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Protestant Ferocity, Sede-Vacantist Offense

Arrogant & Unsupportable Liars

To whom it may concern,

Taking some time to examine the essay by Marian T. Horvat, titled "Please, Don't call Protestants Christians", it is painfully apparent that this person has virtually no familiarity with the New Testament in any meaningful way. This sad, downright parochial treatise on exclusively "catholic" fallacies doesn't even come close to being an honest theological analysis of the differences between Catholicism and Protestantism! This entire essay is naught but an ignorant aping of arrogant, clandestine attempts by a patently dishonest papacy to "scare" protestants into some capitulation with the intent of embracing catholic heresies!

So terribly sorry to disappoint you all, but the inquisition is over, and has been for hundreds of years! People are now much more literate, and not nearly as many will fall prey to the heretical clutches of roman fallacy! This essay is an arrogant compendium of useless semantics, empty rhetoric, completely OUT OF CONTEXT biblical references, and unsupportable, outright lies!

As God did grant every man free will, you are free to embrace your personal beliefs, BUT: ANY honest, ethical analysis of the holy scriptures makes it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that the gospel message belongs to God, and GOD ALONE! NOT ROME! To contend otherwise is clear and outright heresy! ANY who hear the gospel of the mercy of God through Christ are embraced, forgiven and loved by God! John 1:12 "Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God"!

NOWHERE, repeat, NOWHERE is there a mention, or even the slightest hint that ANYBODY had to somehow "check in with rome for permission"! All the collective statements of all the doctors and pontiffs DO NOT equal the grace, wisdom, and irrefutable TRUTH of the holy scriptures! Furthermore, These sacred scriptures DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT require ANY further embellishment, or elucidation from the subsequent logical gymnastics of roman theological perversions! Nor do the true believers need the consistently "kindergarten" interpretations that sadly seem to satisfy gullible catholics!

Please feel free to do whatever you will with this letter. You can forward it to Ms. Horvat, or use it to identify your blatant theological errors, or discard it as you wish, the same way any truly learned students of scripture discard the heresies of rome.

     Other than that, have a nice day,



Lurking Occultists

Dear, traditioninaction,

Your interpretation of the word "Lucifer" as "ecclesiastical Latin" excusing its usage in the Vulgate Bible and in Liturgical texts can not be logically confirmed.

On the contrary, my research shows that the Latin church 's current crisis is connected somehow to this 'innocent' yet very crucial mistake.

"Lucifer" means the '"Light bearer "- i.e. "one who brings a light." Christ is not a 'light bearer " He is the UNCREATED LIGHT.

"Lucifer" exclusively is used by Isa at 14:12-17 to depict "the light bearer" in a fallen state - the Fallen Angel , Satan, and as such it is a proper name of the Satan. Enough to say in all other original texts (Armenian, Greek, Old Slavic) - they use "Morning Star" (Apoc 22:16, 2 Pet 2:19), meanwhile in Isa 14:12 it is used as "FALLEN Morning Star." So in original Greek Lucifer is used as "Fallen Morning Star"- meanwhile for Christ it is used "Morning Star." In Latin Vulgate it is not so.

So this mistake invalidates the Vulgate making it heretical - consequently also the Exultet prayer, which is composed by Goths and it is a pure occult invocation of Lucifer- the Satan.

Enough to say also that "Lucifer" as a proper name for Satan was used in Latin long before the Bible was translated by St. Jerome, and there is no excuse to use this specific word depicting the Satan AND Christ.

Morning Star is a metaphor, depicting the knowledge of Christ as an enlightening day, a new beginning in our hearts.

Meanwhile "Light bearer" is a noun , a proper name of Satan - and it should be rejected in all ecclesiastical texts connected to Christ, otherwise the invocation of Satan is being performed - the result which we can see; the total eclipse of orthodoxy in the Roman CC.

Again - the original other biblical texts they DO NOT USE the same noun, an expression to depict the satan and Christ ; they use different nouns.

I tried to find the very original manuscript of St. Jerome, and I could not. After the printing invention they issued many corrupted ecclesiastical texts, which was impossible to keep under control, and my guess is that the lurking occultists in the Roman CC eventually took over and turned the Roman CC into a den of hell. As we see it is the case now in the Vatican.

No "Traditional" clergy inside this church does anything essential to save the church- separating it from Luciferian hierarchy of current Vatican.

WORDS are NOT ACTIONS, and excusing an obvious abomination is not serving Christ.

Vatican worships Lucifer in all. And you know it. And you are willing to be a part of it.




PS. Still I don't understand the "Traditional" Catholics who issue anonymous sites like yours, or Traditio.com, etc- just speaking about heretic "popes', abominable services, etc. Yet- NOTHING IS DONE IN ACTION (like inviting councils, going to the St. Peter's square to PROTEST, using any political means , etc, etc. HUNGER STRIKE, demanding Bergoglio to LEAVE Vatican? Why not? all forms to expose the anti-church are excused)


You Are Blind


Tis a curious collection of reading materials that you promote as 'Tradition' - specifically writings as if JPII and his immediate predecessors and followers - conciliar popes - were legitimate while at the same time you promote St. Philomena. Don't you know that John XXIII REMOVED St. Philomena from the calendar of saints? Then Paul VI removed 40 more!

How in the world can someone be a saint for some generations and NOT for later generations? How can a Pope, pronouncing on faith and morals, declare someone a saint - then a succeeding "pope" undo that infallible pronouncement?? Such is impossible, for the TRUE Faith is without error - does not EVER teach heresy. As the bride of Christ - she is impeccable. So something is VERY WRONG- "a stinking in Denmark."

I happen to KNOW personally that St, Philomena IS a true saint - EVEN TODAY - for she accomplished a TRUE miracle on the heart of my last child - complete with the three knocks she is known for. The Doctor believed totally - and my mothers, a RN and lapsed Catholic from childhood, acknowledged it as impossible (naturally).

SO John XXIII cannot be legit and was in fact a secret Mason. Vatican II was also illegitimate and the rest. You may sport a PHD but you do NOT KNOW the Roman Catholic Apostolic Faith.

Where is anything about Our Lady of La Salette - 1849 - approved by the TRADITIONAL magisterium? She warned "Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the AntiChrist - the church will be in eclipse." in other words - Rome will NOT BE CATHOLIC - but the TRUE CHURCH will be hidden - OVERSHADOWED (by a FALSE CHURCH OF THE ANTICHRIST).

I challenge you to pray the whole Rosary (15 decades) for one month. Then the Holy Mother may remove your blindedness to the truth - that is, IF you really want the TRUTH.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 7, 2015