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Protestant & Progressivist Aggravation

Repulsive Heretics

Hate Mail
To whom is in charge of the traditioninaction website:

I have found your website to be a wealth of information to the New World Order movement which the catholic church is part of. Your dedication in presenting the uncomprehensival religeous changes which the catholic church is going through is driving you to seek logical answers.

It is painful/sad to see how people in the world do not know mankinds history, yet take the only approach of calling the protestant movement a cult. I can take much time to school you in the subject matter but there is a problem - You're too entrenched in the catholic ideology so anything said or brought forth, even if it is the truth, it (the facts) would not desuade you.

Individuals like you are too proud to be persuaded from error and fall into what God himself found repulsive in Lucifer and ultimate downfall, PRIDE. I can only hope that one day, God will soften your heart so that you may seek the truth, thereby answering all the well documented heresy which you have labored so meticulously/patienly to present to your bretheren.

God Bless and keep up the good work.


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Exclusionary Bigots

Hate Mail
I just read the article about how to address Catholic clergy. Wow! No wonder the Catholic church seems so exclusionary when you call Protestants heretics and you refuse to show Protestant clergy the same respect as Catholic clergy.

I study religion from a historical perspective, partly because it makes logical sense and partly because: Theology = Prejudice = Hate = War. "I will exclude (kill) you in the name of MY God." Your article has proven my point.

You are such a bigot. I bet you don't like people of color, either. Jesus did not exclude. At least, MY Jesus didn't. My Jesus believed in social justice for the least, those who were marginalized or excluded from society. It is very sad that the Catholic Jesus, who must be crucified again and again and again, excludes and discriminates.

In my Protestant church tradition, ALL are WELCOME at the LORD'S table. Not just those who are deemed worthy by the MEN who make the rules. It is the LORD'S table not the Catholic table or the Orthodox table or the Lutheran table or the Methodist table or the Presbyterian table or . . . . My Lord and Savior welcomes ALL to His table.

1 Peter 3:18 -- For Christ also died for sins ONCE FOR ALL, the just for the unjust, so that He might bring us to God . . .

Romans 6:10 -- For the death that HE died, He died to sin ONCE FOR ALL; but the life that HE lives, He lives to God.

How very sad for you that you must be so bigoted and exclusionary and that you cannot embrace the differences of others who do not think or believe the same as you. I may not agree with some of the teachings of the Catholic church, but I would never show disrespect to its clergy by thinking they were lesser than my clergy. I would honor them with the same respect -- not greater or lesser -- of other church traditions. All churches, synagogues, mosques, temples -- all houses of worship -- are equal in God's eyes. No one is better than another. The only "right" church is the one that is "right" for you.

With that said, I still enjoy visiting Catholic churches with my Catholic friends as they enjoy visiting my church with me. We accept, and respect, our different perspectives and interpretations. I won't even get into transubstantiation because that is an argument for another day.

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Sick Medievalists

Hate Mail
I am a devoted catholic and I've got my MA in theology...

But when i read your so called comments on adaptations that Church has made to its habits in order to come closer to a modern believer I ask myself what kind of sick people are you.

The Middle Ages ended 500 years ago. Maybe you should grasp it too.

     K.K., Slovenia
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Utter Idiots

Hate Mail
I am appalled at your website and even more disgusted that it is from Catholics.

You are doing harm and not ANY good or serving any purpose.

Do not respond as I am not interested in communicating with idiots.

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Rot in Hell

Hate Mail
Your going to rot in hell for promoting such hatred to gay people!

Enjoy !

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Liars, Liars, Liars

Hate Mail
I feel sick from reading your lies.

May Yaohushua have mercy on your soul

R.J, Sweden

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Hate Mail

Please tell me, in all due respect, why do you hate so much? Why do you - and you KNOW this is true deep down - experience a twisted tweak (or stronger) of pleasure when pointing out how no one other than Catholics are, to summarize your bantering, friends of God?

Who harmed you? And what are you so afraid of? Is your self esteem so damaged that you make it your life mission to divide prayerful, truth-seeking people from a relationship with God? Do you not trust God to allow God to work through these people?

You and I both agree that Jesus is the Son of God, and that God the Father and the Holy Spirit are entwined to comprise the Holy Trinity. But as Jesus was a carpenter by trade, and that confused the masses who dared to wonder if He was indeed the Messiah, can Jesus not work through people as He sees fit? Do you really think Jesus wants His believers to alienate the confused? Or does He want us to them with love and compassion and dignity?

Jesus warned the Pharisees not to bow before the letter of the law while violating the heart of the law. I fear that we Catholics have been exceedingly guilty of this caveat time and gain. But we have a loving, understanding Father to rely on - hence the Paschal Mystery.

     Thank you.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 10, 2012

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