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Anti-War Fanaticism & Schismatic Offenses

Falsehood, Sophistry, Deceit

Hate Mail
Tradition in Action,

Re: War, Just War by Atila Sinke Guimaraes

I recently purchased this book from you and found it to be a most exasperating read. This book should never have been published. It is full of error and a combination of many things: conjecture, dubiosity, obfuscation, opinion, and falsehood. In this case the attempt to apply Cathoic thinking to the subject of 9/11 and the two Gulf Wars is totally incompatible considering the true facts. Consequently this book is worthless if not dangerous at the minimum.

The author’s title for Chapter 1 is; Don't Swallow the Bait"War, Just War: ."

However, this is exactly what he has done. He has swallowed the bait by upholding the story line of 9/11 and both Gulf Wars. Consequently what could have been succinct scholarship and rhetoric resulted in complete sophistry. He and Fr. DePauw both need to be repudiated for their support of evil.

With a minimum effort in research, anyone can discover that 9/11 was an evil act based upon deceit and lies. There is much evidence available that indicates our own government is not innocent in these matters.

Within weeks of 9/11, the head of the FBI acknowledged there was no hard evidence to identify the alleged 19 Arab terrorists. Nearly half those originally named turned up alive and well. The first Gulf War was justified on the purchase of orchestrated false testimony of a young Kuwaiti girl about an event that never happened; and was also justified based on satelite imagery which did not exist. Gulf War II was instigated on a plethora of lies. It appears that the author was only intent on supporting the myths of government propaganda - the idea that somehow the Arabs and Islam were our mortal enemies.

This book is written so poorly I cannot even imagine a reasonable excuse as to why the author would want it published. It depletes any credibility he may have had in his other writings. I have never before read such a flawed book. Distribution of the book also has harmful potential for the credibility of Tradition in Action.

Normally I would returm such a book and demand my money back. However, I am going to keep this book as it is an excellent example of shoddy journalism, poor research, bias and how one can be deceived by falsehood and lack of knowledge. It is an excellent example to be used with students to illustrate many things.

War, Just War represents confusion, contradiction, deceit and undisclosed agenda. I strongly recommend it be withdrawn from circulation and distribution.


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Despicable and Heretic

Hate Mail
You have a great site regarding Traditional Catholicism but you're WAY off base when it comes to the USA and it's so called 'War on Terror' and the totally mislabled 'Islamofascism.'

It seems you've thrown in with the despicable Neo-cons and heretic evangelical dispensationalists, who wax about the 'WOT' being the new Crusades, with GW playing the role of the Pope, the US military as the Crusaders.

I got that same 'Did you Know' propaganda from a war-loving Bush-bot the other day and I'm forwarding my reply to him to you also, for whatever that's worth. Forewarned - there are vulgarities. But nothing as bad as the vulgarity that is this hideous war.

     For shame.

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Frightening Stupid

Hate Mail
(Regarding Ten Questions on the War)

You are so stupid it's frightening. Why don't you go back to the TFP cult. They can always use another fool.

At least more and more traditional Catholics know you for what you are.

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You Favor the Anti-Christ

Hate Mail
You are serving the enemy with your support of our unjust war on Iraq. Don't you realize who benefits from this war, besides the generic excuse of the oil companies.

Oh let me guess, you're a Zionist Catholic, right? You are right about Vatican II but you aren't looking at who helped bring that about. Not just Freemasons but their traditional financers. Please get it together so traditional Catholics can be united against our 2000 year enemies. You sound like Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell. Wake up!

I'm sure you're well-meaning, but you're misguided. This war serves the anti-Christ forces in Israel.

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Hate Mail
(Regarding the affirmation that the Schismatic Church is in error)

Who are heretics ….you or us?

It’s evil for you to say such things on your EVIL sight about the Holy Orthodox Church.

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Fatima Is Arrogant

Hate Mail
(Regarding the statement that Russia did not convert)

In case you did not know it, Russia is Christian and has been for one thousand years!

I would venture to say that Russian Christians are the bravest after having gone thought 100 years of persecution by the Leninists!

Stop being so arrogant! Fatima is private revelation and not Scripture!

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Dark Intellect

Hate Mail
Reading just a few paragraphs, it is sad to see that your intellect is dark so as not to see the Light. On one hand you accuse the Greek Orthodox Church of grave sin because they are schismatics and heretics, yet you yourself judge the Pope and those in the Vatican - not much difference from where I sit. Both involve "my will be done".

The bottom line is that Jesus and Mary have shown the straight way [Proverbs 4:27] through self-denial ("Not my will but Thine be done"; "Be it done unto me according to Thy Will."), humility, and obedience. Going public in this way, as you do, without sufficient understanding, betrays exactly what you set out to expose.

Repentance, just like peace on earth, must begin with "me".


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 3, 2008

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