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Ratzinger greeting schismatics as a Cardinal and as a Pope

Above left, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger among schismatics from different factions at a Vatican inter-confessional event celebrating the passing of the Millennium. At right, last April 25, Pope Benedict XVI, surrounded by schismatics at the Vatican, greets ex-KGB agent Russian patriarch Kirill of Smolensk.

The schismatics, who call themselves Orthodox, became heretics
for refusing the following dogmas:

blank.gif - 807 Bytes1. The procession of Persons in the Holy Trinity;
blank.gif - 807 Bytes2. The Immaculate Conception of Our Lady;
blank.gif - 807 Bytes3. Papal Infallibility;
blank.gif - 807 Bytes4. The Petrine Primacy (see Ex quo by St. Pius X).

One can ask: Isn't constantly inviting schismatics and heretics to be present at the Vatican an efficient way to propagate heresy? Such invitations give the public the impression that the schismatics do not profess any error.
Yet the last five Popes have issued repeated invitations.

About such actions, the Code of Canon Law of 1917,  reflecting 19 centuries of the doctrinal past of the Catholic Church, decreed:
"A person who of his own accord and knowingly helps in any manner to propagate heresy, or who communicates in sacred rites with heretics, incurs suspicion of heresy" (Canon 2316).
It seems that the following warning of St. John applies here: "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith to the churches" (Apoc 3:13).

Left,  Internet photo;   right,  National Catholic Reporter,  May 6, 2005


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 29, 2005

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