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Anti-Catholic, Sede-Vacantist
& Progressivist Bile


Anti-Catholic Ire

I read your piece on John Lennon selling his soul and how you point out that catholics should get rid of evil rock music. I agree.

Now, would you also tell people that when they see that catholic popes have been involved in child molestation abuse cases, ordering the killing of other human beings, burnings at the stake, shady real-estate deals to accumulate wealth, involved in satanism, involved in homosexuality, fathered numerous children, had concubines and wives, were involved in drugs and drunkeness, etc, etc, would you kindly tell your religious devotees that your church is under the influence of the devil and should be avoided??

Or are you going to look past these facts of the 2000 year history of the church and say something like, "There have been some bad apples in church history"- "but that doesn't constitute what the faith stands for"?

There has been no greater evil in the world than the catholic church....



Daft & Extreme

Your site has caused me to return to the new mass from the older rite. You do not understand ecclesiological development - you are daft and extreme.



Ridiculous & Oppressive

I agree with you that Katherine Hepburn was absolutely fabulous in that she was completely untraditional and questioned all of the ridiculous patriarchal oppression of marriage and had her own mind.

Thank you for your article supporting liberation and freedom for women in every way, from dress to morals and beyond!



Progressivist Eastern Catholic Futility

In this posting you say: "Last winter a delegation of Korean Buddhist monks was received at Santiago of Compostela Cathedral, Spain, with all consideration by the monsignor in charge of the Cathedral."

Was the Monsignor supposed to spit in their faces and deny them entrance?

You also seemed to take exception to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI bowing with his hands joined. Otherwise, you would not have included it as an example of "Church revoltion in picdtures."

This is a frequently encountered posture in Catholic Syriac tradition.

As I keep reminding you, Latin Catholicism is NOT the entirety of Catholic Tradition. It's not even the standard.

     Glory to Jesus Christ,



Most Ridiculous

Your ideas and views of women wearing men's clothing are the most ridiculous I have ever heard.

GOD bless us all.



You Are Worse than Luther

Hello TIA,

"Certain external words or deeds pertain to unbelief, in so far as they are signs of unbelief, even as a sign of health is said itself to be healthy." (Summa Theol., II-II, q. 12, a. 1, Reply to Objection 2.) and "if anyone were to have himself circumcised, or to worship at the tomb of Mahomet, he would be deemed an apostate." (Summa Theol., II-II, q. 12, a. 1, Objection 2. - italics and underline added).

JPII of damned memory kissed the Quran, the book which explicitly denies The Blessed Trinity and Divinity of Jesus Christ and by that made profession of his belief regarding The Blessed Trinity. Paul VI wore the sign of Jewish high priest, the rationale of judgment, and by that also professed his belief regarding The Blessed Trinity. What they were speaking and writing about Jesus Christ and The Blessed Trinity is all lie. They spoke and wrote but believed nothing at all.

Even the heresiarch Martin Luther fiercely hated the blasphemous Quran and the blaspheming Mohammedans and also the blaspheming Jews and would have certainly abhorred and rejected these abominations of men as the most wicked apostates.

Judging by your familiarity with the Summa of St. Thomas and your acceptance of the most wicked apostates, not heretics but apostates(!!) as popes and your heads, you are even more wicked than ultra-wicked heresiarch Martin Luther. "Bravo" TIA. The payment for you for this abomination is on the way.



You Are Misleading People

I am really disappointed in your website - I thought you were all for tradition! Clearly you are mistaken or maybe you don't realize that men who are supposedly "ordained" in the New Church (Norvus Ordo) are not valid priests because the Sacrament of Ordination has been altered! Even some of the steps to Ordination have been eliminated. You really need to research the matter of the changed Sacraments more thoroughly before giving people advice!

In regards to annullments - the traditional Church almost never grants annullments. Nor do they recognize divorce.

The title of your website is very deceiving. Please, for the salvation of your soul and those who you have influenced by your misinformation, go back to the way things were before Vatican II.

Make a novena to the Holy Ghost before you begin your search for the TRUTH.



Pro-Gay Resentment


Please remove us from your list, not interested in close minded views. God made us all, and if people are different it was by his choice. If you have any issues, bring them up to God see what he says about it. Live and let live!!!


     St. Victor’s Church - Elrocio@elrocio.net


Homosexual ‘Politesse’

Hi there,

Thank you for the very excellent article about John Boswell and the way history is being rewritten by those with a particular agenda.

I'm currently in communication with the authors of a website which is dangerously misleading about the subject of homosexuality and same sex marriage in the church. In fact their claims are so widely off the mark as to be ridiculous. One of the books quoted to justify their position is in fact the book 'Same-sex unions in pre modern Europe' by John Boswell. Not having read the book but having been tempted to buy a copy in order to examine his views, I'm glad I came across your site and have read your review. I won't waste my time reading it now; your review confirms my instinct.

However, I do feel huge compassion for folk so desperate to justify their own position. There are many and they are willing to believe almost anything yet want to remain in communion with God at the same time. The situation seems hopeless.

The truth is that Jesus does love us as we are. He will never ask us to change ourselves because we cannot, but He can ask us to trust Him to bring about change in our lives in His time and way. If only those in church leadership would offer real hope of new life, even eternal life to come and promote the true gospel of grace they might find themselves able to withstand the very temptations which are currently making a laughing stock of the church in the eyes of most unbelievers.

My own experience as a homosexual and with the way God has led me through into new life as a husband and father would be valueless in God's sight (although it isn't because I love my wife and kids) if He was willing to have blessed me in a relationship with someone of the same sex.

I should mention that I'm not a catholic but I am a believing christian.




Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 12, 2012