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Feminist, Schismatic & Abortionist Rage

War Mongers & Demagogues


Re: End of the American Hegemony

I suppose it is only fitting that the foreign policy writers at TIA would lament the hypothetical end of US Hegemony. Not that it is happening or ever will any time in the near future. But the thought of just a slowdown to the false flags, illegal invasions, sanctions, embargos and mass slaughter sends shivers down their spines. Oops, I mean backs.

Maybe it’s time TIA put down Billy’s long discredited “How to - War Propaganda” bible and start reading the Douay Rheims. Who knows, it might even lead you out of your fox holes. Yikes!, perish the thought. ‘There’s just gotta be an old manuscript somewhere which shows to the world that hegemony is in fact, the missing 8th corporal work of mercy, benevolently bestowed by the US on unappreciative non-client states the world over (Raymond would be proud)’. But once it is found, oh I can see it now, Jorge Bergoglio and the gang of 8 will gather at the Vatican for immediate confirmation and formal declarations. At that point, let all massacred civilians everywhere rise from their graves and join the refrain, “Found at last, found at last……………”

Attention, all TIA staff war mongers and unilateralists on deck, man your stations. Demagogues everywhere unite!

     S. K.

Imbecile Misogynist

Re: Is God Mother?

To Atila Sinke Guimarães

In your text your reveal your profound ignorance, supreme sexism. and disgusting misogyny.

It is people like you who perpetuate the abuse of women at the hands of society in general and the Vatican in particular.

How stupid and dense you MUST be not to realize that there would be NO life on this planet if it weren't for women.

As a matter of fact you yourself would not even be alive if it weren't for your mother. So how can you be such a moron to say that God is better expressed through men?! Your stupidity will be thrown right back into your face when you finally come face to face with the Father/Mother God who will have to slap you REAL hard across your face and head to get some sense into your useless brain!

Now go and apologize to your mother who obviously should have spanked the hell out of you since hell is all that's living inside you at the moment. IMBECILE!


Offensive & Rude

Re: What’s Good and Evil about Halloween?

On your website thing on the history of Samhain, you were very offensive. There was some decent info but a lot was untrue and depicted Wiccans and pagans as evil and not calm soulful people who harm none. Wiccans and pagans do not acknowledge the Christian devil let alone worship him. It was rude and unqualified.


Schismatic Hatred

I read your article where you attack the Holy Orthodox Church.

The truth is that the Roman church is the one in schism. And many would say that means the "sacraments" of the Roman church are invalid due to schism and heresy.

You must repent and return to Holy Orthodoxy.


You Are a Christian Taliban

Re: Abortion Nearly Triples Breast Cancer Risk, Study Finds

I went to the Dr. Daling’s website and saw none of what you said. Your picture of a fetus head, no doubt taken from a life saving - yes, women have lives worth not throwing away on a fetus that's killing them, abortion is gross. ALL SURGICAL PROCEDURES ARE GROSS to the non medically minded.

Telling lies and scaring women will work less and less in the future. Wendy Davis is going to get Texas back on track. Women have lives and rights. No to the CHRISTIAN TALIBAN


Protestant Objector

Re: Debasement of Knighthood


Did you know that our former [Belgian] king, Leopold II, beknighted a lot of criminals who murdered, raped and stole in Belgian Congo ?

This is a fact.

Nothing surprising coming from a man like Leopold II who was totally ruined around 1870 and “suddenly” grew very rich and built a lot of enormous buildings etc.

His dynasty is related to the Windsor dynasty (von SACHSEN-COBURG).

So if the Queen Elisabeth II beknighted people like Mick Jagger and Elton John, please do not be surprised …

The devil protects his people and one day will rule as a god over the planet earth as anti-Christ in Jerusalem (during the second period of 7 years of rule). Every man, woman, child, rich and poor, free and slave, will receive a MARK upon the right hand or in the front head. The ones who will refuse such a MARK will be executed (Revelation ch. 13).

Biometrics (iris-scan, finger prints, Palm Secure etc.) is the beginning of this damned technology that will lead to the MARK.

Let’s hope that this BEAST can only rule after the fact that the Christians will have been taken to Heaven by Christ (the Rapture).

     Kind regards from Brussels.


Ironic Approach

Regarding: Pagan ceremonies at the dedication of Mission Santa Ines

Hi there,

I saw that the Santa Ines Ynez mission had Chumash shamans and ceremonial things when they did the Mission re-dedication.

Is there anyone there who is closely connected to a cultural person or Chumash elder?

I'd be interested in learning more about the indigenous spiritual traditions & things.

There was virtually nothing about the Chumash in Solvang on the culture & the casino didn't have anything either.

I truly would like to meet with some elders in the future & perhaps even be invited to some of their ceremonies.

Thanks for any information you may have.

I am a Reiki practitioner & I felt the energy of the people in the land & valley when we visited Solvang & also the painted cave. I'd like to know more & meet more of the people & hear more stories about their lives & history if anyone knows more.

Thanks so much for your time,




Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 29, 2014