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Kreuzberg ecumenical pilgrimage 01

Ecumenical pilgrimage in Germany
Above you see the Protestant minister of Ansbach, with raised arms. At his side is Catholic Bishop Friedhelm Hofman of Wuerburg, capital of Lower Franconia in Germany, in an attitude of recollection. They are praying together on an outdoor altar at the Franciscan Monastery of Kreuzberg.

In his talk, minister Christian Schmidt said these words: "Protestants are grateful and happy because so many of the important things Martin Luther desired for the Church have become completely natural to the Catholic Church since Vatican II." Among other things he mentioned "the emphasis given to the Bible, the introduction of vernacular into the religious service and the notion of a common priesthood of believers."

This religious service was part of an ecumenical pilgrimage from the Monastery Chapel, first row below, to the top of Kreuzberg (the Mountain of the Cross), second row.

In the third row, you see a photo of the beginning of the religious service, and in the fourth row, the Catholic Bishop and the Protestant minister warmly embracing at its end.

Kreuzberg ecumenical pilgrimage 02

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Posted January 17, 2010

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