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Yoga Nun, Protestant & Homo Annoyance

Yoga Nun’s Protest
Re: Increasing Practice of Yoga, Reiki & Shamanism

I just read an article online written by Ms. Maczek which clearly demonstrates her lack of knowledge or understanding of what the nuns are doing with hands on healing or Yoga.

It is obvious that she is full of fear which is a reflection of her own unhealed areas. To think that by relaxing during meditation and Yoga is to open oneself to the devil is absurd. Rather, why are they not opening themselves to God...to divine healing energy...to spirit...which inturn produces the loving feeling, the compassion, peace, contentment, healing and lack of FEAR or judgement towards one's fellow human beings. I am shaking my head over this one.

It actually makes me sad to see an article written like that about people who are a blessing to this Earth. The Sisters of St. Francis are doing so much positive good for our world. Their convent and grounds are amazing and full of beauty and eco friendly activities.

It is obvious they touch the world with healing, help, warmth, creativity, and a GREAT love for ALL humanity. They embrace all...unlike Ms. Maczek who is full of fear and judgment.

Those nuns at St. Francis have nothing but loving intentions and are helping many. Can you say the same Ms. Maczek?

Shame on you for that misleading article. I hope you take it off the net for EVERYONE'S sake.



The Same Protestant ‘Litany’...
If Jesus established his true Catholic church with Peter and Jesus predicted the church would fall away from true worship into an apostasy, isn't Catholicism apostate? Show me one scripture where Jesus honored Mary. Where he asked his followers to touch saints bodies for healing?

Where Jesus prayed the Rosary? Where He prayed through saints? Celebrated the pagan holidays of Christmas or Easter? Where Jesus created images to bow down to? Where Mary is sinless? Where it says that Mary is blessed ABOVE women? Where purgatory is mentioned? Where the early church had a hierarchy in the clergy? Where we needed indulgences to get to heaven? Where tradition is valid over truth? Where councils creeds replace what Jesus said?

Seems to be that Catholics are apostate. These "Protestants" are the first to recognize this. Many don't leave the church because of Falling away. They leave because they love god and not what a church teaches.

You openly put criticism online you're open to criticism.

Sincerely one of Jehovah's True Christian Witness


Confused Homo Indignation

I write to you to please read the crap you people are putting out there about gay people ----- having worms etc ---- length of life ------ putting sexual organs into another digestive system,

you need to really think about what you are publishing , it comes across as just another fundamental group of nuts,

do you think that heterosexual people are not guilty of the same acts , and another thing I think it was JESUS who said something about JUDGING ,


     K.F.S., Australia

Defending ‘Gays’ & Pedophiles
Re: Common Good and the Criminal

Firstly, an accused is just that, an accused not convicted. If any laws should be passed, then first things first, disallow fomenting hatred of the accused.

The photo shows a mother holding a placard. She is evidently very angry at molesters. Recalling my own youth it was common for 15 year olds to hunt down gays to make a few dollars for favors received. Not only this, but the gays were used as objects of beatings. They were also sexually active with partners of the opposite sex. So my point is 15 year olds know what sexual advances are and who should do naturally what to whom no matter what the court thinks. Any guy worth his salt would admit this.

Another quirk that others conveniently forget is the police themselves arrest this age group under adult charges, so why the inconsistency. If they are adult for the purpose of being charged, why are they suddenly immature when they are on the offensive in a sexual assault case where cash is the target? This is what we call travesty of justice and it sets a precedent.

The nation forfeits the right to pass effectual laws that have God's sanction when it obstinately refuses to abide by God's other laws. The Church being the Teacher of Nations has instructed the nation to not execute prisoners except in very rare cases. It ignores this. So your question is why shouldn't it be able to pass laws? Now you know.

The Dallas outline is just. 2 Cor 2,6-7 states to the community "in common" that all measures to the offended should have an end in closure. In other words offenses need to be really forgiven without any initiation from the offender, not having a paper trail whose purpose is to torment him all his life in perpetual sentencing which far exceeds what the nation asks in compensation for the crime.


China Is Not Communist
Re: China's ‘Soft Power’ & a Real Red Dawn

In 1984, Red China officially repudiated Marxism, saying it had nothing to say to economic and social realities of the late 20th century.

Can it therefore be called a Communist country? I'm not denying it has a totalitarian regime unfriendly to religion in general and Christianity in particular, but that's not the same thing as Communism.


Religion Divides
Dear Folks,

I happened upon your website as a result of your article on "Christmas Was Never a Pagan Holiday", which is very interesting. Years ago I was associated with the original Worldwide Church of God/Ambassador College of Pasadena, California, during the lifetime of its founder Herbert W. Armstrong (long deceased by now). In fact I was an employee of their college for about 12-years. One of their strange teachings was that Christmas was pagan in origin and they disallowed its celebration.

My family and I took an exit from that group, long ago in 1974. After all these years, my 30-year old daughter with four children and because of her husband, whose dad is a "pastor", have been caught up in these same beliefs that I long ago rejected. They are in association with one of the splinter groups of the Worldwide Church of God, and there are many of those splinter groups, all spearheaded by in my view, self-appointed church heads.

At any rate we are ex-church goers after attending many different churches over the years, including charismatic, pentecostal, baptist and others. We still believe in Jesus Christ, we just do not accept and never will again, organized churches.

What is astonishing to me is that some groups harp on Christmas and Easter as such "pagan" customs, while at the same time they accept as "good" (a God thing), all the horrors, genocide and mass-murder and strange teachings of the Old Testament and the book of "Revelation", which are filled with blood and gore and supposedly all attributed to God.

I have long since come to know beyond doubt that the "Bible" is INK on PAPER and penned by the minds of men, often with very ulterior motives. That does not keep me from believing in Jesus Christ, whom I accept on the basis of faith.

What is true, is that no human being alive on earth today, was a witness to anything in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation (and I have read it all many times).

In fact it is religion that divides human beings into everlasting conflict, divisions, animosities, quarrels and so forth that seemingly will never be resolved.

I have to view that Jesus Christ taught LOVE, COMPASSION, MERCY, EMPATHY and HUMILITY and IF humans were willing to live by that standard, it would be a great world.

Unfortunately I don't see it ever happening in the human realm.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 5, 2013