay" priest in an interview with NCR

catholicBishop J. Terry Steib - a False Shepherd
A new "gay and lesbian" ministry that praises homosexuals

catholic“Homosexually Oriented” Priests: If It Doesn't Sound Right, It Usually Isn't
On Card. Mahony's 2005 Religious Education Congress

catholicWhy Didn’t Card. George CondemnSodomite “Rights” Bill in Illinois?
The need for clear and courageous Catholic teaching on public issues

catholicCard. Mahony: Master of Cunning and Deceit
Why isn't the Card. Mahony held accountable for protecting guilty priests?

catholicCover-Up in the Austrian Seminary
Rector of Sankt Polten kisses seminarians; Bishop covers up; police intervenes

catholicMarried Priests and Homosexual Seminarians? - 5th and 6th sophisms
Sophisms about the homosexual/pedophile crisis in the Catholic Church

catholicIs There a Link between Homosexuality and Pedophilia? - 4th sophism
Sophisms about the homosexual/pedophile crisis in the Catholic Church

catholicCan A Priest Be Judged by Civil Authorities? - 3rd sophism
Sophisms about the homosexual/pedophile crisis in the Catholic Church

catholic"The Sin of Sodom Was Inhospitality"- A Response to This Lie
Refutation of this falsehood and presentation of the teaching of St. Thomas

catholicShould Lay People Help Govern the Church? - 2nd sophism
Sophisms about the homosexual/pedophile crisis in the Catholic Church

catholicPrevious System Was Fine;Corruption Came from Vatican II -1st sophism
Sophisms about the homosexual/pedophile crisis in the Catholic Church

catholicNo Stone Left Unturned Except One: Vatican II
The lacunae in the John Jay Report on homosexual/pedophile priests

catholicWrong Glasses To Analyze AIDS
A Vatican official attributes the pandemic to a lack of drug treatment

catholicTalking Out of Both Sides of Their Mouths
Bishops avoid issuing a statement opposing same-sex unions

catholicCleaning up the Picture
After resigning because a homosexual scandal, Weakland is being rehabilitated

catholicThe Mother of All Hate Crimes
Legislators who favor homosexuality, abortion and euthanasia mock God

catholicToo Much Read into Too Little
Regarding Cardinal Arinze's comment about homosexuality at Georgetown

catholicVatican Permits Transsexuals
Card. Ratzinger approves sex-change surgeries

catholicJesuits Defend Ordination for Homosexuals
America praises the "gifts that gay men bring to the Church"

catholicThird Sex - The Changing Face of the Priesthood
Book offers a strange solution: Just accept homosexual priests...

catholicUnder Fire
Will the Primate of England support homosexuality?

catholicTheir Gifts and Experiences
Cardinal Mahony supports gay and lesbian Catholic ministry

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