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Ballerina priest Fr. Keplinger 01

The ballerina priest of Linz
The Polish website Kronica Novus Ordo offers us these photos of Fr. Josef Keplinger, a Catholic priest in the Diocese of Linz, Austria. The website titles its post The Two Faces of Fr. Keplinger.

Above first at left, Fr. Keplinger along with unidentified fellow dancers perform in ballet apparel wearing clownish yellow rubber feet, probably pretending to be ducks or geese. The first photo below allows us to recognize the central dancer, who is none other than the spiritual director of the diocesan seminary. In the second and third rows, Fr. Keplinger appears wearing his priest vestments and surrounded by regular parishioners at a Catholic church.

We did our best to find more data about his companions to see whether the pictured event would be a priestly meeting of the Linz Diocese or a theater show performed by the seminary teaching body, but we were not successful.

It seems to be one more community "entertainment" of progressivist priests, this one homosexual oriented. Another vivid sign of the self-destruction of the image of the Catholic priest as a sacred minister of God.
Ballerina priest, Fr. Keplinger 02

Ballerina priest, Fr. Keplinger 03


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 9, 2011

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