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St Gallen dances 01

Dance Festival in St. Gallen Cathedral
In the Swiss city of St. Gallen, capital of the Canton of St. Gallen, Bishop Markus Buchel offered his cathedral for a dance festival performed from July 3-5, 2007. The Cathedral and its adjoined monastery are the most beautiful buildings in Old Town.

The festival took the name "Dance in the Cathedral," and pretended to be an interpretation of the text of the Second Book of Kings (6:5-23), where David dances before the Ark of Covenant. A not-so-convincing pretext to desecrate the Cathedral, and another consequence of the Vatican II's adaptation to the modern world.

The festival, telecast by Art.TV of Switzlerland, included rock performances above and below first row; belly dancing, second row; other modern dances, third row; and bare-torsoed acrobats, fourth row.
St Gallen dances 02

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 8, 2008

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