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The interior of the Basilica of the Holy APostles during a light show

Cologne's Basilica offers a disco display of lights

In January 2007, the Catholic Hierarchy in Cologne, allowed a disco company to use the Basilica of the Holy Apostles to produce a psychedelic display of lights for three days. The music that played during the spectacles was rock 'n' roll, electronic and New Age.

The event was called The Civilization of Love, and one of the nights was titled "Mass for Unbelievers."

Cardinal Joachim Meisner, Archbishop of Cologne, was probably pleased with this new sign of adaptation to the modern world according to Vatican II.

First row below, distorted images changed the appearence of the arches.Second row, the technician controls the displays close to the altar, while a statue of St. Peter seems indignant. Third row, the audience received cushions so persons could lay comfortably on the floor.

Photos of the disco light show in the Basilica of Cologne

Two photographs of the Cologne Basilica disco light show

Photos from Catholic Church Concervation


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 6, 2007

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