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Enraged Followers of the Conciliar Popes

I Do Not Support You

Please take my name and address out of your database.

I do not support any outfit that demans St. John Paul IIin ANY way.



Whitened Sepulchers

To Whom It May Concern:

As a practicing Catholic in Canada, I was greatly offended by the number of remarks you made accusing Pope Francis of not adhering to or believing in the basic fundamentals of our religion based on his choice of his pectoral cross. Christ Himself did not adhere to the traditions of His Jewish faith and was constantly reminding His followers of the need to practise love, justice, mercy and peace over rituals and traditions?

Pope Francis is also showing us, by his example, that we are all called to serve each other and to practise mercy, forgiveness toward everyone, despite his/her beliefs, life style, or choices. Pope John XXlll attempted to open the doors and windows of the Church in order to make it more inclusive and welcoming to all who wish to enter.

Pope Francis is also attempting, despite opposition, to encourage the hierarchy of the Church not only to open their hearts and minds but also the doors of the Church to anyone and everyone who wishes to belong.

Christ Himself spoke to the Samaritan woman at the well despite the laws/rules of the Jewish traditions; He dined with tax collectors and so called "sinners"; He cured anyone who asked despite their religious beliefs. He never ceased to forgive, accept and love everyone. He wasn't discriminatory or judgmental despite knowing that He would be criticized and hated for.

During His Public Life Christ Himself referred to the Pharisees and Sadducees who constantly made demands on the Jewish people that they follow the rites and rules despite the hardships they presented, especially to the poor and marginalized. They considered themselves "above the law" and Christ referred to them as "whitened sepulchers". He also encouraged His followers to practise the spirit of the law rather than the letter of the law as was the mindset of the Jewish leaders.

Christ prayed that "they all may be one as the Father and I are One". Unity within the Catholic Church itself will never be attained as long as some of its members are so intent on adhering to pre-Vatican ll traditions/rites which make it difficult, if not impossible, to welcome "outsiders". to become more inclusive and merciful.

Jesus wept over Jerusalem and He must be weeping over the present state of affairs in the Catholic Church worldwide.

Perhaps you will disagree with my comments but I felt I had to comment.



Women Priests

We need women who can act in the person of Christ
Necesitamos mujeres que puedan actuar en la persona de Cristo
Abbiamo bisogno di donne che possono agire nella persona di Cristo
Nous avons besoin de femmes qui peuvent agir en la personne du Christ
Precisamos de mulheres que podem agir na pessoa de Cristo
Wir brauchen Frauen, die in der Person Christi handeln kann
Musimy kobiety, które moga dzialac w osobie Chrystusa



You Are Negative

How sad, is your negative approach to the church.



Christian Religion Is Wrong


I am R.A., I do believe in God and I do read the bible.. but there are a lot of things that make me question the rightiousness of the Christian religion. Like the death of Jesus by crusification doens't bring up the feeling of salvation but looks more like the image of something evil. because i am christian when i try to talk about this, no one really understands me..

But on the other side Religion is something that goes further than doubt, cuz when I doubt it means I actually do think about things... but do not really believe in them, but the only way to get salvation is by believing, right?, but I'm not sure if I'm on the right pad. In my prayers I always pray to God, I don't really understand why Jesus asked us to not directly pray to God but he says that he is the only way to god.

I also prefer to read the old testament cuz the texts are different than in the new one. I never understood the holy trinity thing neither why a creator who is good would like to see his own son sacrified for humanity... I know that there is some information on the website, but I'd like to have more knowledge about this... if possible?

please excuse me for my bad english.

I hope to receive something back from you.


Note from the Editor: For the reason for the Crucifixion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, read here; for the reason for the Kingship of Our Lord over the world, read here.


Pro-Homo Pope

It must be eating u alive that this Pope is loved by millions and millions of people for his open and welcoming pontificate.

As for the repeated use of the word homo and homosexual on your website, what was it that Shakespeare said -- the lady doth protest too much, methinks?



Pro-Homo Bishop, Pro-Homo Faithful

Re: Bishop J. Terry Steib - a False Shepherd

I was disappointed to read your pages about Bishop Steib. I know him to be a kind and gentle man who has devoted his life to God. His open willingness to include ALL Christian Catholics, regardless of their sexual preferences, seems to me to be nothing more than a true acceptance without prejudice of his fellow man.

I recall God's commandment reads: “Love one another as I have loved you”... NOT Love one another except for homosexuals.

I am a retired firefighter, 100% heterosexual. While I personally think the actions of gay and lesbian people are wrong, I feel a greater calling to accept ALL people who are Christians and welcome them to the sacraments of the holy Catholic church.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond.



Ignorant, Disgusting & Depraved


I have recently been on your website.

I am a fifteen year old straight boy from England, from a respectable family. I go to a £31,000 (as you're an ignorant American, that's the same as $50,000) a year school.

I enjoyed your website, especially the comments on homosexuals and paedophiles.

You are ignorant disgusting depraved excuse for a human being. I hope you rot in hell for your crimes against humanity. I know several homosexuals who have never tried to sex with me or "convert" me.

You blatantly are a [bad word] retard. [Bad word] you and your ignorant beliefs. Being from America doesn't excuse you. You [bad word].

Yours sincerely,

[Bad word] you and all your (inbred) children.



You Are on Dope

Recognize and resist invalid holy orders

So, the Catholic Church teaches error and Hersey but, don't follow the Catholic church!?!?! The vicar of Christ is satanic and teaches Hersey and celebrates a masonic protestant invalid mass but he is the vicar of Christ. (Oh yeah, follow him too!)

Are you all on dope?

Read Pius XII "sacramentum Ordinis" & you will find the Post June 1968 rite of holy orders to be utterly invalid.

We hold Pius XII lost his office in 1951 for destroying the Holy Saturday vigil. He did more than restore the Mass at sundown. Every change after that was a disaster. (1955 1958) So many in the R & R camp and Sedevacantist camp cover for Pius XII, falling all over themselves making excuses for him.(post 1951)

I don't claim to understand him but he was wrong and it's time to place the blame on him, not Bugnini. (Pius XII was the boss he allowed this nightmare to begin in 1951)



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 5, 2016