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Carnival with Christ 01

Carnival with Christ in Rio

On February 5, 2012, the eve of the extremely bold and immoral Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, the Archbishop of that city, Orani Tempesta, decided to launch his own version of Carnival. He called it Folia com Cristo - Carnival with Christ. Before the street samba dancing started, above, the Prelate said a Mass. In his sermon he explained that this initative has two purposes: to prepare for the World Youth Day 2013 in Rio, and to provide Catholics the opportunity to enjoy their own Carnival.

Although some of the immoralities of the normal Carnival were absent, the same general tone of the Carnival was present rubber-stamped by Archbishop Tempesta. But since the last two Popes have allowed all kinds of similar excesses in the WYDs, Tempesta's back is covered.

What is sad is that the youth no longer have a secure place to receive a good moral formation. The Conciliar Church with its New Morals does not provide the firm moral formation they need.

Below first row, youg men with nude torsos and girls in shorts and showy wet blouses do not suggest the best conditions for the practice of purity; center; the parishes distributed tank tops inscribed with the words "Holy Spirit"; second row, left and right, nuns and monks, with the Archbishop's approval, enter the street samba; third row left, Communion is distributed a little before the frenzy and wild fun begins; at right, a rainbow umbrella implies that also homosexuals were present at the party.

Fourth row, at the concelebrated Mass, the Archbishop reads from a red book at right; fifth row, the posters displaying the symbols for the event: at left, a dove with the words: "The Holy Spirit cures and frees," suggesting that is God who frees the participants from the bonds of morality and civilization; at right, a laughing Christ sending the opposite message Our Lord gave us for Lent, which is close at hand. Last row, an overview as seen from one of the trucks carrying Carnival samba bands and singers.

For more, watch these videos here and here.

Carnival with Christ 02

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 19, 2012

Our Lady of La Salette,
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