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Voodooist Exasperation

You Are the Result of the Slave Trade

On JPII greeting voodoo “priest,” here & here.

Where do I start, this is MY opinion on this ill faded [sic] matter.

Tell me, how many Wiccan and Vodoun books have you read in your life time? Do you understand ANY of it? From the post I was reading (i dont know how old it is) you dont seem know very much. I have nothing against Christians what so ever, But the growing problem I see with all of the (Christians) is your always pressing your religion onto a certain group of groups of people. Always quick to tell them their views and their life style is wrong and yours is right because it just is.

Truly you have no proof what-so-ever on what is real and what is not. All you have is the same thing, Vodoun and Wiccan followers have and that is FAITH. Faith is a great thing to have and live by, and i feel people like you shouldnt always be putting down other peoples culture,.... thats no different than not liking someone because their skin color is different. Thats what we call racism!!!!

"Voodooism and Spiritism do not appear so forbidding when their representatives are invited by the John Paul II to gather together to pray at Assisi. Yet this is the exact opposite of Gospel teaching, the Magisterium and the sensus Catholicus [Catholic sense]." WHAT WOULD YOU RATHER, JOHN PAUL BEAT THE MAN DOWN BECAUSE HIS VIEW OF LIFE HIS DIFFERENT

I can tell by the way you wrote it - "Voodooism" = you dont know jack about it or where it comes from or why its practiced. Let me give you an insite [sic] on it, Its the only thing African Americans have left of their pure culture, before Europeans came about and ruined everything with the slave trade, in which slave owners erased a culture by denying Africans the right to use their names, forcing them to take CHRISTIAN names instead, stopping them from speaking their language, practice their faith and pass family history on to their children ect...

BUT HEY ALL THE SLAVE TRADERS DID IT, BECAUSE IT WASNT FROM GOD" And because it wasnt acustom [sic] to their way of life, they made it evil and they taught their children to believe its evil and the out come is YOU. But at the time, all Europeans thought anything from Africa was evil so I really cant blame you for having "tunnel vision" - its all you seem to know, closed minded in my thought.

Your insite on love potions and hexxes and ect.. is nothing to do with Vodoun, you're thinking of something called Hoodoo, they are not the same thing. For the African and Diaspora, the goal of Vodoun is to reestablish and to maintain Ancestral connections, and to care for ones personal and familial deities (Vodou). Be truthful, do good; Be truthful, do good: It is the truthful That the divinities support Ewe proverb

Now doesnt the Christian God say the same thing?

On other notice, just remember who killed who is WHO'S name. You never seen Native Americans kill the invading white men in the name of their GOD/S. No instead you saw the white men kill the Native Americans in their God's name because the Native Americans didnt know and didnt understand who the white, blond hair, blue eye'd Jesus was, seeming he was born in the Middle East.

Though on the surface, it might appear that "Wicca" and African Traditional Religions are similar, however, they actually have very little in common. As far as PRACTICE, one can always pray to ones Ancestors, and as a senteura (non-initiate), similar to the role of a church congregate, participate in community ceremonies officiated by Vodoun Priest/ess, however to partake of any *consecrated* rituals of calling on and honoring the gods, healing, initiation, divination, etc., one must be correctly initiated by legitimate clergy of the Vodoun. There is also NO SELF-INITIATION in any of the African Traditional Religions, and that includes Vodou. Mami Wata Yeveh Vodoun WEB SITE

I really hope this has left you with a small insite of this culture, im sorry the whole world cant live the way you want it to, and im sorry that the entire world is different which makes us all unique. ...


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 23, 2014