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Middle of the Road & Heretical Vitriol

Trashy Tabloid Journalism

Re: Homosexual ceremony in a Basilica of Buenos Aires

Dear Friend,

Can you add more links to your article Homosexual ceremony in a Basilica of Buenos Aires?

Because a gloria tv user claimed that is not true and attacked me on gloria tv news because I shared your article. He forced me to not post your link – which I did in order to allow those readers to share the news. Instead I added a Catholic webpage from Argentina who posted the same news.


This is what the user said about you:

Those so called "news sites" who claim that Cardinal Bergoglio approved of homo marriage when in Buenos Aires, demonstrate the classic example of cheap, trashy, tabloid journalism about a mythical occurrence that supposedly took place 16 months ago.

What the proponents of this slander need to ask themselves is, if it were true, why was such a huge news story not covered by the major news outlets (both secular and Catholic) when it allegedly occurred? Secular media especially salivate whenever they can blast the Catholic Church for anything. If the allegation were true, why would those news outlets not have run this bombshell of a story?

Furthermore, if the trashy news outlet's claim is true – that Francis did support homo marriage -- why then is Pope Francis so adamantly opposed to it now and also opposed to what follows, 'homo' adoption'?

If Francis at any time approved of either, the hypocrisy would have been a huge news story especially now considering that he states unequivocally that he is absolutely against both 'homo marriage' and homo adoption.


You Are Irrational & Dishonest Liars

Re: Christmas Was Never a Pagan Holiday and a video about it


You do not allow any comments on your videos or on your website or so it appears. What you are saying about Yule is incorrect and I can only assume that it is likely you must know that, hence your hiding from honest opposition or debate. I am referring to the article and video linked to above.

It is extremely dishonest if you are aware of the facts, but perhaps you have not done enough research to know what you are saying is incorrect or perhaps you just feel that twisting things around for a Jewish god will gain you a reward.

Do you really think it is good or appropriate to lie to others? Up to you really, but certainly not in keeping with the religion you profess to practice.

You also profess to be against modernism, but modernism is Jewish and cultural Marxist, and Christianity is, undeniably, a form of cultural Marxism, and it most certainly it is not European.

If you are not being paid to do this by the Jews, and have no wish to lie, I might do some more in depth thinking and research if I were you.



Anti-Papal Abhorrence

Re: Why Are These Teens Screaming?

Dear Sir,

I saw the photo in which stupid girls went hysterical when they saw the former German pope (who was member of the Hitler Youth, former soldier of the Wehrmacht and former Great Inquisitor of the Vatican …).

This intrigues me … Was Benedict XVI a devil’s puppet on a string ???

It can be supposed because it is said on the Net that our “holy” father covered up pedophilia in the “holy” Catholic Chruch sinds beginning 1960 …. Protecting the Churche’s name was more important that the suffering of the children …

     Kind regards,

     O.M., Ex-Catholic


The Abomination of the Catholic Cult

Christ warned about following after traditions of man and, unbenownst to you and the whole Catholic community, Unbeknowst to all of you, you are full of ancient Babylonian traditions, rites and rituals.

So here are 10 reasons why Christians (those who take the authority and teachings of God's Word at face value with out the need of a Cathecism to,interpret) who are taught and lead by God and not man, John 14:26, should not associate with Catholics except to convert them to the Truth. Since Protestansntism derives from the corrupt root of Catholicism, then its branches and fruit are undoubtedly corrupt as well..

Biblilcal Christians are the only true Church. If you argue that point then you are arguing with God Himself since His Word supplies all that we need. God interprets and leads us. We are to study it. Learn of Him and from Him. 2 Timothy 2:15 "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

You have suppressed the Truth to your church members toelling them to rely on the Church for salvation and even offering plenary indulenge for forgiveness??

That's stright up blasphemy toward God's free gift of salvation. The true and only "Church Fathers" are the Ante Nicene leaders and non from the abomination of Roman Cultithism. Get saved!!

Check these videos out (...) on the Catholic Churches pagan roots.... This is an 8 video series that you will gladly watch if you are a true seeker of truth.

Here (...) are 10 Biblical reasons why Catholicism is a false Anti-Biblical cult.


You Are an Embarrassment

Please stop.

you are embarrassing the christian community. Xoxo



Bigot, Shame on You

Re: Refuting the Anti-Catholic Lies of the e-pamphlet 'Life in the 1500's'


Being a lover of Medieval History, I fell in love with your website, and I was just about to email it to my family, and post it to my Facebook page, for its accuracy and lack of prejudice, until I came across this sentence: The term “dirt poor” was first used in the 1930’s, and used in reference to the Protestant hillbillies of the Ozarks and Oklahoma who lived in extreme poverty and unclean conditions.

Now, I’m going to assume that you did not mean this in the mean, bigoted manner in which I read it. “Protestant hillbillies” being a slur, much as “damned Catholics” offended me, when I was in my youth. I’m sure you were referring to the good farmers of Oklahoma, who were both Protestant and Catholic, who just happened to become victims of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl, which included great, black clouds of, well, DUST STORMS, which devastated working farms. They were not dirty.

If you’re from the United States, and you are too young or too ignorant of American history, than shame on you! If you are a bigot, than shame on you for that. If you are merely ignorant, than you are no different than those who have maligned Catholic Church history! And, oh, by the way, I’m quite certain that my “hillbilly neighbors” as you like to call them, and my Tennessee husband are cleaner than your attitude!

So, watch how you speak, your words are not accurate except as it suits you!




Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 24, 2015