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Goiania Brazil 01

More women participating at Masses in Brazil
The House of the Youth (CAJU) is a Jesuit institution founded 25 years ago to bring Ignatian spirituality to the Brazilian youth. The present day director of CAJU in Goiania - State of Goias, central Brazil - is Fr. Geraldo Labarrere.

Instead of developing a true Catholic spirituality, Fr. Laberrere advances the progressivist agenda. Class struggle between blacks and whites, social egalitarianism and liturgical revolution make up part of his day-to-day initiatives for the youth.

Above, you see him, third from the left, at a 2005 Christmas Mass saying the words of Consecration along with another priest, a deacon and a woman dressed as a deaconess or priestess. As it is known, it is a grave theological transgression to allow a woman to take part in a Consecration.

This was not just a single occurence in the past. Below, we reproduce photos of other Masses celebrated in late 2008 where the role of women boldly approaches that of the priest.

Make no mistake, Fr. Labarrere is not a rebel condemned by the Hierarchy. His youth ministry enjoys the full support of Archbishop Washington Cruz, who came the House of Youth on October 18, 2008 to celebrate a Mass commemorating its 25th anniversary, fourth row.
Goiania Brazil 07a

Goiania Brazil 04a


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 10, 2009

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