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catholic Are Shorts ever Appropriate for Men?
TIA presents a short history of shorts for men & answers 'No'

catholic Should Lay Celibates Have Short Hair?
Single women can be detached from the world & have long hair

catholic Is Ms. a Feminist Term?
Yes, let us avoid the feminist-inspired term

catholic Are Bare Legs for Women Revolutionary?
The entrenched trend is immodest, casual and inelegant

catholic Where to Find Appropriate Counter-revolutionary Dress for Women?
It takes effort, but elegant, modest garments can be found

catholicAre Culottes Revolutionary?
Their unusual history and how & why they were adopted by women

catholic How Can I Correct the Vulgar Tone of My Language?
Recognizing and rejecting today's vulgar customs is the first step

catholicWhen to Be Courteous to Others & When to Shun Them?
Different relationships call for different Catholic treatments

catholicRules of Reciprocation & Titles for Clergy
When to return dinner invitations and the use of Very Reverend

catholicDifficulties at the Table & Adult Dinners
A difficult bite to swallow & when children are not mentioned on invitations

catholicWho Should Learn Etiquette First: The Parents or the Children?
A reader asks about a courtesy class for girls

catholicHow Should Deacons Be Addressed?
How to address deacons and formal letter closings for Prelates

catholicWriting and Addressing Christmas Cards
Rules for signing and addressing your correspondence

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