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Salesian Retreat

A Salesian Mountain Retreat
A Salesian priest from Limburg, the Netherlands, above, says his progressivist Mass for the youth attending a summer vacation retreat in a mountain cottage. The retreat is for both sexes and, as one can surmise looking at the pictures, the ambience is not preponderantly turned toward sacrifice. Rather, it seems to be turned toward having a good time.

Below first row, the girls wear the specially designed retreat t-shirt, which provocatively suggests that hands should be placed on their breasts. Second row, a close-up of seven of the participants, lying on a large common bed. Two girls, barefoot, pose for the camera in immodest postures; one of them balances on her lap what seems to be their prayer-books.

It is difficult to imagine that perfect purity was practiced during those days...
Salesian Retreat

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 26, 2008

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